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  1. Suomi jalkapallomaajoukkueen aitoja pelipaitoja

    Suomi pelipaitoja myynnissä (ebay): http://www.ebay.it/sch/eddievhalen/m.html
  2. Suomi jalkapallomaajoukkueen aitoja pelipaitoja

    Tykkää ja jaa www.facebook.com/finlandwornshirts ja voita Jesse Jorosen paitaa (em2016)!
  3. Moi, I'm Mattia from Italy, thanks for the admission to this forum. I have a collection of Finland national team match worn/issued shirts, in my signature you can see the websites where you can see it. I'm always looking for new pieces for my collection so hopefully some of you can help me! Kiitos, Mattia
  4. Finnish National Team shirts

    Many new shirts on http://www.finlandshirts.com !!
  5. Ostetaan Veikkausliigaan pelipaitoja (nimella, numerolla + Veikkausliigaan patch). Kiitos vascomane@inwind.it
  6. Finnish National Team shirts

    I've opened a new website, my tribute to Finland's Football National Team: http://www.finlandshirts.com I've put all the items of the collection, I'll post here when there will be further adds. Please help me to find pictures of the games or of the periods in which my shirts are supposed to come from! I've spent much time trying to find pictures around the net, but it's really difficult. Thanks!