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Missä ex-pelurit nykyisin luuraavat ?

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Kyseessä siis Nick Blackman, joka on Blackburn Roversin ex-pelaaja… tällä hetkellä Derby Countyn palkkalistoilla, kun sinne Readingista ihan kohtuu siirtosummalla jokunen tovi sitten sinne siirtyi…



Reflecting on a great summer in Barbados. Love going back to see family and a pleasure to help some people I met on the island.

Big thanks to NIKE for helping me to support these great people!!

I also made sure those I met without football shirts are now Derby fans!! This delivery went out today!!!








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FIFA Football EXCLUSIVE - Benni McCarthy
(09.03.2016) The iconic Bafana Bafana striker remembers his time in the English Premier League, winning the UEFA Champions League and scoring South Africa's first-ever FIFA World Cup goal.


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Former Blackburn Rovers chief John Williams to take over as West Brom chairman




Chris Brown: Bury sign former Blackburn Rovers striker

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Anthony Modeste: The journey from Premier League misfit to Bundesliga top shot




'I enjoyed my time there' - Shane Duffy opens up on Blackburn Rovers exit

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Exclusive: Manchester City coach Jason Wilcox admits Leicester are just like Blackburn




Grant Hanley reveals why he was 'desperate' to quit Blackburn and move to Newcastle

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Anthony Modesten (Köln) viimeisin taidonnäyte Leverkusenia vastaan.. tällä kaudella heppu on Budesliigassa 16 peliä ja tehnyt peräti 13 maalia Bundesliigassa, voinee sanoa kevyesti että taitaa olla elämänsä vedossa…




Erittäin harmittava oli aikoinaan myös Nikola Kalinicin totaalinen managerien kädettömyys yhtikäs mihinkään jalkapallon saralla,  kun kyseinen pelaaja Roversin nutussa oli aikaan K**n… sitten Dniprossa ja Fiorentinassa tehnyt ihan kivaa jälkeä ja olipa kesän 2016 EM-kisoissakin Kroatian riveissä…

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Melkein EXät, elikkäs tälläisiä nimimiehiä on ollut hilkulla siirtyä BRFCn riveihin... siirrot eivät sitten lopulta syystä tai toisesta toteen tulleet, toiset enempi ja toiset vähempi hilkulla, kuten alla olevasta jutusta selviää... 


We pick an XI of players linked with a move to Blackburn Rovers in the past.

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David Bentley, One-on-One:



Yllä olevassa linkissä David Bentley vastaileepi seuraaviin kysymyksiin…


Who were your childhood idols?


Who do you actually support? I’ve read it was Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester United…


What did it mean to you to score that chip for Arsenal against Middlesbrough on your debut?


Was being compared to Dennis Bergkamp at a young age a help or a hindrance?


Did you ever make Arsene Wenger laugh?

Did staying at Arsenal so long hamper your progress? Do you think this is happening to other English youngsters at big clubs?

How was your time at Norwich? Was being relegated on the final day by losing 6-0 at Fulham your worst moment in football?

How did you celebrate scoring that hat-trick for Blackburn against Manchester United?

What’s Mark Hughes like as a manager?

Robbie Savage: an individual with some profound thoughts on life, fashion and football, or just a bit of a wally?

What did the people of Blackburn think of your baby blue Ford Mustang?

Do you regret leaving Blackburn? That was your best period as a footballer...

What was the reason you withdrew from the England Under-21 squad in 2007, and were you surprised by the reaction?

Do you regret saying, in the infancy of your England career: “I’m here to take Beckham’s place and that’s what I’ll be trying to do”?


What do you remember now about your England debut? How did it feel at the time?

You made the squad, but not the bench, for that Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia. Could you have saved Steve McClaren?

Did Fabio Capello know that you and Jimmy Bullard referred to him as Postman Pat?

I remember Juande Ramos moving you to right-back in one game at Spurs – were you surprised by that? How was your relationship with him? And what was the mood like at Spurs at that time [autumn 2008, as the club made its worst ever start to a season]?

What was it like, scoring that incredible long-distance goal for Spurs at the Emirates in that famous 4-4 draw? How many times have you watched it back? Do you think you could do it again?

I heard that you love Kings of Leon. What’s been your best experience watching them?

Is it true Jose Mourinho showed interest in signing you when he was Inter boss?

What was the highlight of your time at White Hart Lane? Finishing fourth in the 2009/10 season was pretty great, right?

Has it been overhyped, or was drenching Harry Redknapp with water after Spurs got into the Champions League by beating Manchester City really something that broke your relationship with him?

What’s the story behind that video of you kicking a ball from an office block into a skip?

You were named man of the match on your Birmingham debut against Aston Villa. How did the Second City Derby compare to the north London one? Admit it: it’s more tasty!

How gutting was it to be injured so early on at West Ham? You’d started pretty well…

Did you enjoy your spell in Russia at FC Rostov? How did the move happen?

What was your second spell with Blackburn like? Did you find the club quite chaotic under Venky’s?

Your last professional game for Blackburn was away at Cardiff in a 3-0 defeat. What was going through your mind during that game? Were you thinking of quitting?

Where do you get your hair cut? And what product do you use? Fabulous volume!

You said you quit because football had lost its sense of fun. What was the craziest bit of ‘banter’ you ever suffered?

Is it true that at one stage in your career you were placing 100 bets a day?  

You were involved in an Irish TV programme last year, playing a Gaelic football match for the well-known Crossmaglen Rangers. How did you feel about that experience overall?


How did the restaurant business come about? Who’s the most famous guest you’ve had in there so far, and who would you most like to serve dinner to?

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Benni McCarthy, One-on-One
Just how dangerous was Cape Town's 'gangster league'? Was life good at Jose's Porto? And was he really 'too fat' for Big Sam?



Q: What is your earliest football memory?

Q: Is it true that one of your school friends became one of the city’s biggest gangsters? Is he still alive? How did you keep out of trouble?
Q: I’ve read you were a petty thief on Cape Town trains as a kid. Is that true? Did you get into many scrapes?
Q: How did your move to Seven Stars come about? Were you already talked about as a hot prospect in South Africa?
Q: How hard was it to adjust to the Eredivisie?
Q: How did you find Amsterdam as a city? Was it a culture shock, leaving South Africa to then have much more disposable income in Europe? What was your first impression of the infamous red light district?!
Q: Some of Europe’s biggest clubs wanted you after a great season at Ajax. So why move to a middle-of-the-road La Liga club in Celta Vigo, and did you quickly regret living in Europe’s biggest fishing port?
Q: You once said: “If you throw one punch at Jose Mourinho, he’ll throw two back at you.” Who would win in a fight: you or him? And was he the best coach you played under?
Q: I’ll never forget your brace in the first leg of the 2003/04 Champions League last 16 tie against us [Manchester United] the header, especially, was incredible. Even Fergie described it as “out of this world”. Was that the best game you ever played?
Q: How did Mourinho mastermind the win over United? What did he say before the second leg at Old Trafford, and how did the team react when you went 1-0 down to fall behind on away goals?
Q: What were the celebrations like after you won the Champions League? Did Jose join in, knowing he would be leaving for Chelsea immediately after the game? And was there any chance of you following him to Stamford Bridge?
Q: How close were you to joining Everton after that Champions League victory? Is it true Porto blocked the move?
Q: Would it be fair to say you had wanted to play in the Premier League for a while before eventually joining Blackburn?
Q: You had a great first season at Blackburn, but then it went downhill. Why? Was the writing on the wall when Paul Ince arrived and you didn’t get much of a look in?
Q: Who’s the better player: Deco or Robbie Savage?
Q: How did it feel to miss out on the 2010 World Cup, given it was being staged in your home country? Do you think your off-field reputation went before you?
Q: What was it like to be fined for being “too fat”? Does it frustrate you that this is the perception of your time in British football?
Q: Did you feel let down by West Ham, especially that they went to the media with the weight story? Do you have any regrets from your time at the club?
Q: Do you stand by a quote of yours that I once saw, in which you said Karren Brady “is the devil with tits”? What do you think of her and the current ownership, in general?
Q: How important was it to finish your career in South Africa, at Orlando Pirates? Is it true the fans nicknamed you Big Brother? Why?
Q: You’re the top scorer in Bafana Bafana history. How much pride does that achievement give you?
Q: You’ve been very outspoken about how European sides treat new arrivals from Africa. Is the current system working, or is it still failing young, vulnerable players? What is it you most object to?
Q: Why are you living in Scotland?! Isn’t it a bit cold for someone born and raised in South Africa? Have you tried haggis, deep-fried Mars bars or Irn-Bru?
Q: Did you wear a kilt at your wedding? The proper way?
Q: How did your appearance for amateurs Whitehill Welfare come about? What was the standard like? Any desire to keep playing up here in Scotland?
Q: What plans do you have for the future? Do you want to stay in the game?

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Damien Duff, One-on-One
Did Mourinho really hide in a laundry basket? Would Chelsea of 2017 beat Chelsea of 2005? And is he starting to turn into Kim Kardashian? Your questions answered...


Q: Is it true teachers laughed when you filled in your careers form at school, and it had only one choice: footballer?
Q: During your seven years at Blackburn, I watched you grow from a youngster with potential to a high-class player. What would you put that down to?
Q: How great an achievement was winning the Worthington Cup with Blackburn, against Spurs, in 2002?
Q: How close were you to joining Liverpool during your career?
Q: What really went on with Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy at the World Cup?
Q: How did your bowing celebration against Saudi Arabia come about?
Q: How flattered were you to be one of Roman Abramovich’s first signings?
Q: Chelsea really should have won the Champions League in 2004, when they lost out to Monaco in the semi-finals, shouldn’t they?
Q: Given he had created the backbone of the team that won the Premier League, would Claudio Ranieri have won the title if he'd stayed on?
Q: What was Mourinho like to work with?
Q: You and Arjen Robben killed the Premier League for a season. Was that the best form of your career?
Q: Can you describe the first 20 minutes against Barcelona in 2005, when you scored to fire Chelsea 3-0 in front?
Q: Before the first leg at the Camp Nou, Mourinho said that Eidur Gudjohnsen would be playing instead of you. Did you know what was really going on?

Q: Did Mourinho really hide in a laundry basket against Bayern Munich?
Q: How did it feel when Chelsea won away at Bolton to become Premier League champions for the first time?
Q: Do you regret the way your time at Chelsea came to an end in 2006?
Q: How close did you come to joining Tottenham when you left Chelsea?
Q: Was the own goal to send Newcastle down your lowest moment in football?
Q: What made you choose Fulham over Wolves in 2009? Did Roy Hodgson have any influence in your decision?
Q: You once said that you liked to sleep. Do you still enjoy a really good kip?
Q: How did you feel after Thierry Henry’s handball in the play-offs denied you a place at the 2010 World Cup finals?
Q: Do you remember having a beer with us after the 2010 Europa League Final?
Q: What prompted you to play in Australia with Melbourne City?
Q: Do you regret your time playing for Shamrock Rovers in 2015?
Q: You recently said that you hired out a five-a-side pitch just for yourself. Didn’t that feel a little bit weird?
Q: Do you see yourself coaching in the League of Ireland one day?
Q: How would you compare the Chelsea team now to the one you played in?
Q: Are you turning into Kim Kardashian? You said it was a retirement worry...
Q: Are you really the owner of Duff Beer, Homer Simpson’s favourite tipple?

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