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Everton winger Andy van der Meyde has hit out at manager David Moyes' claims that he is injured.


The Scottish tactician had revealed the experienced Dutchman was unavailable for their recent clash with Arsenal due to a knee injury.


However, van der Meyde has stated he is fit and is unhappy Moyes has been fabricating stories about his availability.


"The manager doesn't have to be telling downright lies," the former Internazionale man is quoted in the Daily Record.


"It was total nonsense that I was injured. I was completely fit.


"I had played a practice match two days before that and didn't have any bother at all.


"The facts are simply that the trainer didn't select me for the group.


"My situation here isn't easy only playing in home matches.


"I think the trainer simply has to be honest and tell me why I've got to sit in the stand."

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Huolimatta siitä, mikä avdm:n tilanteen Evertonissa on aiheuttanut on aivan selvää ettei Everton tällä hetkellä hyödy avdmn läsnäolosta, eikä hänen uransa. Palkkapussi tietysti kasvaa. Evertonin kannalta parasta olisi jos kaverin saisi heivattua vaikka ilmaisella siirrolla pois silmistä, oli rahatilanne sitten miten heikko tahansa. Vai onko halvempaa roikottaa kiukuttelevaa turhaketta sopimuksen loppuun asti?

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