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Että sellasta, visusti tuntuvat piilossa tuon homman tekevän.


The Lancashire Telegraph reports this morning that John Williams went to Switzerland to interview the "mystery" candidate, but cannot confirm who it is. They also report that BFS has also been interviewed over the last 2 days, the report also says that Williams did not stay to watch the France v Italy game as he wanted to get back and continue the process of appointing the next manager.

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Nicko epäilee että tuo mysteerinen heppuli ois ollut Leo Beenhakker jota Jowh Williams ois käynyt tapaamassa.


I believe - only believe as I have it from one source that's all - that Rovers met Leo Beenhakker, the veteran Dutchman who is in charge of Poland. His team went out on Monday night.



Joku pistänyt tuonne ekaksi viestiksi pari päivää sitten aika hurjan huhun...


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Eipä ollut suuri yllätys että brittimanageria ensisijaisesti sitten lopulta haettiin ja sellainen valittiin.


Vaikea arvioida yhtään tuota Inceä tai sitä mitä tuleman pitää ? Tietyllä tapaa muistuttaa hyvin pitkälti Mark Hughesia, tai tallovan pitkälti samantyylisesti managerin aapista läpi kuin mitä Sparkykin tavaili. Aikoinaan ihan kelpo maineessa paistatellut pelaaja. Kumpikin tuli aika keltanokkina mitä manageroimiseen tulee Roversin jalustalle istuskelemaan. Sparkyllä oli hieman maajoukkueesta kokemusta touhusta mutta ei laisinkaan ja Incellä taas hivenen seurajoukkueesta.


Noh kumpikin on pelannut melkoisen kovien valmentajien alaisuudessa eikä pelkästään yhdessä maassa joten paljon on kumpikin kokenut ja siitä varmasti ammentavat pikku juttuja.


Kumpikin tuntuu olevan aika saman tyylinen myös mentaliteetiltaan, sellaisia ”voittaja”tyyppejä joille epäonnistuminen ei tunnu edes olevan vaihtoehto ajatusmaailmassa, sinänsä tuolla tapaa aika helppoa pelaajien kunnioitus jo pelkällä läsnäolollaan saada kumpaisenkin, erityisesti tuon suht menestyksekkään pelaajauran takia.


Tuntuu sanelevan asioita aika suoraan eikä juuri kiertele ja kaartele saas nähdä latooko medin kautta millasta tekstiä tulevalla kaudella ilmoille, antoi jo Mark Lawrensonia kohtaan palaa alkajaisiksi :D ja sai sillä jo useammankin fanin sympatiat osakseen heti alkuunsa.

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Pieni pätkä videohaastatteluu...

Knox Takes Training

07th July 08

Archie Knox speaks after Paul Ince's first training session as Blackburn Rovers manager.




Elikkäs tämä Archie Knox on yksi valmennustiimin hepuista ja Incen apulaisista...


...toisena suurena taustapiruna häärää Ray Mathias.


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Elikkäs toi valmennus osasto vaihtui sitten aivan totaalisesti...


Elikkäs maalivahti valmentaja Kevin Hitchcock tais myös lähteä Man Cityn suuntaan ja uusi maalivahtivalmentaja on Eric Steele...


...jotta piiri pieni pyöris :D niin jätkä oli kait Man Cityssä maalivahtivalmentaja mutta lähti samalla kun Svennis lähti sieltä.


Näyttääpi jäbikällä olevan tuollaisetkin sivut...




Huhuja myös että ”pääscoutti” tulee myös vaihtumaan entinen oli Mike Rigg ja viimeisimpänä tuohon postiin on lykätty David Tuttle niminen hemmo. Myös reservien valmentajistossa ilmeisesti tullee muutoksia ja sil viisiin.

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11/07/2008 06:44

Becks Stunned By Ince & Hughes


David Beckham has revealed his surprise that his former Manchester United team-mates Mark Hughes and Paul Ince have made the transition to top-flight management…


Hughes has established himself over the past few seasons as one of the Premier League’s most respected managers, having led Blackburn Rovers to European football twice in four years despite operating on a shoestring budget.


The Welshman has embarked on a new adventure at Manchester City, where failure to lead his old enemy to at least UEFA Cup qualification is almost certain to get him the sack.


Beckham has no doubt the former Wales boss will succeed at Eastlands, but admitted he never envisaged his fellow ex-Devil gracing the technical area sans boots.


“When I was at United and Mark Hughes was playing, I was in awe of him, along with Paul Ince,” he said in The Sun. “To be on the same training pitch as both of them was amazing.


“Looking at Sparky, I never, ever thought he would go into management. He was always quite quiet in the dressing room.


“But he was exceptional for Blackburn and Wales before that. He will do a brilliant job at Manchester City. I am sure of that.”




Filling Hughes’ old role at Ewood Park is Paul Ince, another United old-boy, who has been earning his managerial stripes in the lower leagues with Macclesfield and MK Dons over the past few years.


The former England captain, renowned for his ego as much as his masterful midfield play during his heyday, will make history by becoming the first black Englishman to manage in the Premier League.


While Beckham again did not anticipate such a career move, he dearly hopes Ince triumphs at Rovers.


“Incey is the same as Sparky. I never thought he would be a manager, either,” the ex-Real Madrid man said. “He is a Cockney, like me, and I wish him all the best.


“He has enjoyed a surge to the top. For a while he tried to get a club, then he got into the game at Macclesfield, and now he is at a Premier League club with Blackburn.


“He will bring that experience from being at United and managing two football clubs. He will also have the respect of the players due to what he has done in the game.”


The Best


Hughes and Ince will both take on their former mentor next season, as Sir Alex Ferguson seeks to steer United to a third straight domestic crown.


The Scotsman has announced he will end his glorious managerial career within the next three years, and along with Sunderland boss Roy Keane, Ince and Hughes have been tagged as potential heirs to the throne at Old Trafford.


Beckham would no doubt approve of such a succession, as he highlighted Ferguson’s undeniable part in grooming his protégés for life in front of the whiteboard.


“[They have] been coached and watched by one of the best managers — if not THE best — in the history of football,” said the LA Galaxy midfielder.


“When you have had that experience playing for United, when you have seen how Alex Ferguson watches players, coaches players and protects players, that can only help you as a manager.”


Mike Maguire

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Siinäpä uuden valmentajan Archie Knoxin mietteitä ”hyvästä pelaajasta”...


New Blackburn Rovers coach puts faith in players

2:10pm Friday 11th July 2008

By Andy Neild*»


ARCHIE Knox has the kind of CV most aspiring young coaches would die for.

After launching his managerial career as the player-boss of Forfar Athletic in 1976, Knox has since gone on to coach or manage 11 different teams north and south of the border, the latest being Blackburn Rovers, where he agreed to become part of Paul Ince’s backroom team.


During that period, the 61-year-old has helped his teams win a staggering 17 trophies, including six Scottish Premier League titles, one FA Cup, and, perhaps his finest achievement, the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1983.


Yet ask Knox how he’s managed to work at the top level for as long as he has, and his response is refreshingly modest considering he operates in a world dominated by big egos.


“I think the secret is good players,” said Rovers’ new first-team coach, who has just completed his first week at Brockhall.


“If you can be associated with good players then that’s the basis of everything.


“There’s no secret formula. As long as the players work away in training and do their bit, then we are happy with that.


“And then if they perform in games, that’s all you can ask for.


“Obviously, our job is to make sure they are properly prepared, make sure they act as professionals, and make sure they train properly – basically all of the disciplines that go with being a top professional player now.


“To be fair, most of them keep on top of that themselves now, but if there’s a touch needed then that’s what we are there for.”


Knox is the first to admit the game has changed beyond all recognition since he cut his teeth in management at Forfar in the mid-1970s.


The appliance of science, coupled with advancements in new technology, has changed the face of football forever, and those who haven’t been able to move with the times like Knox, have been left behind.


“There’s no doubt about it, you’ve got to adapt as a coach,” he said.


“You can’t live in the past, whether it’s your approach with players, your training, or whatever.


“There’s so much new technology and sports science stuff involved in football now, and you’ve got to embrace all that, because that’s the way forward.


“But the biggest thing of all is how the players perform when it comes to matchday –- that never really alters.”


When Ince got the job as Blackburn’s new manager, he made it clear from the outset his most important signing of the summer would be an experienced first-team coach, who had an in-depth knowledge of the Premier League.


Several names were immediately linked with the post, but Ince knew straight away Knox was the man he wanted, after he got to know him during his days at Manchester United.


And now the newly-installed Rovers chief is hoping the veteran Scot can be the steady influence he needs, as he prepares to test himself at the highest level.


“I don’t know whether I can be a father-figure to Paul or not,” said Knox.

“Obviously, I’ve got that bit of experience and there will be a word here and there, because we’ll all work together as far as that is concerned.


“He’ll make mistakes like everyone else. I still make mistakes even at my age!


“But so far he’s coped with that side of management very well. This is a bigger task, of course, but he’s ready for it and he’s really confident about it.


“He’s got a terrific way with the players – I can see that already – so I’m sure he’ll do really well, and we will try to help him in every way we possibly can.


“Mark Hughes did an excellent job during his time at the club and he’s left some big shoes to fill.


“But Paul Ince is a lad with a big reputation as well, and I think he can fulfil everyone’s expectations here.”

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Jaahas, Nigel Winterburn on sitten uusi ”puolustusvalmentaja” montakohan valmentajaa tuossa joukkueessa kohta on :D


Winterburn joins Blackburn coaching staff


Nigel Winterburn has taken his first steps into top-flight coaching after being appointed as defensive coach by Blackburn Rovers.


The former Arsenal left-back joins new manager Paul Ince at Ewood Park and will travel with the Blackburn squad to their pre-season training camp in Germany this week.


Winterburn spent 13 years at Arsenal, winning three League titles, two FA Cups, a League Cup and a European Cup Winners Cup. He has also worked for the Club in a broadcasting capacity, co-commentating for Arsenal TV last season.


Winterburn was voted in at No 32 in Arsenal.com's recent poll, Gunners' 50 Greatest Players. The top five will be revealed this week.



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Seuran uusi maalivahtivalmentaja Eric Steele näyttäpi sitten olevan tulevalle ykkövahdille (Paul Robinsonille) vanha tuttu…


Familiar face will greet Robbo

Posted on: Tue 29 Jul 2008


WHEN new signing Paul Robinson joins up with his new club for the first time on Tuesday, there will be one member of the backroom staff that he may well remember.


For Rovers' goalkeeping coach Eric Steele was the goalkeeping coach at Leeds United during the early nineties as a young Paul Robinson was making his first steps in professional football.


"He was a young fellow when I was with Howard Wilkinson at Leeds United and it was actually the year they won the title before it became the Premier League," reflected Steele.


"Paul was a young boy then, part of what was a very good youth team that went to the Youth Cup Final and won it with the likes of Alan Smith, Paul Robinson and Stephen McPhail.


"So I saw him as a young boy, he was a terrific size and potential at that time, he used to come in at half-term holidays and I worked with him then so obviously I've followed his career for the last ten, twelve years.


"Because he had the size everyone was hoping he would fulfil the physical potential that he had, as to what level he would go on to play at was always a difficult thing to judge.


"I left Leeds when he was sixteen and of course he then broke through the ranks and competed with Nigel Martyn and eventually got his move to Tottenham and then got into the England squad."


But the last season for Robinson as his form and confidence suffered a knock, but Steele is sure that with a new club, new surroundings and new optimism, the benefit for both player and club will be mutual.


"He's still only 28, there is a lot still to come from him, we looked at various targets and in the end we've got a 28 year-old that has played in World Cups and we've got to look and say potentially we've got a very good goalkeeper on our hands, yes he probably needs a little bit of rebuilding but we think we can do that at the football club.


"Confidence plays a massive part as a goalkeeper, we all remember the backpass against Croatia, we never look at the pitch, we never look at the ball back from Gary Neville, but in the end we always look at the goalkeeper, and obviously that would have that affect upon you, as did Scott Carson when in the Wembley game against Croatia.


"But if you think about it he's come back from that, he's won a Carling Cup medal with Tottenham and he has probably felt that the time is right now to move from that club for a fresh challenge - no difference to what Brad has done."


Even though Robinson has a wealth of experience for club and country, Steele is in no doubt that his best days lie ahead of him.


"Peter Schmeichel didn't come to Manchester United until he was 28 and he had a rough time didn't he after that?" joked the Rovers coach. "If you look at Peter and what he did, Robinson still a young fellow in terms of maturity and goalkeeping, but he's one that has had experience and hopefully that is what he'll give us.


"We'll give him a lift and hopefully he'll give us a lift in performance."

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Elikkäs edellinen maalivahtivalmentaja Eric Steele kerkes olemaan pari viikkoa (liekö sitäkään) talossa kunnes jatkaa matkaansa ManUun, lieköhän tosiaan toi mahdollinen pakkilaina Simpson liittynee tuohon oleellisesti ?


Noh uusi maalivahtivalmentaja on Bobby Mimms joka tulee Wolverhamptonista. Noin muutenhan miehellä on Rovers tausta mm. ex-pelaajana.


Tuossa asioita pohdittuna Wolvesin joukkiosta...


Mixed Emotions

Posted on: Mon 04 Aug 2008


Bobby Mimms is leaving his goalkeeper coaching role at Wolves to take up a similar position with Blackburn Rovers.


A popular member of the backroom staff at Molineux, Bobby joined Wolves in the summer of 2001.


It was with Rovers that he won a Premier League Championship medal in 1995 in a career at Ewood Park that spanned six years.


He said: "It is with mixed emotions that I am leaving Molineux after seven enjoyable years with Wolverhampton Wanderers. But the opportunity to return to Blackburn Rovers, one of my former clubs, was too great to resist.


"I had some great times there and still have friends in the area and there are also people at the club that I know - both newly appointed, and those who have been there since my playing days with them. That will hopefully make the move a smooth one.


"I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone connected with Wolves - the playing staff, the coaching staff, administration and most of all the fans for all the support you have given me whilst working with the club's goalkeepers.


"This is the longest period that I've spent at any one club and over the seven years I've been here I have formed many strong friendships which I know will carry on into the future.


"I will never forget my time at Molineux and rest assured, the Wolves' results will always be the first that I look at and I wish everyone concerned with the club every success for the future both on and off the field."


CEO Jez Moxey said: "We are sad to see Bobby moving on. When we were first approached by Blackburn, we said "no" but Bobby wanted to return to a former club.


"We therefore felt it was best to protect our position by negotiating suitable compensation and allowing him to move. I would like to place on record our appreciation of the work he has done for Wolves over the seven years he has been at Molineux.


"When you see the quality of the goalkeepers we have at Wolves, you can see what a good job he has done in playing a part in their footballing education."


Mick McCarthy added: "Bob has been given the opportunity to join a club in the Premier League that he has worked at before.


"He has done a brilliant job for us and, whilst I'm saddened to lose him, we can take pride in the fact that a member of our backroom staff is so highly regarded.


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Saas nähdä onko tuolla jotain totuuspohjaa vaiko pelkkää paskanjauhantaa toimittajalta joka koettaa toivottaa omilla höpinöillään Incen & taustajoukot tervetulleeksi Valioliigan ”show” maailmaan.




Kyllähän noille jätkille (en viitti sanoa välillä millekkä) maksetaan kuitenkin käytännössä joka ikiselle niin helvetisti rahaa että jotain sen eteen pitäis tehdäkin sit muutakin kuin inistä että joutuu treenaamaan, tiedä sitten menikö Sparkyn jutut jo liian tieteelliselle tasolle :smile: kuin nuo nykyiset kuulemma vanhanaikaiset ja mielikuvituksettomat. Hyvä vaan että opetetaan noille nykyajan egoistineitosille hieman nöyryyttä :D


Niin tai näin… osa todella pitkäaikaisista Rovers faneista (jotka siis kausikortin vuosi toisensa perään omistavat) olivat sitä mieltä että viime kaudella Rovers pelasi ajoittain äärettömän tylsää, mielikuvituksetonta ja hidasta junnaamista mitä ikinä ovat Ewoodilla nähneet. Osan mielestä koko kauden varsin umpitylsää menoa oli tarjolla miesmuistiin. Tulosta niillä Sparkyn metodeilla aina kauden päättyessä sarjataulukossa oli tullut, näyttävyydestä tinkien.


Mielestäni ainakin Morten Gamst Pedersen hyytyi niistä alkuajoistaan aika totaalisestikin mitä juoksuvauhtiin ! nimenomaan tulee, samoin kävi mielestäni vaikkapa Reidille joka pari vuotta sitten juos ja taklas ympäri kenttää aivan järjettömän laajalla säteellä kirmaten mutta hiljakseen tuo juoksuvoima sitten hiipui, toki loukkaantumisetkin olleet riesana.


Ainakin McCarthyn mies on kuulemma käskyttänyt lenkille ja Treenamaan, ollut kait melkoisen pettynyt siihen millaisessa kunnossa Etelä-Afrikkalainen kärkimies lomiltaan palasi.

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LEP “esittelee” taustajoukkoa…


THEY say a manager is only as good as the staff he has working for him.

Those words were certainly true in relation to former Rovers manager Mark Hughes, who often stated he had the best backroom team in the Premier League.


Now Hughes’ successor, Paul Ince, is hoping ‘Team Ince’ can make a similar impact at Ewood Park, as the Guv’nor looks to establish himself as a top-flight manager.


So who exactly are the new faces at Brockhall, charged with the task of carrying out Ince’s orders?


Ray Mathias (assistant manager) - The 61-year-old arrived with Ince from MK Dons, where they guided the club to the League Two title last season. Mathias is a shrewd operator who boasts a wealth of experience in the lower leagues, having spent most of his career at Tranmere and Wigan.


Archie Knox (first team coach) - Another with a wealth of coaching experience, north and south of the border. He has twice worked for Sir Alex Ferguson - at Aberdeen and Manchester United - and enjoyed great success at Rangers, alongside Walter Smith.


Karl Robinson (assistant first team coach) - At 28, he’s one of the youngest coaches currently working in the Premier League. He started off at Liverpool’s Academy, before linking up with Ince at MK Dons.


Mark Howard (fitness coach) - Mark was a key figure in Sam Allardyce’s backroom team at Bolton, where ironically he was Rovers fitness coach Damian Roden’s boss for a spell.


Bobby Mimms (goalkeeping coach) - When Hughes gave Eric Steele the bullet at Manchester City, Ince was quick to bring him on board at Rovers. However, the coach quickly emerged as a target for Manchester United. Ince turned instead to vastly-experienced former Ewood stopper Bobby Mimms.


Nigel Winterburn (defensive coach) - Made his name as a player at Arsenal, where he was part of a famous Gunners backline that also included Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Lee Dixon. Now the former England international has been charged with the task of shoring up Rovers’ defence.


Barry Whitbread (chief scout) - The former Liverpool Academy coach has become Rovers’ chief talent spotter, replacing Mike Rigg.


Duncan Russell (assistant fitness coach) - An ex-Army guy who worked alongside Ince at both Macclesfield and MK Dons.

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Jee jee,Roversin fanit varmasti ovat innoissaan siitä että myytäisiin "tusina"ulkomaalainen Santa Cruz ja tilalle tulis "laadukasta" kotimaista a’la Fowler. Taitaa toista Nevillen poikaa hieman pelottaa että oma pelipaikka olis vaarassa, jos sinne Evertonin leiriin tulis ulkomaalainen valmentaja...


...tai sitten on oma lehmä miehellä ojassa ja on vaan tyytyväinen kun Rovers ei enää tosisaan heidän kanssaan kilovoittele Europaikoista.


Tosin tiedä onko tuo uutinen naputeltu sanomisten osalta aivan uuteen uskoon kirjoittajan osalta :D



Everton skipper Neville applauds Blackburn over Ince appointment

tribalfootball.com - August 15, 2008


Everton captain Phil Neville has applauded Blackburn Rovers for making his former Manchester United teammate Paul Ince their new manager.


He declared: "I think it's fantastic that Blackburn have given the job to an Englishman and, speaking to their players, I know they have all enjoyed playing under him.


"I don't think there are enough of us around.


"It's better than having some foreigner who is bringing a load of foreigners in with him."

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Paul Ince on ilmeisesti kiinnostunut ottamaan Andy Colen hyökkääjävalmentajaksi… no jaa, eiköhän tuo Nigel Winterburn ole näyttänyt että on onnistunut tekemeään Roversille yhden Valioliigan vuotavimmista alapäistä :D


Seuraavaksi sitten Jason Wilcox laitalinkkien valmentajaksi ? Tugayn vois palkata peliuran jälkeen henkilökohtaiseksi Keith Andrewsin omaksi valmentajaksi ? Vasemman laitapakin tonttia vois palkata valmentamaan vaikkapa Michael Grayn ? sitten Mark ”Sparky” Hughesin vois ottaa reservien penkilämmittäjiähyökkääjien esilämmittelijäsparraajaksi :smile:

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Ince kommentoinut Radio Lancashirelle seuraavasti Carlos Villanueavasta…


"he's a young lad finding his feet, it might be different if we were mid table"


…tuossa aiemmin monta kertaa hehkuttanut että alemmista divareista löytyy todella laadukkaita pelaajia jotka kuulemma pärjäisivät kevyesti Valioliigassa.


Eiköhän tuossa niin käy että alemmista divareista jotain kotimaista löydetä (Andrews, Fowler, Bunn) jotta yritetään lähinnä painimalla sarjapaikka pitää, kun Villanuevalla vois oikeasti olla sellaisia taitoja jotka saattais joukkueen sinne paremmalle puoliskolle kantaa ja pidemmällä tähtäimellä siellä pitää.



Muutoinkin näyttää hehkuttavan brittimanagereita, ei hel*vetti. Kahtois vaikka joskus sitä sarjataulukkoa ja olis vaan hiljaa.


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Tuolla Incella ei kyllä tunnu olevan yhtään mitään hajua mistään :D Miekin voisin mielellään käyttää tuollaisia aineita, jotka saa pelit tuohon malliin näkemään :rolleyes_ani:


Inces' interview after last night's match on Rovers World….


…All he is going on about is how the players are playing for the manager, how there is a good spirit at the club and how even the best manager in the world could not stop the goals we are conceding. Also thanked the supporters at the end of the interview.


I remember when we had a similar spell under Hughes with regards to individual errors at the back. Hughes said they would work on things on the training ground to make things better and get them corrected.


Jep… Sparky tuli aluksi ja tilkitsi oman pään puolet huonommilla pelaajilla mitä Incellä on tällä hetkellä käytössään, kahtoi s**tana joskus peiliin mitä sieltä näkyy... Pitkälti sen takia Rovers säilyi, sen jälkeen puolustus ei aivan yhtä tiukka (vaikka kelvollisesti pitikin viel viime kaudella) ollut kun piti alkaa hyökkäämäänkin mutta tuo nykyinen puolustuspelaaminen on lähinnä säälittävän ja surkuhupaisan välimaastossa, ikinä nähnyt minkään joukkue puolustavan noin paskasti kuin mitä Rovers on tällä kaudella pelannut ja koko ajan heikompaan suuntaan mennyt mitä pidemmälle kausi edennyt.


Sparky alkoi korjaamaan sitä missä suurin ongelma oli tuolloin ja teki sen minkä lupas, Ince (ei siihen näköjään pysty vaan vierittää muitten niskoille asiat) mikäköhän v*tun rooli tuolla erillisella puolustusvalmentajalla (Nigel Winterburn) oikein on ? hyvin näyttää jätkän opit pureavan !!!


…muutenkaan nuo apurit Knox ja Mathias tuntuu olevan vanhojä käppänöitä joilla on primitiiviset enklantilaiset valmennusideat jostain kahdeksakytä luvulta, auttamattomasti aikaansa jäljessä…


…ai niin päivän huhujen mukaan Incellä olis kuulemma idea kuinka puolustus pistetään kuntoon, hankitaan sinne Steve Finnan.


Muutoinkin joukkueen pelistä ei todellakaan hehku tällä hetkellä se että ne pelaavat valmentajalleen kuin ”viimeistä päivää”. Saahan sitä toki omissa kuvitelmissaan elellä :D


Mistäköhän se on faneja kiitellyt, voipi olla melkoisen tyhjää kohta katsomossa, ja fanien suunnalta ei paljon miehelle empatiaa enää tunnu löytyvän (jopa Sam Allardyce sais tämän jälkeen lämpimän vastaanoton ja se kertonee jo kaiken oleellisemman ja vähän enemmänkin) ja se on fakta, tosin Ince tuntuu päänupissansa jotain vallan muuta kuvittelevan :moan:

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joo'o sais laittaa meidänkin puolustuksen kuntoon, tosin viimepeleissä jo ollut vähän parempi toikin osasto =)


Luulenpa että guv'nor lähtee vielä ennen uuttavuotta??!!?


mikähän mahtaa olla tilanne RSG kaupassa, oltaisiin Onouhaa antamassa osana kauppaa, tiedä sitten vahvistuisiko teidän puolustus siitä sitten...

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joo'o sais laittaa meidänkin puolustuksen kuntoon, tosin viimepeleissä jo ollut vähän parempi toikin osasto =)


Luulenpa että guv'nor lähtee vielä ennen uuttavuotta??!!?


mikähän mahtaa olla tilanne RSG kaupassa, oltaisiin Onouhaa antamassa osana kauppaa, tiedä sitten vahvistuisiko teidän puolustus siitä sitten...

Aikoinaan mm. Andy Todd oli se toppari josta Sparky koulutti koko puolustuksen tukipylvään ja sai sen putoamisuhka ajan pelaamaan todella hyvin… sittemminhän mies ei mm. mahtunut Derbyssä edes kentälle vaikkei joukkue sillä Valioliigavisiitillä ketään edes voittanut. Joten kyllä tuolla Sparkyllä & kumppaneilla jotain haisua on miten opettaa joukkue pelaamaan tiiviisti niin ettei omissa ihan hirmuisesti kolise.



Kyllähän RSC <-> Onuoha +paljon rahnoo vaihtokauppa ... olis Roversille tyyliin laatua lähtee ja melkoista sekundaa tulee :( Viime aikoina roskalehdistö jauhanut perusmantraansa päivästä toiseen mutta aika hiljasta noin muutoin miehen ympärillä huhuilut olleet… tosin yleensä kun on totaalisen hiljaista niin silloin jotain oikeasti on tapahtumassa.

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Kovasti sitten kirjoittelevat että Sam Allardyce tai Graeme Souness & Tugay olisi mahdollisesti


Jaahas, että simpanssin tilalle tulis sitten punapersepaviaani :shades: Eipä tässä voi muuta sanoa kuin Roversin voi laskea jo divarjoukkueeksi ensi kaudelle.


Syvät pahoitteluni kyseisille eläimille, että näin karmeata nimittelyä ja vertailua osaksenne joudutte julmasti kokemaan. Kyseiset eläimet ovat varsin sympaattisia, toisin kuin nuo mainitut nimet...


...noh Tugay toki tyylikkäänä harmaahapsena olis mielenkiintoinen kakkoskoutsi ! Turkkilainen on alkukaudella tehnyt todella paljon Roversin junnujen kanssa hommia, tai huomattavasti enempi kuin aiemmin... joten voisi tuollainen visio tulevaisuudessa tapahtuakin että keskikentän kapellimestari alkaisi apuvalmentajaksi…


…jos tapahtuu niin Roversin valmennusremmiin yhdeksi lenkiksi kyllä juu.


Niin juu David Dunn varmasti ilahtuu Sounessin nimen kuulessaan, miehillä on hitusen tulehtuneet välit ja tuskin samaan seuraan enää mahtuvat. Souness toki aikoinaan Roversin nosti divarista onnistuisiko tuo uudestaan ja sitten jos nousisivat niin sitten uutta hemmoa tilalle taas korkeimmalla sarjatasolla.

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Ince ei kuulemma ilmaantunut pressitilaisuuteen, tekemään itsestään klovinia taas kerra, laisinkaan päivän pelin jälkeen vaan apureinensa keskenään jäivät pitämään palaveria… kamooooon neiti !!! teeppä nyt yksi oikea päätös manageriurallasi (joka on jo vessanpytystä alas vedetty) ja näytä että sinusta on edes ripaus miestä jäljellä ja eroa itse… aikainen joululahja olis kyllä :smile:


Tois toiveita siitä että ens kaudelle saatais divariin kasaan kilpailykykyinen pelaajamateriaali ja mikä tärkeämpää valmennustiimi jolla olis jotain hajua valmentamisen tapaisesta toiminnasta.

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Toivottavasti Ince joka lienee kaikkien aikojan paskin managerin irvikuva mitä Valioliigassa on saanut tähän mennessä todistaa potkitaan pikaisesti pellolle, kun ei se idiootti tajua itse lähteä vaan jatkaa sitä perussoopaansa… pelkään vaan että ei ole rahallisesti varaa potkia miestä pellolle :(


S**tana tämän jälkeen alkaa Graeme Souness tuntumaan suunilleen vapahtajalta :D tai Big Sam :D kertoo kaiken oleellisen ”managerista” nimeltään Paul Ince.



7 December 2008



Paul Ince wants five games to save his job as Blackburn boss... but will be sacked in the next 48 hours.


A fifth straight Premier League defeat yesterday means Ince's reign is over, with Rovers now set to choose between Sam Allardyce and Graeme Souness as his replacement.


Ince does not have the trust of the players - or the confidence of the Blackburn board.


The for mer England skipper put on a typically brave face after a 3-1 defeat at home to Liverpool. "We have got five Cup finals coming up and we have got to believe we can turn it around," he said.


"It's just about getting that win."


But in reality he can start clearing his desk now.


Ince has found it hard to fill the shoes of former Rovers boss Mark Hughes, whose hard-line stance had won him the respect of his players.


The new Rovers chief tried to be one of the lads, a trick that worked at Macclesfield and MK Dons but which has backfired in the less forgiving Premier League pressure-cooker.


In pre-season Ince's matey approach saw him trying to take his players socialising when they wanted instead to knuckle down to the rigours of summer fitness sessions.


The new Rovers manager raised more eyebrows when he brought his children into training - and also wanted to join in himself.


With the more serious minded among his playing staff, that sort of approach was never going to go down well. And his work in the transfer market has impressed few.


He sold England man David Bentley because he felt he was disrupting the camp and allowed idolised keeper Brad Friedel, with whom he had 'history' from their time together at Liverpool, to join Aston Villa.


Bentley had fallen out with the staff soon after Ince's arrival and few questioned the sale. But Friedel's move caused disquiet.


Ince further enraged the Ewood doubters by signing Keith Andrews from MK Dons and giving his old Liverpool pal Robbie Fowler a contract. Both deals smacked of croneyism.


Vince Grella was signed for £4million from Torino after only the briefest scouting checks.


Rumours early in the season of unrest were put down to disillusioned players leaking stories and were dismissed within the club.


But now, as results get worse, whispers of rows and bust-ups have grown louder.


It was when Ince handed Blackburn chairman John Williams a list of targets to chase for January that matters came to a head. It forced Williams into a straight choice - back or sack his manager. It will become clear in the next 48 hours that he has chosen the latter.


It was against this background that Blackburn trustees gave Ince a thumbs down last week when they had an emergency meeting in Jersey and relayed the message that they would not be dipping into their funds to help him in the transfer market.


Williams had been taking secret soundings among the players to get to the bottom of growing unrest.


As People Sport revealed last week, there has been serious concern in the dressing-room about the standard of coaching - so a player poll was never going to favour Ince and his staff.


Ince's time-keeping has sometimes been a problem and his assistant Archie Knox and fellow coach Ray Mathias have been left to take more responsibility than expected.


Blackburn players felt the manager relied too heavily on former Manchester United No.2 Knox. That led to Williams last week ordering Ince to shake up his staff, putting him on collision course with the Rovers boss.


As one insider put it: "Ince put a lot of faith in his old mates like Knox, Mathias and Fowler. And it has not helped him or worked. There have been bad decisions all the way - and the manager has to pay for that."


Rovers stars are split about who they want as their next boss - as Allardyce and former Ewood chief Souness battle for the post.


Midfielder Tugay is firmly in the Souness camp - the pair have been at Galatasaray and Rangers together and it's believed Souness would add the Turk to his coaching staff.


But vice-skipper David Dunn, who clashed with Souness when he was first at Blackburn, is a major Allardyce fan and once almost signed for him at Bolton.


Rovers have little money to spend in January unless they sell a star name like Roque Santa Cruz or Benni McCarthy.

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