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Eiran Ainsworth

Ode to a Q.P.R. fan

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Oh, you certainly are an ardent fan, To a team that are not strangers

They fill your life with ups and downs, Those brilliant Queens Park Rangers!


Supporting them through thick and thin, Sometimes you have to suffer

You get the blues, when they lose and they´ve played a duffer


Like in the year of ´65, We really ought to state

That Mansfield Town, ran around

And they scored a great big eight!


But they´ve had some fine results, As of courses you know

Winning trophies along the way, Albeit long ago!


And the current squad are brilliant blokes, So there´s no need to feel sad

And the manager USUALLY(:howler: ) tries hes best, he isn´t all that bad!


He´s got the tactics and the plans, to sort out his team

To have the knack, to attack and play like a dream team!


His midfield are a wondrous lot and how can we forget

That chap with the mittens on, stood standing in his net! (Seaman?)


And the forwards are so very keen, that´s why you can ensure

if they get an open goal, they might even score.


And what about their tough defence, they really are so great

The gentlemen of the Football League, they´d never tackle late!


And so hopefully, in the games to come, they´ll make it their mission

To always win and entertain and trash the opposition!


Especially, those London clubs, who they´d beat with pride

They´d sort out those "big" boys and be the Capital´s greatest side!


maybe get themselves in Europe too, go extremely far

Be on the up, win the cup





Kaikenlaista ne naiset löytää Royal Dog Showsta. (Birmingham).

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