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Setanta Sportsille – Jason Roberts kirjoittelee blogia ja tässäpä miehen ensimmäinen kirjoitelma…


Liverpool Legends

by Jason Roberts , 03 June 2009


We’ve got a special match planned in Grenada with the ‘Liverpool legends’ on June 13.


We got in contact with some of the guys from Liverpool and thought it would be great if we could get them over to help encourage the youngsters and also the older guys who have grown up watching these great players.

When the opportunity came to get John Barnes and company over we thought it would be a great idea. I think it’s going to be a really big event for the island.


It will be a Jason Roberts XI comprised of guys who have had long careers playing for the Grenada national team. We’ll get some guys in too who have offered their support to the foundation. Together, we’ll put a team together and hopefully give the Liverpool legends a bit of a game.


I’m really looking forward to it and hopefully there’ll be a good crowd with a good atmosphere celebrating the fact that we’ve been able to bring over bring over the calibre of ex-players, like John Barnes, Phil Thompson, Phil Babb and Jason McAteer.


A lot of people in the Caribbean support Liverpool at least as their second team because of the John Barnes connection. It’s a symbolic statement that we’re bringing these guys over and hopefully it will galvanise the whole island.

I didn’t play too much football this year, but I’m sure I’ll turn out at some point. Apparently, I’m the manager, the kitman, the masseur...


Big Sam, big change...


Last season was a strange one for all of us at Blackburn. It didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to when Paul Ince first came in. We wanted to compete in the top 10 again and we were nowhere near it. It wasn’t really working out for us.


When Big Sam came in, we immediately improved. Our form’s been pretty good and, as he keeps telling us, if we’d been able to replicate our recent form from the start of the season we would have been competing in the top 10.


We’re looking forward to next season now. I know there’s a feeling that there will be a lot of changes at Blackburn in the summer. There are no guarantees obviously, but, as far as I’m concerned, I will be here next season.


In terms of my goals per starts and performances, I felt pretty good about last year, but, of course, it’s no use saying you’ve played okay when your team’s near the bottom of the league. You want to be up at the top of the league and hopefully I can perform better in a team that’s fighting in the top 10.


The end of an era...


Sam'll be looking to strengthen everywhere in the summer. Midfield, defence...not so sure about up front!


There’s a feeling that this team has run its course. It’s not the youngest team in the world and we’ve been together a long time. We performed very well under Mark Hughes, but, maybe with Tugay leaving who’s been such an important player for the team, and Roque possibly going as well, there’s a sense that the team is undergoing a big change.


The new manager will change things around and we definitely don’t want to be competing at the bottom again. If he thinks it's right that we sell a few and buy a few, then I don’t think anyone will have too many complaints. That’s why none of us, me included, can say we’ll definitely be at the club next season. It’s a cliché but anything can happen in football.


Missed a trick with Tugay...


I’ve heard the rumours about Tugay going to Manchester City. It would be a shame if Tugay wasn’t doing something in the game, but, at the same time, I think we might have missed a trick losing Tugay and letting him go to a rival.


He’s been a great player for Blackburn and the main thing is that football retains a man of his talents. If he can go on and get a job with City, it will be great for him. He has his eye on coaching so good luck to him but, speaking as a Blackburn player, I think we might have missed a trick.


I’d have liked to have seen him stay on in some capacity. I think if you asked anyone at the club, they would have loved to have kept Tugay around the place. He was a special player and also a great guy. We’ll definitely miss him.


England's Number 1...


I’ve got my fingers crossed that Robbo can get back into the England team on Saturday.


I think he came into his own when we needed him. He made some big saves in the Wigan game which stands out in my mind. He has made a difference to us in the second half of the season. It’ll be good for him and also the club if he gets the recognition I feel he deserves.


It’s always hard leaving for a new club and I think there was an element that it took him a while to settle in at Blackburn. He was at Tottenham for a while and sometimes it’s tough going to a new club but I’m looking forward to what he can bring to the team next season especially.

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Robbie Savage:The Autobiography


Not many Rovers revelations. He describes leaving Rovers, as he and Sparky agreed it wouldn't be right for him to not be the 'star' and be playing every match - sounded very professional how it happened.


Said Pedersen was the nicest man he knows, and also spoke fondly of Ooijer. He also praised John Williams.


He talked about his friendship with Kuqi, although Sav pretty much said he was cr@p. Mentioned bits of banter with Dunny and Bentley, including a prank on the latter with Sav ringing up pretending to be Sven saying he was in the England squad!


He described the Carling Cup semi tunnel incident with Rio... said he kicked Rio up his arse, Rio hit him and then someone else hit him. Todd had a word with Rio who left it from there (as you would :P )


Not much else to be honest. Been an enjoyable read, been reading it for hours and pretty much finished it. Lots of insight into an undoubtedly great character. His self confidence shines through throughout.

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