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Real pelaajien/valmentajien mietteitä&haastatteluja.

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No päätin nyt laittaa tälläsen topicin, kun tälläistä ei vielä ole. En tiedä tuleeko tästä mikään suosittu topicci, katsotaan:joker: Eli tänne pelaajien ja valmentajien mietteitä ja haastatteluja, mitä nyt sattuu löytymään. Alotetaanpas vaikka Pellegriinin haastattelulla Tenerife ottelusta.


Pellegrini post-match comments


Cristiano and Granero seemed annoyed about being replaced...

It's not important. No player in the world likes to be replaced. The coach has to decide what's best for the team and the players must comply. It isn't a problem.


Why was there such a difference between both parts of the game? Was it because of the changes you made?

The first half was very bad in general and the substitutions naturally helped. Kaka and Guti are playing very well and it seemed logical that the team would score with them. We are playing too many consecutive games and we know Kaka influences our performances heavily, but we tried to resolve the match without him because we have a Champions League clash on Wednesday.


Is the Lass-Xabi Alonso pairing necessary? The team played better with Alonso on his own in that position...

There are many ways of playing a game; it all depends on the clash itself. It has nothing to do with individual players.


The fans seem to think the team's game should be better...

The team is still working on many aspects of the game. We are improving on many of them. We've scored 16 goals so far, more than three on average per clash. We are also the least scored-upon team. We have to improve on several things, but I think we are on the right track regarding others.


What did you think of Tenerife?

I thought they were a very good team. They've been playing together for a long time. I told my men they weren't going to focus simply on defending. We were better in the second half and I believe we deserved to win.


Do the team's muscle injuries worry you?

Ramos shouldn't have played against Villarreal; his debut had been planned to be tonight, but Garay's injury complicated things. We knew Ramos could experience problems if he played two games in four days. I hope it isn't serious.


What did you tell Guti and Kaka to do?

It's most important for the team to have a good start to a play. We were playing with short touches on ball and our wingers were holding back. Kaka and Guti opened the game up. Guti controlled the game in our half of the pitch and Kaka did so in the other half. We needed to recover possession and create good ball movement.


Do you think lack of continuity could hurt the team against strong opponents like Sevilla?

Every team tries to play its best game against Real Madrid. We will face tough opponents and we'll have to lose at some point, but I'm not scared of that. I think the team is doing well. This team's game will probably be more straightforward than people think it should be. We'll see how we fare against Marseille and Sevilla. I'm happy with the work we're doing and I have faith in my squad. My players look confident.

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Jatketaampas tätä Casillaksen haastattelulla


Casillas praises his new teammate


Are there only two teams in the running for the league title?

No, I don't think so. We have won all our matches, but both teams will have their rough spots. We need to keep our feet on the ground because we have tough matches coming up.


Will it be hard for either side to drop points?

It will be our problem if we lose a match. The team is getting stronger on both offense and defense. We always have a chance of winning with the players we had last year and the incorporation of the likes of Kaka, Cristiano and Benzema, but we will lose one day.


What phase is the team in now?

In the gelling stage. But there is never time at Real Madrid and every day there is an aspect that receives criticism. The players must get to know one another. Kaka and Cristiano are good, but we need to figure out how they want the ball, how they pass it... It happens to me, too. I have to know if I need to be fast in giving it to a player, if it needs to be a short or long pass... It all comes together as we play more matches.


Has the defense improved?

It is too early to say, but we are defending well. We have had trouble against set-pieces, but that was just a bad patch and we are doing better. We are working on becoming a more compact team. The goal is for all of us to participate in attack and defense.


How does Pepe's return impact the team?

He is an important player and we are happy that he is back. He went through a tough time having to always hear about it, but he overcame the situation well.


Casillas, Zamora and Cristiano, Pichichi. Is it possible?

I hope so. It would be a great sign. It would mean that we had a great season and that we got to the end with a chance to win La Liga. I don't want to talk about objectives, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I have high hopes for this season.

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No jatketaanpas Benzeman mietteillä. Muut ei ole innokaita laittamaan tänne mitään, niin minä sitten laitan:joker:


What do you think of Olympique Marseille?They are a great team. The qualify to play in the Champions League every year. We know they have good players and that they've made new signings. Marseille are a physical team with potential, so I'm sure the game will be tough.


Olympique Marseille fans have a bad reputation in Spain. Do you think they'll behave as they did against Atletico Madrid?We haven't talked about their fans at all. They will come here to support their team. I think they are a fanbase like any other.


What solution can the team come up with to make the best out of your movements and potential?We have four great attacking players on the pitch and we sometimes come together, but there's no problem. We win our games and the coach tells us what we have to do.


You scored two goals against Tenerife. Doesn't the rotation system affect you?I am very happy with those goals. We played a good game, but the coach decides who plays. I don't know who'll make the lineup tomorrow.


You've been in Spain for three months. How do you feel?I feel great when I play next to amazing footballers. I hope to do well tomorrow. I feel comfortable and at ease here.


How have you adapted to Real Madrid?I feel I attack more than at Olympique Lyonnais. I used to have to look for the ball closer to our half of the pitch, but I don't need to do that with Kaka. It makes things easier for me.


Real Madrid's project is very ambitious. What do you think of the investment Florentino Perez has made in the Club?The President spent a lot of money because he wanted a competitive team. He's achieved that. Real Madrid is a strong team with great players.


You've always earned good results against Olympique Marseille...Yes, I have, but I haven't watched any of their games this season. I hope we earn a good result for Real Madrid tomorrow.


How do you withstand the pressure on and off the pitch? How's your life like?I feel great here. I live intensely and the pressure truly is strong, but I withstand it.


What do you rememeber of Fernando Morienntes as a Real Madrid player?He is a great striker and a very good player in general. I remember his performance against Valencia in a Champions League final and how he scored the first goal from a header. I also remember his stint at Monaco, with whom he reached a Champions League final. We should keep an eye on him.

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Kai tänki tänne vois laittaa, eli Benzeman ja hänen idolinsa Ronaldon haastattelu



Benzema: I've dreamt about meeting him ever since I was 12 years old. I still can't believe it. He is an amazing player, the best there's ever been.


Ronaldo: This means I must have done a good job throughout my career and that important players like Benzema enjoy my football style. Friends of mine have told me he does things in a similar way to me. They say he does step-overs, that he shoots with both feet... Being able to do the latter is a plus for any striker becausde defenders don't know what you are going to do. He is doing a great job and I'm having a lot of fun watching him play. I wish him all the best. I've never liked comparisons. They aren't good. I follow him from Brazil and I can tell he is doing a great job. It is wonderful to play at this stadium and I wish him all the luck in the world.


Benzema: I don't play like Ronaldo does and I don't know how to do everything he is able to do. I don't know if I'll be able to be as successful as he was here; he won many titles. I wish I can do the same.


Ronaldo: Dont' say anything. Just score many goals. Raul, Kaka and Cristiano will serve you many balls so that you can net many strikes to thrill everyone. Everything my eternal boss Florentino Perez does is very exciting. His passion is such that people go on the same ride with him. People are passionate for Real Madrid, but Florentino is capable of reaching out to their excitement. That's brilliant because excitement is what moves people. I wish Real Madrid reach the Champions league final. This team has an incredible presence. If you get there I will be here, so you better do a good job!


Benzema: I hope we reach the final and win the title. It would be an honour to have a player like you watching from the stands.

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Higuaín sanonut pitämässään lehdistötilaisuudessa olevansa kiitollinen Madridin faneille, jotka omalla toiminnallaan kauden päättäneessä Mallorca-ottelussa olivat osaltaan sen takana, että Pipita vielä ensi kaudellakin Madridin riveissä pelaa. Lisäksi Mourinholla oli oma suuri vaikutuksensa asiaan.


El 'Pipita' reconoció que el cariño de la gente en el último partido de Liga y una conversación con Mourinho fueron definitivas a la hora de apostar por su continuidad en en conjunto blanco.


Lisäksi jo tutuksi tulleet kommentit Luka Modricista: "Vi a Modric en la Eurocopa y en el Tottenham. Gusta al club y nos gusta a nosotros, los jugadores. Ojalá que se cierre lo antes posible si es por el bien del equipo".


Higuaín myös heitti asiallisen piikin FC Barcelonan seurapresidentille Sandro Rosellille, joka on harjoittanut jatkuvaa valittamista ja kitinää siitä lähtien kun hän Laportan paikan seurassa otti, mutta etenkin viime viikkoina on kunnostautunut tässä. Rosell inisi pitkin kautta tuomarityöskentelystä ja nyt, kun seuraava kausi tekee jo tuloaan, palasi tyyppi takaisin suosikkiteemaansa ja totesi mm. viime kauden olleen "outo" viitaten tuomarityöskentelyyn.


Higuaínin mietteet tästä: "100 puntos, 121 goles, ganar en el Camp Nou... sí, fue una Liga extraña, aunque para nosotros fue sencillamente espectacular." :thumbsup1:


E: Ja vaikkei tähän sinänsä kuulu, niin El Siete teki yllätysvierailun Valdebebasille. Kuvassa hienot miehet Morata ja Raúl, tulevaisuuden maalitykki vasemmalla ja legenda oikealla.


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