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Indians step up takeover interest in Blackburn Rovers


9:49am Friday 11th June 2010


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* By Andy Cryer » Blackburn Rovers reporter



INDIAN businessman Saurin Shah has stepped up his interest in buying Blackburn Rovers with a faxed offer believed to have been made.


Shah, little known outside his home of Mumbai, is understood to have sent a faxed offer in the region of £25million to Rothschilds, the company charged with selling the club.


Football agent Chris Nathaniel is believed to be fronting the negotiations for the interested party, while Shah's uncle is the vice-chairman of cricket's Indian Premier League.


* For the latest on Rovers' potential takeover, see tomorrow's Lancashire Telegraph.


Olisiko joulu tulossa etuajassa näin roversin kannattajalta...


Tänne sais kirjotella ajatuksia mahdollisesta omistajan vaihdosta eli onko hyvä vai huono?


Omasta mielestäni olisi hyvä jos seuraan saataisi hieman uutta rahaa kunhan se ei olisi lainarahaa ettei tehtäis Pompey:ta

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“Yes I can confirm I am interested. It is an exciting prospect but I can’t say too much at the moment.


"We do not enter things to lose, we enter things to win. That is all I can say.


“We are serious. We are in negotiations and the interest is natural because of the amount of Indians and Pakistani people in Lancashire.”


Mr Shah is described by sources in Mumbai as ‘a little known businessman’.


His uncle Niranjan, deputy chairman of cricket’s Indian Premier League, is a well known figure in the country.


The IPL chief said details of exactly who would be part of the buying group were still to be finalised, with his own role unclear.


But he insisted there was a determination to make it a success.


Niranjan Shah, said: “It is serious interest but we know we will have to work very hard to make it happen and Saurin and his group have been doing that for a while now.


“I think there is a 25 per cent Asian population and we want to explore the opportunities there. I hope some Indian people in Blackburn, and other Blackburn fans, are excited about it but let us not get carried away just yet.

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Indians keeping mum over Blackburn Rovers plans

by Will Swanson. Published Thu 08 Jul 2010 12:30, Last updated: 2010-07-08

Indians keeping mum over Blackburn Rovers plans

Indians keeping mum over Blackburn Rovers plans


Mumbai businessman Saurin Shah is remaining tightlipped over his plans to take over control of Blackburn Rovers.


The Lancashire Telegraph reports that it spoke with Shah yesterday but he was unwilling to divulge any further information.


However, while he was unable to reveal any fresh details about the negotiations, he insisted there were “no issues”.


Mr Shah confirmed his group had signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with the club as discussions continue, which ensure confidentiality to the process.



Ainakin intialaiset ovat vielä kiinnostuneita, ilmeisesti BFS on Ngog:n perässä brittilehdistön mukaan.

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An Indian entrepreneur has been linked with a deal to buy English Premier League club Blackburn Rovers.


Saurin Shah, 38, a businessman with shipping and textile interests, plans to bring a touch of Bollywood glamour to the English team and will try to engage South Asians living in the gritty northern town, according to an AFP source.


Mr Shah is the nephew of Niranjan Shah, vice chairman of the wildly popular Indian Premier League cricket tournament, and he hopes to import some of the marketing techniques if he is successful with his bid, the source said.


The process of due diligence - which opens up the club’s financial accounts for evaluation to a potential buyer - has begun, the well-placed source said.


“Once this is complete, Saurin Shah and his consortium will make a fresh bid for Blackburn,” the source told AFP.


The £35 to 45 million deal (Dh196-252m) includes debt, the source added, without elaborating.


It is understood that Shah, who declined to comment, made an initial approach to the club offering about £25 million.


The Mumbai-based businessman had approached brokers in London about buying a club in the English game’s top flight and settled for Blackburn because of its growth potential.


Blackburn Rovers, who won the Premier League in 1994-1995, finished 10th last season. But the club has had a quiet close season, with the manager Sam Allardyce signing no new players with funds tight.


The prospect of a new owner at the Lancashire club has dominated local news, leaving some fans concerned about whether money will be available for signings as the new season approaches in less than a month’s time.


A successful bid from Mr Shah could see the introduction of a “high-growth revenue model” along IPL lines, the source added, with cross-marketing between the football club and the IPL through Mr Shah’s Qubic Sports Investment firm.


Mr Shah believes the IPL recipe - a heady mix of star footballers, innovative marketing, a carnival spirit and the presence of popular Bollywood film stars - could help bring the untapped local British Asian community to games.


Blackburn, like Mr Shah’s hometown of Mumbai, was largely built on the success of its cotton spinning industry. A fifth of the town’s population classed themselves as “Asian” or “Asian British” in the last census in 2001.


“A bit of Indian-flavoured seasoning is what’s required,” the source said.


English Premier League matches are shown live on television in India and the sport has won legions of new fans in the cricket-mad country in recent years.


Niranjan Shah was quoted by the Lancashire Telegraph newspaper last month as saying his nephew’s interest was “serious” and they had the money to invest in the club.


The club chairman John Williams has not ruled out a possible buy-out.


“We are aware of fresh impetus with regards to the potential sale of the club, with at least one potential new buyer being identified,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph earlier this month.


“In the event of a successful sale, and money being made available, we do have a list of players available in the back of our minds.”


Mr Shah is not the first Indian businessman to be at the centre of speculation surrounding European football clubs.


India’s wealthiest man, Mukesh Ambani, was linked to Liverpool while his younger brother, Anil, was seen as a possible buyer for Newcastle United.


Both Ambanis denied the reports.


Mr Shah would join a long list of foreign Premier League football club owners.


Americans control Aston Villa, Liverpool and Manchester United, Chelsea is owned by the Russian Roman Abramovich, while Manchester City were bought by Abu Dhabi-based billionaire Sheikh Mansour.

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* Sport

* Football

* Blackburn Rovers


Indian tycoon Ahasan Ali Syed makes a move to buy Blackburn Rovers


• Blackburn's advisers have been approached over deal

• Syed said to be prepared to invest £300m into the club


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* Nick Duxbury

* The Guardian, Wednesday 4 August 2010

* Article history


Sam Allardyce Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce could be givebn significant funds if the sale goes through. Photograph: Michael Regan/Getty Images


Blackburn Rovers who have long struggled to keep their heads above water in the Premier League are reported to be the subject of a £300m takeover bid by a Indian businessman.


Ahasan Ali Syed, the head of investment firm Western Gulf, which is based in Bahrain and Switzerland, has made an approach to the club's advisers, Rothchilds, with a view to buying Rovers, clearing their debts and giving manager Sam Allardyce the funs to bring in new players.


Rothchilds has alerted the trustees of the late Jack Walker's estate, who still have a huge influence on the club. Two years ago the estate made it clear it was no longer in a position to underwrite the club indefinitely. Walker, a life-long Rovers fan, bankrolled the club to the 1995 Premier League title under manager Kenny Dalglish.


Syed, 36, is the sole heir to the family business which has its origins in the East India Company. He was educated in London, is a qualified lawyer and owns racehorses in Bahrain.


He is understood to have singled out Blackburn because of their potential for growth. He wants a deal to be agreed this month and the sale completed in September.


Earlier this summer, another bid from India tabled a £25m bid, offering to tap into Blackburn's large Asian population.

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The man bidding for Blackburn Rovers


AHSAN Ali Syed is in charge of an investment firm with assets worth more than £8billion.


He has a track record of turning around failing businesses and debt management.


The 36-year-old was educated in London and splits his time between Bahrain, where his firm is based, and Switzerland.


Mr Syed started his first business at the age of 16 and closed his first £1million deal at the age of 18, according to his website.


He acts as a financial adviser to monarchs and royalty across the Middle East through his firm Western Gulf Advisory.


And Mr Syed plays a role in the management and the boards of more than 133 companies worldwide.


Mr Syed, a teetotaller, has said that he has few constraints on investments although he would not invest in alcohol-related businesses or gambling on moral grounds.


Writing in a trade publication recently he said: “Very often, people start their lives and businesses without having developed financial abilities to sustain lives or businesses.


“Our mission is to help transform these inabilities into abilities, so instead of failures, you achieve success.”


Mr Syed says that in 2003 he bought a Canadian company for 565,000 Canadian dollars and transformed it into a booming business worth eight million within only 16 months.


The company’s annual report claims WGA is one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East, going from 64million US dollars at the end of 2008 to $1.2billion a year later.


WGA’s website reports that: “He considers himself and his company to be experts in turnaround stories by converting non-performing assets into performing assets.”


He has received praise for his leadership from industry publication RTCC.


The Courier Mail, a popular newspaper in Queensland, Australia, where Mr Syed owns several businesses, said WGA was currently completing a rapid expansion.


It said: “WGA is a European and Middle Eastern financial services company which has already invested about £370million into property developments in New South Wales and South Australia.


“The company is owned by Mr Syed and he and his chief financial officer Omer Khan who are developing a 10-year plan to grow WGA’s assets internationally.”


Last month Western Gulf Advisory agreed a partnership with Irish building contractors McCabe Group with a £300m cash injection after the firm hit difficulties.


And a deal to buy Australia’s biggest cotton farm, Cubbie Station, is still on the table.


Mr Syed’s personal wealth of an estimated £7bn could put him towards the top of British football’s rich list if he completes the takeover.


QPR major shareholder Lakshmi Mittal is the richest man in football at £18.4bn, according to a recent survey.


Manchester City benefactor Sheikh Mansour comes in second at £17bn, with Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich next at £7.8bn.


Below Mr Syed would be Tottenham’s Joe Lewis at £2.5bn and Arsenal’s Stan Kroenke at £2.079bn.


The Glazers at Manchester United are reported to have a wealth of £1.5bn, while Aston Villa's Randy Lerner is said to have £800m.


In 2008, the Walker Trust - the fund set up after former Rovers benefactor Jack Walker’s death 10 years ago - was rated at £750m.





• Ahsan Ali Syed is a 36-year-old married father of three from Hyderbad in India.


• Mr Syed's family is described as one of the most prominent business families in Hyderbad of the last 150 years.


• The family business is said to have its origins in the East India Company, which was set up in 1600 to handle England's trade with the country.


• Blackburn is known as a Cotton Town - and Mr Syed's family used to own huge cotton fields in south India.


• Mr Syed is a legal graduate educated at the London School of Economics.


• Mr Syed, 36, closed his first £1million deal at the age of 18 and started his first business at 16, according to his website.


• He owns 90 per cent of an investment firm Western Gulf Advisory (WGA) which is reported to have assets of £8billion.


• Through WGA Mr Syed plays a role in the management and the boards of more than 133 companies worldwide.


• Reports say WGA only employs 11 staff directly but works with 3,200 consultants.


• WGA is developing a 10-year plan to build international assets and boasts a track record of turning around failing businesses.


• WGA recently invested £370million into property developments in New South Wales and South Australia and last month put £300million into Irish building contractors McCabe Group.


• Last week WGA was confirmed as the sponsor of the first-ever beach games, to be held in Bahrain.


• Mr Syed also acts as a financial adviser to monarchs and royalty across the Middle East.


• Away from business Mr Syed divides his time between Bahrain and Switzerland.


• He is a big cricket fan but describes horses as his 'true passion', and founded Bahrain-based Western Gulf Stables, which bought a number of thorougbreds from Newmarket.


• Said to be a religious man, Mr Syed is of the Muslim faith and is currently fasting for Ramadhan.

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Billionaire's team look to seal a quick deal at Ewood Park

10:55am Monday 16th August 2010


A TEAM of negotiators representing the man who hopes to buy Blackburn Rovers have arrived at Ewood Park this morning.


Indian Tycoon Ahsan Ali Syed said his team would sign a deal today to allow him to look through the books at Ewood Park ahead of a potential £300m takeover.


His chief finacial officer Omer Khan, negotiator Gail Monbelly and consultant Jean-Claude Darmon arrived in a fleet of cars at the ground at 10am.


Before heading into meetings in the Blackburn End Mr Darmon, a multi-millionaire marketing man, lead the trio into the club shop and admired the array of replica shirts.


He said he was particularly interested in those of Gael Givet, his countryman, and El Hadji Diouf, who he called a friend.


No statements were made before the team began meetings, which are expected to last all day.


Mr Ali Syed though has reiterated his desire to seal the deal as soon as possible. He said: "I am very keen to move very fast and buy this club at the earliest moment.


"I am aware that Big Sam has big ambitions for this transfer window and I would love to support his ambitions.


"I have been presented with a lot of clubs, but Blackburn really came to my attention because it suits my investment philosophy.


"If you have seen my investments in the past they are always good assets who are undervalued and who have huge potential for a turnaround situation. I have been doing this for 14 years now and Blackburn fitted the bill."

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Ahsan Ali Syedin hommelit ovat ilmeisesti melkoisen tiukassa vastatuulessa.. ja seuraava yrittäjä on ilmaantunut paikalle..


..Syed ei ilmeisesti ole toistaiseksi onnistunut vakuutamaan että mies oikeasti niin rikas olis kuin mitä itse ja "huhut" väittävät. Roversin johtokunta ei ole ottanut oikein tuulta purjeisiin hepun viime aikojen "vakuutteluista", jos/kun ? mies samanlaiseksi tyhjänpuhujaksi&taskuksi paljastuu kuin mitä eräs herra aiemmin Portsmouthun suunnalla näillä näkymin.



Seuraava vuorossa...


Takeover Saga Draws Near Completion

by Kamy


The long-drawn-out takeover saga is, according to sources, drawing to a conclusion, with a decision possible within the next two weeks.


BRFCS believe that the identity of the mystery bidders is the "Mahindra Group". Mahindra is a huge company based in India but it has interests all over the world which include sporting interests. The group has an annual turnover of $6 billion dollars.


The Mahindra Group is among the top 10 industrial houses in India. It is the market leader in multi-utility vehicles in India and made a milestone entry into the passenger car sector with the Logan. Mahindra & Mahindra is the only Indian company among the top tractor brands in the world.


The Group has a leading presence in key sectors of the Indian economy, including financial services, trade, retail and logistics, automotive components, after-market, information technology and infrastructure development.


BRFCS believe that Mahindra is the mystery bidder who has been trying to purchase Rovers for the last four weeks. This information has not been confirmed, but a spokesperson for Mahindra has told BRFCS that "they are unable to comment on this matter at present".


In the meantime, Syed Ali is continuing with his due diligence and sources have indicated that he has made very good progress over the last week or so. A spokesperson for Mr Ali has asked for fans to remain patient, as a hugely complex financial decision is involved and it takes time for these types of deals to be concluded. There has been speculation earlier this week that Mr Ali was also looking at Everton as an alternative to Rovers. This rumour has neither been confirmed nor denied by Mr Ali's team.


Meanwhile, Saurin Shah remains in the hunt to purchase Rovers and his representatives have confirmed that they have held more talks with Rovers representatives over the last few weeks. However, Mr Shah has not as yet reached the stage of due diligence whereby a fee of £250,000 is payable.


All evidence seems to suggest that a decision on whether Rovers will be sold will be made very soon.

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Almost there!

Posted on: Tue 26 Oct 2010


Blackburn Rovers Football Club confirms that there have been detailed discussions regarding the sale of the club to the Indian based Venkys conglomerate.


Rovers' Chairman John Williams said: "A series of meetings, including discussions with the Premier League, have followed an extensive due diligence process. Both parties are hopeful that the transaction will be completed in November."


Venkys' Chairperson Anuradha J. Desai said: "We expect to be the first Indian company to acquire a Premier League team and we are particularly delighted that the team is Blackburn Rovers, with whom we believe we have many shared values and ambitions."

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On tapahtunut ja tapahtuu KOKO AJAN kaiken näköistä ja ihan helvetisti.. käsittämättönän nopealla aikataululla …. ilmeisesti John Williams lähti :( liekö tilalle tulossa Akon vai Lennox Lewis..


..Blackburn Rovers FC 1875-2010 muistoa syvästi kunnioittan.


Joukkueen voi pistää varmasti putoajaksi, saas nähdä onko seuraa enää parin vuoden päästä ylipäätään olemassa.


Nuo vitun paskat intialaiset idiootit tuhoaa kahdessa päivässä mitä muut tekivät 135 vuoden ajan taidolla tyylillä ja ammattitaidolla. Vittu noilla ei ole mitään käsitystä MISTÄÄN jalkapalloon liittivistä asioista.. eikä niillä paskoilla taida olla rahaakaan pennin vertaa.


Paskin päivä sitten Jack Walkerin kuoleman seuralle.



Jo näistä RISTIRIITAISISTA kommenteista näkee että tällä kajahteneella horatsulla ei ole mitään käsitystä mistään.. kanainfluessa jyrännee tuon aivosolukoissa aika vahvasti.


Mrs Desai in LT-


We want good football and top 5 finish.


Happy to leave Steve Kean in charge for a couple of months.


They are believed to have offered Sam the chance to sign Boyd and Geovanni via Kentaro.


Sam didn't want them.


Nothing against Sam.


Long time in their minds that they want a British Manager.


Talked to Sam and he didn't fit the vision


Steve Kean a very hard worker who is good with young players.


Cold take months to appoint a new manager.


No hasty decision- have best interests of club at heart.

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Tuohon sen verran muutosta että John Williams ilmoitti oman mielipiteensä asioiden kulusta ja nyt Venky's ja Kentaro sitten neuvottelet asioista, ilmeisesti lähinnä siitä jättääkö mies oman paikkansa "hyvällä vai pahalla".



Blackburn Rovers owner: Why we sacked Big Sam

9:51am Tuesday 14th December 2010


SAM Allardyce was sacked because he was not the right man to turn Blackburn Rovers into a top-five team, the new club owners said.


Speaking exclusively to the Lancashire Telegraph, Venky’s chairman Anuradha Desai reiterated her view that the team needed to entertain.


Allardyce was dismissed yesterday afternoon in a move that stunned players and fans alike.


Mrs Desai said last night: “We want good football and Blackburn to be fourth or fifth in the league or even better.


“The fans should trust us because this is in the best interests of the club.”


The new owners face a battle to convince supporters. More than 3000 fans have voted in the poll on the Lancashire Telegraph website and 73 per cent said Venky’s had made the wrong decision.


Mrs Desai warned fans not to expect a quick appointment, saying her family wanted to take their time.


She said they were happy to leave the team in the hands of coach Steve Kean for ‘a couple of months’.


Rovers chairman John Williams was the man who had to tell Allardyce he was fired on the orders of the new owners. Some of the players are said to be furious.


It is understood a dispute between Allardyce and Venky’s over transfer targets sparked his departure.


The new owners, on the advice of sports agency Kentaro, are believed to have offered Allardyce the chance to sign former Hull City midfielder Geovanni and Middlesbrough striker Kris Boyd.


But Allardyce, who had targeted Tottenham’s David Bentley and Robbie Keane, as well as Manchester City’s Roque Santa Cruz, made it clear he did not want those players.


Mrs Desai’s insistence on an attractive and successful side is rooted in her wish to transform Rovers into India’s favourite team, which is key to her family’s development plans for the club.


Last night Mrs Desai said: “It is nothing against Sam but we have a different vision looking forward and we want the club to grow. It is not about the Bolton match. It has been a long time in our minds.


“We wanted good football, wanted the games to be interesting and of course wanted to win and to have good players.


“The fans should trust us and have belief in us.”


Warning it may take time for a replacement, she said: “Our thinking now is that it will be a British manager, but we are open if there is an outstanding candidate: someone who would be really, really good for the club.


“Right now Steve Kean will take over while we are looking for someone to take over on a permanent basis.”


She also assured fans that the position of popular Rovers chairman Williams, a key ally of Allardyce, was safe.


We do not mean anything bad for Sam Allardyce but we feel that we need to take the club up in the league and grow.


We want Blackburn Rovers to be fourth or fifth in the league or even better. It is not about the Bolton match. It has been a long time in our minds.


It is nothing against Sam but we have a different vision looking forward and we want the club to grow.


We had been talking to Sam in the past few weeks but he did not fit in with our vision for the club’s future.


We wanted good football, wanted the games to be interesting and of course wanted to win and to have good players.


We needed to do some changes and Sam going is, of course, the main change. This is a major step but it was needed. We thought: Why delay?


The fans should trust us and have belief in us because this is in the best interests of the club.


Our thinking now is that it will be a British manager, but we are open if there is an outstanding candidate: someone who would be really, really good for the club.


Right now Steve Kean will take over while we are looking for someone to take over on a permanent basis. Steve is a hard worker and he is doing a very good job as a coach.


We have been studying him and have been very impressed. He works long hours and is talented at his job. He also works well with our very skilful young players and that is important.


The future of the homegrown players is very important.


It could now be a couple of months before a new manager is put in place.


Right now we are going to have a study and put a lot of thought in to who the next manager of Blackburn Rovers will be.


We don’t want to make a hasty decision and we are in a good position to take our time because Steve is quite capable.


I know that John Williams was very close to Sam but their situations are very different. John is safe.


My message to the fans is that we want the club to go up and develop and we want it to perform much better.


Whatever we do we want to say to the fans that we have the best interests of the club in mind.

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Steve Kean


Bright chap, lots of coaching badges, speaks several languages.


Street-wise Glasgow type in the Moyes mould.


No fool, well-liked by players and has lots of contacts in the game.


Came up the hard way as a player - went abroad for a spell. Done the apprenticeship as a coach at all levels.


Reckoned to be the 'brains' at Fulham when Chris Coleman was in charge.


Big mates with Billy 'Badger' McKinlay. Watch that space if he stays.

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OK, aika paljon ja aika kaikkea. Huomioita näin alkuun: jos puhuvat top viitosesta, aika paljon saa tapahtua että siihen pääsevät ja näköjään ovat aloittaneet heti. Selvää kait on ettei Big Samilla ja omistajilla kemiat kohdanneet ja että niillä on selkeä tahto käyttää omaa tahtoaan - ja siihen asetelmaan Sam ei ole omiaan, kun on melkosen oma miehensä.


Jos tuo Kean on lähellekään tuota määritelmää, isoa ja välitöntä huolta ei ole ja etsintä voi jatkua suht rauhassa.


Mutta sitten se isoin kyssäri on, onko pätäkkää malliin Chelsea ja City vai ei malliin Pompeyn maailman köyhin arabisheikki ja West Hamin sillit. Jos on ja on halua sitä pätäkkää käyttää niin mikäpäs siinä. Jos ei niin sitten on kyllä piru merrassa.


Eli köysi pois kaulasta Tomine, ei ole vielä paha susihukka pannut poskeensakaan.

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OK, aika paljon ja aika kaikkea. Huomioita näin alkuun: jos puhuvat top viitosesta, aika paljon saa tapahtua että siihen pääsevät ja näköjään ovat aloittaneet heti. Selvää kait on ettei Big Samilla ja omistajilla kemiat kohdanneet ja että niillä on selkeä tahto käyttää omaa tahtoaan - ja siihen asetelmaan Sam ei ole omiaan, kun on melkosen oma miehensä.


Jos tuo Kean on lähellekään tuota määritelmää, isoa ja välitöntä huolta ei ole ja etsintä voi jatkua suht rauhassa.


Mutta sitten se isoin kyssäri on, onko pätäkkää malliin Chelsea ja City vai ei malliin Pompeyn maailman köyhin arabisheikki ja West Hamin sillit. Jos on ja on halua sitä pätäkkää käyttää niin mikäpäs siinä. Jos ei niin sitten on kyllä piru merrassa.


Eli köysi pois kaulasta Tomine, ei ole vielä paha susihukka pannut poskeensakaan.

Kukaan ei tunnu oikeasti tietävän onko niillä rahaa vai ei..


..Nicko väittää että niillä olis kuitenkin suht mukavasti ja olis niitä jopa valmis pistää palamaankin tammikuussa. Tosin en tiiä mitä vittua tuollaiset Geovannit ja Boydit tuossa ”listalla” sitten tekevät… ovat ilmaisia ja niillä ainoa tavoite olis selviytyä Divarissa sinne viiden sakkiin.


Tuo juttuhan on siis LT:n käsialaa.. erikoista että Bentley on mainittu tuossa Allardycen listalla kun on kuitenkin Kentaron listoilla pelaajana.. Nickon mukaan Samin hakusessa olis ollut kolmikko Charles Nzogbia, Charlie Adam sekä Carlton Cole.. Kentaron tarjokkaista ei varmaan tiedä oikeasti kukaan yhtään mitään vielä.. tosin jos nuo mainitut nimet pitävät paikkaansa niin haistakoon paskat ja vitut ja röhönaurut päälle..


..toki Nicko epäilee että LT:ssä pidetään Allardycestä aika paljon ja tuon takia juttu ois kirjoitettua hyvin pitkälti Big Sam myönteisesti. Kuulemma paljon kovemmat nimet pyörineet siellä kuin Geovanni ja Boyd mutta jos oikeasti tuollaisia tarjoilevat niin metsään ajetaan ja helvetin lujaa ja paluuta tuskin enää olis..


..Kean on seurassa työskentelevien mukaan erittäin pätevä veikko, mutta kukaan ei tiedä onko siitä oikesti ykkösmanageriksi ja tälläiseen saumaan .. Chelsea ois kait Scolarin aikakaudella halunnut sen kakkosvalmentajakseen. Jotkut väittävät että Kean onnistuessaan saisi pidemmän pestin koska on Kentaron miehiä ja näin ollen ne sais tuputtaa keitä pelaajia sinne haluaisikaan bisnesmielessä..


..tuon lisäksi Venkys kait haluais Maradonan jonkin sortin PR mieheksi seuralle, tai jos eivät miestä saa niin jokin toinen kuuluisuus PR heppuliksi elleivät saa jotain maailman kuulua (nimellisesti) valmentajaa mikä tuskin onnistuu.. ilmeisesti muutenkin tykkäävät kaveerata näiden kuuluisuuksien kuten Akonin ja Lennox Lewisin kanssa ja jaella niille Roversin pelipaitoja.

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Top 5 lopetus kaudelle on aika kaukaa haettu?

Niin tuonne "kärkikahinoihin" mukaan työntyminen ei ole tämän kauden tavoite vaan pidemmälle päälle asetettu tavoite noiden mukaan. Tosin tuohon nyt ei varmaan pidemmälläkään tähtäimellä usko juurikaan kukaan muu kuin intialaiset. Tosin tuo lukukin tuntuu vaihtelevan päivittäin :-D välillä riittää top-8 ja välillä pitää mennä top-4 sun muuta paskaa suoltavat..


..silläkin on eroja kuka niistä kolmesta (nainen ja ne päri äijää) milloinkin puhuu :-) Yhden mukaan valmentaja on jo valittu.. toisen mukaan sillä ei ole mitään kiirettä ja katsellaan rauhassa.. kolmas ei ole kuullutkaan koskaan yhtään mistään mitään.

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Vittu saatana noita Venky’sin porukkaa.. painuis jo vittuun… mieluummin ois sinne divariin lähtenyt tyylikkästi kuin tälläisen saatanan naurettavan paskan kera.. onneksi olkoon Venky’s ja intialaiset omistajat..


..tuo saatanan ämmä siellä johdossa ei ilmeisesti ollut ennen tuota ManU peliä edes telkkarista, saatika paikan päällä nähnyt yhtään ainutta jalkapallopeliä. Vittu jee !! Saatanan Walkerin perilliset kun suostuivat myymään ylipäätäänsä noille paskoille tuon seuran.. onkohan ne nyt tyytyväisiä kun tuhoavat Jack Walkerin rakentaman kunniakkaan ja upean seuran aivan täysin.


Uusin nimi huhuissa on nyt sitten Miachel Chopra.. se kait hakee/ on jo saanut intian kansalaisuuden, joten se on Raon sakin silmissä hyvä PeeäRrää sinne intian suuntaan.. joo että onneksi olkoon vaan nimet kuten Chopra, Geovanni ja Boyd todistavat niin nämä paskapökäleet eivät vittu saatana tajua yhtään mitään jalkapallosta… ja pelkästään näiden nimien esiin pulpauttaminen todistaa sen… tai sitten ne latelee ilmoille tahalleen saatana tälläisiä nimiä ja neuvottelee ihan toisen tason pelaajien kannssa ? tosin tuosta ei taatusti ole pelkoa.


Tästä ei jää mitään jäljelle :( eikä tästä ole kuin yksi suunta ja se on helvetin jyrkästi alaspäin, suoraan kadotukseen viepi Roversin tie ja hyvinkin nopeasti.



The moment Sam Allardyce's fate was sealed: Berbatov's rout sparked chicken coup


THE fate of Sam Allardyce was sealed when the new owners of Blackburn threw a massive VIP party to watch the Manchester United clash on TV – and saw their prize possession ¬humiliated 7-1.


The Rao brothers and their sister Anuradha Desai had their doubts about Allardyce from the -moment their Venky’s group ¬acquired the Ewood Park club.


But the mauling at the hands of five-goal Dimitar Berbatov and his United team-mates – beamed live into family HQ in Pune, India – made Big Sam a dead man walking.


The Venky’s group, which has made millions from the poultry industry, decided they wanted to dump their manager BEFORE the ¬transfer window ¬because they want a change of ¬direction at Rovers.


The Indians want to back young coach-turned-caretaker Steve Kean to build a “new Arsenal” by recruiting young players who perform ¬better with the ball than without it.


Allardyce was on a loser from the off, as People Sport ¬revealed in October.


The Raos were not ¬impressed by the style of football he encouraged or by his signings.


Venky’s looked closely at the men he had brought in – and did not like what they saw.


Big-money buy Nikola Kalinic was not involved in the United game – that was £6million down the drain in their eyes.


And Pascal Chimbonda, a £2m ¬signing, was at fault for so many goals he has been exiled ever since.


Allardyce’s team reacted by beating Wolves 3-0 in their next game but by then the damage had been done. Faith in the manager had disappeared.


Venky’s consulted Swiss-based ¬football experts Kentaro and English-based agent Jerome Anderson to discuss alternative targets as club bosses snubbed Allardyce’s list of ¬possible recruits.¬


An Ewood insider said: “Sam ¬wanted Roque Santa Cruz to come back to the club. Nobody could -understand that – he has hardly played and is at the wrong age and on the wrong wages for what this club should be about.


“There was John Carew at Aston Villa but he is also at the wrong stage of his career. Robbie Keane was also mentioned but salaries like his mean a lot of dead money.”


Allardyce was also lining up moves for Wigan’s Charles N’Zogbia, Blackpool’s Charlie Adam and West Ham’s Carlton Cole but they never got off the ground.


So Allardyce’s job was effectively on the line for the visit to his old club Bolton Wanderers last weekend. And a last-minute defeat gave Rovers ¬bosses the excuse to fire him.


The top source added: “Venky’s ¬always intended to shake things up in January and they did not want Sam to do the buying. They have ¬money but do not want to waste it.


“If Sam had stayed for two home games with West Ham and Stoke it would have been impossible to sack him. There was no point in postponing it.”


Now Kean will get a run as boss ¬although he needs a good start before the crucial transfer window month.


Kean has impressed the new ¬owners with his ideas and ¬enthusiasm. He will also have a say in signings ¬despite his lack of managerial experience.


The Scot has been haunted by the fact that he is a client of Anderson’s company, but that link is down to his friendship with one of the company’s employees. He is NOT a puppet or a yes-man.


Kean will be encouraged to push through the Rovers kids he has helped, such as Phil Jones and Martin Olsson, and also get Rovers playing in a more expansive way.


Meanwhile, Kentaro are under ¬orders to come up with young players from around the globe. For the ¬masterplan to work they will need results or the vultures will be circling.


Anderson will be a key player but his role has yet to be defined.


He prefers to stay behind the scenes, but may move into a more high-profile role if his Kentaro aides deem it necessary.


The well-known wheeler-dealer was the man behind Arsenal’s swoop for Dennis Bergkamp in 1995 and Birmingham City’s season-saving deal for Christophe Dugarry in 2003.


Anderson has been working on younger players in England and abroad, and if the deals are right Rovers could see those chicks hatch very shortly.

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Nickon mukaan tuo Chopra turinoinnissa ei olis ainakaan toistaiseksi mitään perää ja täysin tuulesta temmattua mustamaalausta.. toivottavasti tällöin jotain olemattoman pientä toivon kipinää vois ollakin.


According to one of the lads at Brockhall, expect a couple of shock transfer requests quite soon, wont say who, time will tell.


No jos on "yllätysnimi" niin lienee joko Robinson, Samba, Nelsen, Pedersen.... ainakin Nelsen oli varsin järkyttynyt Samin potkusta ja eipä maalin jälkeen eilen kovin iloiselta vaikuttanut.. Pedersen pelas varsin pirteästi ja teki valtavasti töitä ja blogissaan on valanut faneihin uskoa synkkinäkin aikoina, joten siinä mielessä olis todella yllättävä pyyntö.. Robinson on Kentaron pelaajia joten olis melkoinen ylläri :-D Muut noista haluais ehdottomasti pitää mutta Nelsenin otteet ovat heitellee viime aikona aika rajusti….


…tietysti saattaa olla tyyliä joku Salgado joka on ainakin puheidensa mukaan pelkästään Big Samin takia saapunut seuraan. Tosin ilmeisesti kuitenkin tykännyt olla toistaiseksi muutoinkin kuin vain Samin takia.


Venky’sin PR touhu on aivan karseata touhua. Niiitä on useita tyyppejä, jokainen puhuu eri asioita ja mitään yhteistä linjaa ei tunnu niiden puheista löytyvän. Ilmeisesti niiden käytös nykyisiä pelaajiakaan kohtaan ei ollut kovin fiksua missään informoinnissa..


..periaatteessa niillä on sinällään ideaa että Big Samin harrastamalla unettavalla taktiikalla tullaan maksimissaan siinä 10 kieppeillä pyörimään ikuisesti ja suunta ei periaatteessa ole kuin alaspäin, toisekseen Samin sopimus olis kuitenkin kesällä loppunut ja mies haikailee kenties maajoukkueen peräsimeen jos vaan yhtään siihen mahiksia on, myös sydänongelmat ovat suuri kysymys kestääkö mies Valioliiga rumbaa enää kovin pitkään.. myöskään monet paikan päälle pelejä viikko toisensa perään fanit eivät jaksa olla kovin surullisia Samin potkuista vaikkei heidän mielestä Sam ois niitä ansainnutkaan.. sen verran ankeata ja tylsää seurattavaa Roversin peli on viimeisimmät vuodet olleet, tosin aika puuduttavaa se oli Hughesin loppuaikoinakin, tosin tuolloin este oli omistajat jotka eivät tuolloin tukeneet rahallisesti Sparkyn visioita pelaajahankintoihin..


..suuri ongelma on vaan se että Venky’s tekee asiat ainakin tällä hetkellä äärettömän tökeröllä tavalla ja aivan helvetin väärään aikaan.. toisekseen edelleenkään kukaan ei tiedä onko niillä oikeasti rahaa uusia tuota joukkuetta siihen muottiin mistä ilmeisesti visioivat..


..tosin tuo nuoriin pelaajiin satsaaminen ja ”Arsenal” tyylinen toimintatapa ei välttämättä aivan järjettömiä summia edes vaadi.. mutta sitäkin onnistuneet hankinnat kuitenkin ja oikeanlaisen managerit ja valmentajat siihen päälle, ainoa vaan että tuon tapaista mallia ei kovin moni seura onnistuneesti tällä telluksella pyöritä, ja sen muuntamiseen menee Useampia Vuosia.. eikä Roversin nykyistä pelaajamateriaalia pysty hetkessä muuttamaan pelaamaan aivan toisella tyylillä, ellei halua tippua sarjasta.. toisekseen tuosta ryhmästä ei montaa potentiaalista pelaajaa enää jää jos pelitapa uusitaan totaalisesti.


..nyt sitten Jones loukkaantui eilen vähintään puoleksi vuodeksi, Roberts vähintään kuukauden sivussa ja kenties vielä Sambakin menettänee jonkin jouluruuhkan pelissä ? Joten pakko-ostoon menee uuden keskikentän ja laitapakkien kuin hyökkääjän lisäksi myös toppari.. tuon lisäksi että pelaajia tuodaan niin paskoista kuten Andrews, Chimbonda, Benjani, Grella miksei myös ei tällä hetkellä tarpeeksi hyvät kuten Dunn, EH Diouf, Givet (vaikkei nämä nyt ihan toivottomia tapauksia olekaan ollut, jos on oikealla tontilla peluutettu).


Kean toivottavasti näki että nykyisellä miehistöllä tuollainen 4-4-2 ei ikävä kyllä tule toimimaan, jos siellä ois ollut joku kunnon futisjoukkue eilen vastassa niin vastahyökkäyksistä ne ois kerta toisensa jälkeen repinyt Roversin palasiksi.. sen verran reippaasti siellä oli puolustuksen ja keskikentän välissä tilaa joka ikinen kerta kun West Ham omast päästä lähti hyökkäämään.. Dunnin jalat ei riitä enää mihinkään.. myös laitapakit ovat liian hitaita tuollaiseen nelinelikakkoseen.. eilen Pedersen pelas ihan kelpo pelin ja on niitä harvoja (ainoa) pelaajia jotka siinä keskikentän keskustassa pystyvät ajoittain antamaan hyviä syöttöjä ja nopeasti.. myös Mame Biram oli ajoittain suhteellisen pirteä ja jaksoi sentään yrittää ja haastaa.. nuo kaksikko olikin sitten reilusti muun massan yläpuolella vaikkei siihen nyt niin hirveästi tarvittukaan..


..tasollisestihan eilinen peli oli suhteellisen hirveätä paskaa kummaltakin joukkueelta. Tosin eipä pelin aikana tulleet loukkaantumiset kyllä juurikaan avittaneet asiaa ja Keanin mahdollista kykyä reagoida kentän tapahtumiin vaihtojen muodossa ei nähty nyt laisinkaan, koska vaihdot (loukkaantumiset) olivat pakotettuja ja tulivat vielä varsin vittumaisiin aikoihin kaikki kolme.. Suureksi ongelmaksi tulee kun Stoken kolossit tulevat seuraavaksi vastaan niin nyt sieltä puuttuu kaikki pääpelivoimaiset kaverit Samba, Nzonzi ja Jones ja vaikkei Roberts nyt ei pääpelissä häävi ole mutta kolossaalisen vartalonsa kera kuitenkin fyysinen pelote.



Kenny Dalglish…


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Stop listening to the hype...


Boyd is NOT a target.


If Samba wants to move then it's got nothing to do with a change of management.


There is a meeting tomorrow where targets and money will be decided.


And that is in BLACKBURN.



Steve Kean said quite specifically that there was a list that the scouts had come up with - and there was a meeting on Monday to go through it.


I think it is safe to assume Steve Kean will be in charge until January at least and will be having his input in the window.


I hope the list has good names - I hope Kentaro have good names.


Because by **** you need some.

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Englannissa viime viikolla alettiin jo verrata tätä kauppa erääseen toiseen kauppaan, jossa ostajien nimet olivat Gillett ja Hicks. Etenkin Sam Allardycen potkujen jälkeen annetut lausunnot ovat olleet sellaisia, että lehdissä lähinnä naureskellaan kanakeisarinnalle, joka niitä on antanut.


Toinen juttu, mistä puhuttiin paljon, oli tosiaan se, kuka joukkuetta oikein tekee. Onko se tämä pelaajavälitysfirma Kentero vai Venkyn kukot vai manageri vai...


Alan Shearer sanoin BBC:n futismakasiinissa meinaavansa pysyä niissä kommenttaatorihommissa myös ensi vuonnakin. No näitähän saa sanoa toki ilman vastuuta sanoistaan...

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Elikkäs se "yllätys"siirtopyynnön jättäjä tai vielä on uhkailun tasolla.. oli sitten kapteeni Samba. Mies peräänkuulutti outoa managerin erottamista ja tapaa jolla intialaiset touhuavat syyksi haluunsa lähteä.. tuota toki ovat kritisoineet monet muutkin pelaajat että aika kylmää kohtelua ollut pelaajia kohtaan sieltä suunnasta toistaiseksi..


..ERIKOISTA (tuossa aiemmassa viestissä kun mainittiin että Samban lähtemisellä ei välttämättä ole kuitenkaan niin paljoa tekemistä managerin potkujen kanssa kuin voisi luulla ja mies saanut kenties siitä lisää puhtia puheisiinsa kun sopiva "tekosyy" siihen lisäksi tulla tupsahti vallan mainioon aikaan) kuitenkin että Samban agentiT ovat etsineet miehelle mahdollista uutta seuraa jo monen kuukauden ajan ! paljon ennemmin ennen kuin Big Sam sai potkut persauksille !….


Samba has had about three agents working to get him a move for the past few months.


One of them used to be the former manager's agent.


But it turns out his latest agent is even more intriguing - Kenny Shepherd, son of Freddy, who used to be Sam's boss at Newcastle.


Are we getting a picture here yet?


Anyway...Samba's strop over Sam's axeing does not really fit so well when you consider he has been looking for a pay day elsewhere for quite some time.

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