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Miloš Krasić

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Tälläinen löytyi tuolta juventuz.comista La freccia Serbasba (Serbian nuoli). Todellakin lukemisen arvoinen juttu :thumbsup1:


Krasic is arleady sex bomb in russian newspapers and internet sites(this is google translation):

bobsoccer.ru -

Milos Krasic of his bombing exploits at Juventus

Ex-soldier moved to Italy just a month ago, but in that time has already managed to win the hearts of fans of Juve and earn the respect of recognized experts from the Apennine peninsula. It's no joke to say that he, Milos Krasic, is a leader in Serie A for the "goal, plus a pass! Yesterday Serbian midfielder and did gave a phenomenal match, scored a hat-trick at the gate Cagliari.

Milos I sent an sms-message of congratulations, at the same time asking for an interview. He immediately replied, and the evening call back in a pre-determined time.


- Milos, you are something of themselves expecting such pryti already in the opening match in the "Old Lady"?


- Honestly, no. New team, new championships, new country - on the idea of changes had to require some time to adapt. Of course, I felt that I will quickly find his way in Juventus. But it's so fast - was not expecting.


- How did you manage that?


- I was tuned to something that is already in the first game to show their best football. Competition in Juventus is high, and I had to prove he is worthy place in the starting lineup. However, the season has just begun, so rejoice prematurely. Must continue in that vein. Most importantly, Juve achieve good results.


- That this until there are problems. Why the team started the season unevenly?


- The team changed the coach, it's a new direction. In addition, several players have been acquired. Not surprisingly, all these events have caused a lot of changes, in particular, Juventus stands on a tactical scheme. In my opinion, no harm has not yet happened. We will definitely improve their affairs. Juventus - a big club, which this season will compete for the title. Soon we will probably go up to the table - I do not doubt this.


- How do you have a new team?


- Everything is wonderful. Here is a Bosnian Salihamidzic, with whom we became friends. And other players have developed an excellent relationship. In general, I am very pleased.


- How do you solve everyday issues in Turin? While living in a hotel?


- Yes. Has not yet decided where exactly will move - at home or in a hotel. Time to decide, more than enough, since the family will be able to move no sooner than a month.


- I think I can guess why. Please accept my congratulations on the birth of your daughter!


- Thank you very much! I am very glad that last week the club on this occasion allowed me to absent himself day in Serbia. In the first month of the newborn is not recommended to fly, so the family moved to Turin will have to wait a little longer.


- How do you do things with the Italian language?


- It is not very much. But it is not surprising, since I just recently arrived in the Apennines. I think that is the New Year I can more or less normally express themselves.


- Why such confidence?


- Two or three times a week I have been with an Italian teacher. Desire to learn the language a lot, so I have no doubt that progress in the near future, be sure to appear.


- The presentations CSKA watch?


- And how! Regularly called up from Zoran Tosic and Elver Rahimic. Taking this opportunity, through you I want to congratulate Wagner Love to one hundredth goal in the Army Club. Excellent achievement! I hope CSKA this year even compete for the title. I want to say that keep a worry for CSKA Moscow, thanks to the leadership of the club and team for all that I had done. It is thanks to CSKA I grew up in a good football player and able to go to Juventus. "


- Recently your Juve met with Palermo, which vies with CSKA in the group tournament of League of Europe. What characteristics can give Sicilian club?


- The team is good, very well organized, confident acting in defense. Ahead of them stands Pastore. This young talent army team should pay close attention. In general, though Juventus and lost to Palermo, I think that CSKA is quite capable to beat this team.



sovsport.ru -


Milos Krasic: "If i will score in the next matches, will celebrate a goal in the army style"

Midfielder Juventus Milos Krasic said that teammates congratulated him on his hat-trick at the gate Cagliari (4:2) in the 5 th round of Serie A, spoke about training Luigi Del Neri, and also thanked the fans of CSKA .

"As far as I know, in Italy there is no tradition of handing any gifts to the best player the game. But teammates congratulated me heartily. At Juventus assembled a very friendly staff.

Del Piero has congratulated the hat-trick with a good game. Alessandro - a real captain. You should have seen what he does with the ball in training. He has great technique, high class. Immediately evident that the star is in front of you.

What surprised the coaching Del Neri? Very important tactic, and tactical exercises are conducted daily. This component is given an hour and a half. Each player is studying its "corridor". In Italy, the tactics - this is important.

I would like to say Army fans thanks for all. When I played CSKA Moscow, and you supported the team and me personally in every match. Thank you very much, my fans! I wish you success and to CSKA won the first place.

Know Milos always with you! See matches of Juventus. And I, if you will score in the next matches, will give greetings, celebrating a goal in the army: I give you credit "- quoted footballer" Soviet sport ".


sport-express.ru -

Milos Krasic: "The game against Cagliari will be remembered as one of the brightest moments in his career"

Midfielder Juventus Milos Krasic shared his impressions of the match round 5-series against Cagliari (4:2), in which a former player of CSKA designed the hat-trick.

"Three goals in professional football scoring only the second time in his life. And even more surprising that the current account in Juventus opened once scored a hat-trick. I think the match with Cagliari will be remembered as one of the brightest moments in my career. How are glad not even imagine, especially because the team finally won. Because we need to put wins on the flow to keep the highest mark of Juve.

My balls - an occasion to thank partners who created Assists situation. And coach who trusts me and puts a part of.

Hopefully, Sunday will mark the beginning lifting victory of Juventus. Let us now be a difficult match against Manchester City on the road - go there to give battle. We have a great team and very friendly staff "- Krasic told Sport Express."

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