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Musiikkia (Part 2)

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Elikkäs tuonne vanhaan musaosioon (Loistavaa musiikkia) ei vähemmän yllättäen ainakana meikäläinen pysty enää mitenkään mitään uutta lykkäämään joten pistetään uutta topiccia pystyyn tällekin...


..tässä taas ei ilmeisestikään pysty liittäämään viestiin kuin aina yhden videon per viesti.. aiemminhan pystyi useammankin..

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Kävin Tavastialla tiistaina, Kingston Wallin muistokeikalla - tai siis, Pete Wallin kirjan julkistamisbileissä. Loppuunmyyty Tava, viisi bändiä joista tokavika isonveljen Hasse Wallin bändi ja vika elossa olevan kaksikon Jyllin ja Kuoppiksen bändi. Loisto tilaisuus.


Tässä Kingston Wall parhaimmillaan, eli kolmikkona ja livenä: 


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Norweigan punk rock band release song about Rovers
8:00pm Tuesday 29th September 2009
By Catherine Pye »

NORWEIGAN punk rockers have written a song declaring their undying love for Blackburn Rovers.

The band, called Seven, have written a song called Blackburn (Rovers in his heart), telling the true story of a boy who loves the club more than anything else - including his girlfriend.

And the guitar-based track name-checks Rovers legend Colin Hendry rather than Norweigan stars such as current player Morten Gamst Pedersen and old favourite Henning Berg, who helped lift the Premiership trophy for the club in 1995.

Asle Roedfjell, 31, promoter of the band, said that the song was proving popular on football forums both in the UK and in Norway.

The Rovers fan said: “It’s the true story of a former band member who lost his heart to Blackburn Rovers, and then he lost his girlfriend.

“I think it has a cross-over appeal because a lot of people can relate to it.

“There are a lot of people in Norway who follow Blackburn Rovers like all the other big Premier League clubs. Norweigan people are known for their craziness for UK football!

“Blackburn also have an association with Norweigan stars like Morten Gamst Pedersen and Henning Berg.

“They are some of the best players this country has produced in recent decades and having those players in a Blackburn Rovers team increases the popularity of the club here.

“Every Saturday night we watch the hightlights on the TV.

“It’s true though that Colin Hendry is the only player mentioned in the song, and he’s actually Scottish!

“But a lot of people here think of Colin when they think of Blackburn Rovers. He was a legendary player who always gave 100 per cent.”

Asle has been in touch with the club to ask if the band can perform at the ground on a matchday, and he is planning a tour of venues in the local area in the New Year.

The song is sung in English and is being supported by the Blackburn Rovers Supporters’ Association Norway website, where a high-quality mp3 download is available at http://www.brscn.com Seven say they are strongly influenced by bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees and Joy Division, and mix powerful female vocals with new-wave, post punk rock.

Songs from their five albums have been featured on MTV and have been big hits in Norway.

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Tässä näytettä laulunlahjoistaan antaapi näytettä kolmikko Erik Huseklepp, Morten Gamst Pedersen ja John Arne Riise


Tämä taitaa tosin olla vain tuollainen pieni telkkarimainos.. mut niillä oli oikeasti bändi hetkisen aikaa, kun tekivät muutaman biisin johonkin hyväntekeväisyys  jutskaan.


Pies presents for your viewing pleasure Norwegian stars John Arne Riise and Morten Gamst Pedersen (who used to front a boyband called The Players) teaching their national teammate Erik Huseklepp about the dangers of eating pick ‘n’ mix via the glorious medium of song.


Speaking on his blog, Pedersen explained the difficulties in shooting the advert for Scandinavian fruit merchants Bama:


“This is a commercial I, John Arne and Erik  did for Bama to promote fruit. It was really fun to make, especially since the store was full of customers who could see us make a fool of ourselves. But it is for a good cause and that’s alright.”


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