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Patrice Evra

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Tällä kertaa ollaan Pogban instagramissa hassuttelemassa:



Sitten vaihteeksi Vähän vakavampaa videota, eilen oli nimittäin erään United-legendan syntymäpäivä:



patrice.evra Happy birthday legend!!! Simply the best midfielder on planet !!! The only players never get the hairdryer from the boss so lucky I love this game hahahaahahah

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Liekö totta, jää nähtäväksi. 





Paddyn vastaus:



patrice.evra Only my monkey knows what's will happening next I love this game ahahahahahahah


Olisi mielestäni ihan mahtava asia, jos Evra edes jossain muodossa tulisi takaisin. Vaikka sitten junnuvalmentajan roolissa hetkellisesti tjsp. Paddy on edelleen osa Unitedia, vaikka Juven pelaaja virallisesti onkin. 

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No höh. Olisin halunnut Evran backupiksi Unitedin vasemmalle laidalle, ihan vaan siksi että pääsisi Pogban kanssa tekemään jäynää pukukopissa. 


Ei vaan, onnea matkaan viimeiselle seikkailulle. Parempi tapa päättää ura tyylillä, huhuissa Paddya vietiin myös Crystal Palaceen. 

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Pakko olla iloinen kyseisestä siirrosta. Suuri asia historialliselle seuralle.


Patrice Evra"I think Olympique de Marseille is a club with big history. It was really important for me to join this club. I spoke with a lot of people, even Alex Ferguson, and he was really pleased for me to come to Marseille. Even when I speak with all my team mates, when you say Marseille around the world, everyone know Marseille. You know, that's why my choice was really easy, and that's why I'm really happy to be here."


Patrice Est Olympien






Patrice Evra, the man that leaves no one unmoved.


By signing Patrice Evra, OM gives a sure value to the left-back post, but also one of the most outstanding players of the last two decades of French football. Portrait.


And to think he almost persisted in staying an attacker. No one knows what would have been the future of Patrice Evra if he had not listened to the advice of Sandro Salviani, his coach in Nice in the early 2000s. But one thing is certain: this switch to the left-hand side changed his life.
A tumultuous life began in Dakar, Senegal in the spring of 1981, then was shaped in Les Ulis in the Essonne. Between the towers of his neighborhood, Patrice played matches until late at night with his friends and quickly became the darling of his elders. His early talent surprised more than one person, but the French training centers refused to open their doors. The reason? A history of caliber.
He was then spotted by the Italian technical manager of Torino and reached Serie C in Sicily, then the Serie B in Lombardy. But the Transalpine adventure went badly. The young striker faced racism and loneliness and disembarked in Nice in Ligue 2 at just 19 years old.
After much refusal, Patrice Evra agreed to evolve on the left side of the defense if he plays a small amount in the first year, as his coach strongly encouraged. Very soon, the young Senegal-Cape Verdean is owning his new position, where his ability to project forward and his abnegation exaggerate covetousness.
The Monegasque neighbor offered his services and, consequently, the career of the neo-Olympian accelerated. Under the baton of Didier Deschamps, Evra found a challenge to match his ambitions and won his first title with a League cup in 2003. The beginning of an impressive series ( complete list below ). The epic presentation in the 2004 Champions League gave him access to the French team and he caught the eyes of the biggest European clubs. A year and a half later, Patrice chose Manchester United. In England, he gradually improved himself in spite of his injuries and the competition of Sylvestre and Heinze. He then forged a unique record of 5 championship titles and a Champions League, as well as some personal distinctions.
While his club career is impressive, Evra struggled to win at the Blues but did not abdicate, and became captain of the French team at the start of the 2010 World Cup. The rest is known, but the one who hardens all the critics by his position does not hide or cling. His performances in clubs always impose respect and successive selectors can not do without his sports and human services. «Tonton Pat’», as Paul Pogba calls him, is a born leader, able to make the most of his teammates in the most difficult moments. Although he is often the target of criticism from the press and consultants, he has never been singled out by his partners. A sign that it is perhaps less clever than it seems.


For the past two years, he has played at Juventus in Turin, where he has added five new titles.
Last summer, he actively participated in the superb presentation of the Blues at the Euro Cup in France and graced the group of Didier Deschamps of some of his finest interventions to reach the final.
Patrice Evra, the man that leaves no one unmoved, has chosen Marseille to meet a new challenge, despite the solicitations of many clubs. His great professionalism, his experience, his thirst for competition, his aura and his footballing skills will bring an undeniable advantage to Rudi Garcia, who is in search of a left-back professional since his arrival in Provence.
Let's hope that with a similar journey and personality, he will acclimatize without any problem to his new uniform and to the fervor of the Vélodrome.
Welcome to OM, Patrice! 




Patrice Evra
- Born on May 15, 1981 to Dakar in Senegal
- Height : 174 cm
- Weight : 75 kg
- Best position : Left-back
Youth Career
- 1992–93 : CO Les Ulis (France)
- 1993–97 : CS Brétigny (France)
- 1997–98 : Paris Saint-Germain (France)
Senior Career
- 1998–99 : CS Marsala (Italy) – 27 matches, 6 goals
- 1999–00 : Monza Calcio (Italy) – 3 matches
- 2000–02 : OGC Nice (France) – 42 matches, 1 goal
- 2002–06 : AS Monaco (France) – 163 matches, 3 goals and 8 assists
- 2006–14 : Manchester United (England) – 379 matches, 10 goals and 25 assists
- 2014–17 : Juventus (Italy) – 77 matches, 3 goals and 6 assists
National Team
- 2002–03 : France Under-21 – 11 goals
- 2004– : France – 81 matches and 3 assists
- 2003 : French League Cup Winner (1x)
- 2006 : English League Cup Winner
- 2007 : English Champion, English Super Cup Winner
- 2008 : Champions League Winner (1x), English Champion, FIFA Club World Cup Winner (1x), English Super Cup Winner
- 2009 : English Champion, English League Cup Winner
- 2010 : English League Cup Winner (3x)
- 2011 : English Champion, English Super Cup Winner
- 2013 : English Champion (5x), English Super Cup Winner (4x)
- 2015 : Italian Champion, Italian Cup Winner
- 2016 : Italian Champion (2x), Italian Cup Winner (2x), Italian Super Cup Winner (1x)
- 2004 : Champions League runner-up
- 2007 : English FA Cup runner-up
- 2008 : Euro participant
- 2009 : Champions League runner-up
- 2010 : World Cup participant
- 2011 : Champions League runner-up
- 2012 : Euro participant
- 2013 : Champions League participant
- 2016 : Euro runner-up, Euro participant
- 2004 : Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year, Ligue 1 Team of the Year
- 2007 : Premier League Team of the Year
- 2009 : FIFA Team of the Year, UEFA Team of the Year, Premier League Team of the Year
- 2010 : Premier League Team of the Year

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Vähän erikoinen siirto kyllä tuo. Eikös Paddylla ollut Moyesin kanssa jotain erimielisyyksiä taannoin? Mukava kuitenkin nähdä Evra vielä kerran Saarilla pelaamassa. Harmi vain, että West Ham kohdattiin jo OT:lla.

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Pysyykö Evra enää mukana Valioliigan vauhdissa, eikös hän istunut Marseillessakin enemmän vaihtopenkillä pelikiellon saadessaan? Mielestäni riski on West Hamissa suuri toiselle Zabaletan kaltaiselle hankinnalle, tämä on auttamatta osoittautunut liian hitaaksi tällä kaudella.

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Ura Unitedissa päättyi lähinnä siihen, että tajusi vauhdin ja fyysisen kunnon hiipuneen Valioliigan vaatimusten alapuolelle. Paddy kuitenkin tuo joukkueeseen niin paljon kaikkea muuta kuin pelkästään sen mitä otteluiden aikana kentällä näyttää. Alla olevan linkin takaa löytyy lontooksi erittäin hyvä analyysi siitä, miksi West Ham teki loistavan hankinnan ja sen, miksi olisin halunnut hänet vielä takaisin Unitediin.


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