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PES Manager

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Konami Announces PES MANAGER


Is PES MANAGER the “secret” project Seabass has been working on? We’re not quite sure, but Konami has gone all out and officially announced the mobile based game.

Being a mobile game, PES MANAGER will be available on the App Store and Google Play. Full details regarding what Konami are calling  “a unique player badge collecting football strategy title” can be found below (information taken directly from press release).




PES MANAGER is a free app wherein users are charged with selecting a player from European clubs, and leading them to victory by assembling a strong, well-drilled squad. It is based on the popular ‘World Soccer Collection S’ service in Japan, and is now being rolled out across 55 territories worldwide. In PES MANAGER users are initially given 14 players as the basis for their squad, and their individual abilities and strengths are detailed on each player badge. Using training sessions to improve their skills, players then face CPU and human-controlled opponents, with each summoning special moves and attacks during the course of a match. The winners are then given special power-up balls, which are used to enhance the abilities of the team.


Real matches presented in 3D, featuring more than 1,500 player badges with authentic player photos!


The new game boasts more than 1,500 fully licensed player badges, with the best players and teams from around Europe represented. As players assemble their team from a player roster that includes the likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beñat Etxebarria, Carlos Vela and Giovani dos Santos, they must determine the formation and playing style of their side, and ensure that their given players are used to their best advantage. This is effected by a simple but intuitive ‘drag and drop’ system, while matches are played within stunning 3D recreations with the user changing players’ positions or exchanging players on the field, depending on the real-time situation of the matches.


As the player’s team improves within PES MANAGER’s league and cup competitions, new players badges can be obtained by clearing stages, winning matches or via ”Prize Draw”. Prize Draws are available by using user collected friend points or their Energy Balls. Energy Balls are obtained by in-App purchase, as a reward for stage battles, or as a gift via game administration. Also, additional Player Badges may be awarded depending on how entertained the crowds are by the teams’ efforts.


About Pre-launch Campaign


To celebrate its release, KONAMI has set in motion today a pre-launch campaign for PES MANAGER which is designed to help players gain an early advantage prior to the game’s launch date. Anyone registering ahead of launch will receive a one-player starter pack prior to the game’s release. Campaign participants will receive a starter player badge by taking a shootout challenge which can be performed up to three times in a 24-hour period. After assessing the unlocked player badge, participants can either choose to keep the badge or try again to earn a better one. If the participant is still not satisfied with the badge they receive, they can unlock another shootout session by sharing the pre-launch campaign information via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and earn a maximum of 12 attempts per day. Participants can also strive for the player badge of their choice until the game officially launches.


PES MANAGER has been designed as an open, yet engrossing football title. Its gentle learning curve will introduce users to its depths of play, with participants rewarded for good performance and able to invest in their side as a result. As the game progresses, players can build a team of genuine world beaters, developing their players and supplementing their side with exciting new signings. KONAMI will also offer regular users incentives throughout the season, with additional players and tactical cards. Likewise, friends can also share abilities and skills to assist each other, in turn rewarding them for their co-operation.


That’s PES MANAGER then. What does everybody think? Certainly sounds interesting. Some screenshots below to help you decide.



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PES Manager Out Now


Konami have today announced the launch of PES Manager for iOS and Android.


PES Manager comes as the global edition of World Soccer Collection S and is a clever football game utilizing intuitive and easy controls, showcasing realistic matches presented in 3D and with over 1,500 star player badges featuring real player pictures from across key EU leagues.


It is a rather simple, yet addictive title as players are tasked with collecting player badges, which are combined them to create a unique team of Europe’s top players. This team then evolves and can be improved as they compete in Challenge Matches, Skill Matches or League Matches, wherein victories result in additional rewards. These include unlocking new player badges, while players oversee their side’s rise to the top by managing the badges, harnessing the individual skills of each player, and earning in-game points you can use to improve the players and team.


Players can also enhance their team with the unique ‘Prize Draw’ system, with the ‘Normal’ and ‘Premium’ Prize Draws. The ‘Normal Prize Draw’ are drawn using Friendship Points which can be acquired as a reward for playing a match with other app users or as a gift from game administration; whereas the ‘Premium Prize Draw’ elements are one-off items requiring five Energy Balls, which are obtained via in-app purchase, as a reward for challenging matches or as a gift from in-game administration.


The player badges are represented with real images from the top players in Europe, detailing their abilities and stats. During matches, players can activate special abilities, which are represented through featured movement. The base player badges can also be combined with partner training badges to improve personal and team skills throughout the season, further enhancing the strength of the team. These actions are then seen within a realistic 3D format, where matches unfold on field as in a televised game. The real-time matches also lets users change their formations, make substitutions and adapt their tactics during the course of a game.


You can download PES Manager now via iOS and Android. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.



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