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Arsenal-aiheinen musiikki

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Come On You Gunners (COYG)

... We got Arsène Wenger, and Szczesny,

Frimpong, Song, and Aaron Ramsey,

Wilshere, Walcott, and Miyaichi,

Gervinho, Arshavin, van Persie,

Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Rosicky,

Jenkinson, Sagna, Fabianski,

Vermaelen, Chamakh, and Koscielny,

Giroud, and Diaby.


When Cesc went to Barca,

things were looking worse not better,

until we went to Everton and bought Arteta,

Yossi Benayoun, and Mertesacker,

all we need now is another attacker,

now we can see that spending has begun:

South-Korean capitan Park Chu-Young,

not forgetting Santos, the guy from Brazil,

for what I've seen so far we'll sure rise still.


Not forgetting the youth,


just waiting for the chance to make history,

hungry to lead us to victory,

and put the end of our trophyless misery.

???... to Arsène Wenger media,

don't listen to the lies their feeding ya, 

unbeaten whole season - don't ever forget,

we're Arsenal, you'll better show respect.


At the start of the season, "we ...???... sharpless",

OT, eight-two, ...???.

That was then, this is right now,

five-three at the Bridge, how you like me now?

Arsenal - the managers' dream,

take your pick for the England team,

Jack in midfield, Gibbs left-back,

got the Ox in the wing with Theo in attack.


Come on you Gunners, we can be great again,

if we ...???... and telling we can do it again.

Catch up with the league's top runners,

so come on you Gunners, come on you,

come on you Gunners.

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Tuo Mertesackerin kappale on muuten valittu ihan tarkoituksella. Per oli yhteishaastattelussa Lukasin ja Mesutin kanssa, jossa kysyttiin suosikkikappaletta, jonka laulaisi karaokessa ja DJ Otzin "Hey Baby (If You'll Be My Girl)" oli saksalaistornin vastaus.

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Arsenal Away Boyz (joka muuten vieraili viime kesänä Suomessa, harmi etten päässyt katsomaan) on varmaan se tunnetuin Arsenal-aiheisen musiikin tekijä. Eihän se musiikki nyt mitään hirveän hienon kuuloista ole, kun pari juoppoa lauleskelee mitä sattuu, mutta asia kuitenkin tärkein. :)





We're the team they seem to notice,

we're the team that's so divine,

when we play there's no surrender,

we're the best that you will find,

sometimes I get nervous,

when I see you, I adore,

close your eyes, feel the vibe,

and love your side!


Are we human, or are we Arsenal?

My side is vital, my team is gold,

and I'm on my knees, loving up my football,

are we human, or are we Arsenal?

We're fucking Arsenal!!


Hey my respects to Dennis Bergkamp, 

I've never seen a man so good,

give my regards to Tony Adams,

he always did the best he could,

Arsenal's my devotion,

I'll give them everything I have,

wave your arms, shout aloud,

you gotta let me know.




Well it's gonna be alright,

when we win at home tonight,

we're The Arsenal, keep believing,

let them know you're, never leaving.


[chorus] x2


Tämä ehkä Away Boyzin onnistunein viisu. Sovitettu The Killersin kappaleeseen Human, ja tarttuva kipalehan tuo on.

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Started out the season - nothing stopped us,
Everything was going Wright Wright Wright!
Walking in a Bergkamp Wonderland,
When Parlour was our Ray of light,
Gonna see the Arsenal playing some Hot Stuff!
Let's see the Arsenal showing them how!
Come on you Arsenal - yeah you're the Hot Stuff,
Keep telling us we're boring - we'll just keep on scoring now!
The Arsenal...Come on you Arsenal...the Arsenal!
We were on the march with Arsene's army,
With Tony, Martin, Nigel and Lee,
And vivent les Francais, Rimi, Gilles and Patrick,
Et tu es magnifique mon Petit,
We got Matthew and Luis playing some Hot Stuff,
Christopher and Nicolas showing them how,
Give a shout for Platty, Hughesy, Bouldy and Alex,
Keep telling us we're boring - we'll just keep on scoring now!
The Arsenal...Come on you Arsenal...The Arsenal!
One nil to the Arsenal sang the Gooners,
By April it was all Over-mars,
England's number one came back a hero,
And goals were coming hard and fast,
Gonna see the Arsenal playing some Hot Stuff,
Got the red and white's all showing them how,
Come on you Arsenal, yeah you're the Hot Stuff,
Keep telling us we're boring - we'll just keep on scoring now!

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Myös aina yhtä loistava.


Lyriikoista löytyy muutamat linkit muisteluille.



Born and bred Gooner from 1988,
Won the league in '89 so I didn't have to wait,
Micky left it late, my dad waited 18 years,

And all he said was it made more great,
Then another one come in '91,
Tony got knicked came out and got it done,
Georgie Graham magic, he has a magic hat,
'93 the first club both cups in the sack,
Then a year later had Parma,
Zola went hard smudge went harder,
Wrighty had tears, Merse was on the beers,
Graham got sacked I was racked full of fears,
Still I sing, still I sing for the Arsenal.

Brucey Rioch had a mare,
Then came a living legend out of no where,
He won the double in his first full season,
So any talk calling for his head's called treason,

Then we got top two till '02,
UEFA Cup runner-up, good times we had a few,
Sylvinho, Winterburn, Kanu,
Did things at the Bridge I thought nobody could do,

We still got slagged and they said were in trouble,
The boys came back and we bagged another double,
Freddie & Wiltord, icing on the cake,
To make it better it was at United's place.


Can't get better than the '04 season,
Won it at the Lane and we did it unbeaten,

Super Sol & Mad Jens in goal,
And Lauren and Keown gave Ruud a nice beating,
Wooooah Vieira,
It's only Ray Parlour, Dennis was a master,
But I can't forget about the king,
Henry did too many legendary things,
Fuckin' hero, hat trick at the San Siro,

And did it for Bobby not De Niro,
Too much love for everyone of them guns,
So I say to the lot of 'em take a bow son.

6 years pain dreams in the drain,
Feels like a war man its more than a game,
More than a struggle, to keep staying strong,
When its been so long since a victory huddle,
Quick to be hustled they're quick to forget,
That the clubs on the top gotta a lot more debt,
And everyone wanna blame bankers,
Still attack Arsenal, shame on you wankers,
Shame on the papers, fuck any haters,
So sick of mugs bigging up leg breakers,
'Cos we would of won '08 with Eduardo,

Wenger built something out of nothing like Meccano,
Bigger than Soprano, don't doubt the benefit,
The world throwing stones Wenger built the Emirates,
They say were shit then they're selling it,
'Cos we been off to Europe more time than a delegate.

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End of the season isn’t the end, it just marks the #ReturnoftheFan

Citroën teams up with Arsenal Football Club in a music parody of the famous 90’s hit, ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrisson. 

The music video starring Ramsey, Mertesacker and Koscielny is a thank you to all the fans for their support over the 2014/15 season.


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Brittiläisräppäri ja Arsenal-kannattaja antaa maininnat Arsenalin suuntaan kappaleessaan:


J Hus - Playing Sports

She asked me what I do, I said I play for the Gunners
Pray for my brothers cus' they staged in the gutters
Face lookin' butters
Man I stage with the shotters
We will stay in the rubbers
Ain't no place for you suckers

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