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Luke Shaw (Man Utd 2014-)

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Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has spoken to MUTV about his spell on the sidelines, with the long-term absentee admitting he would like to see the fans again this season.


Shaw made an excellent start to the campaign but cruelly lost all momentum when he suffered a double fracture of the leg during September’s UEFA Champions League defeat at PSV Eindhoven.


After many months in the gym and swimming pool, the 20-year-old returned to outdoor training on 4 April to work with a club physiotherapist and Louis van Gaal has been pleased with his progress.


While attending a Manchester United Foundation even at the Aon Training Complex on Thursday, Shaw caught up with MUTV's David Stowell and this is what he had to say about his potential return.


Luke, it's great to see you back in training and looking great...
"I am back outside now, still with the physio but, day by day, I am getting better and fitter. I am just going to keep pushing now until the end of the season and see what happens. At the moment, my leg feels really great every time I go outside. There was a bit of aching at the start but now they are all gone. It is just back to hard work now and hopefully I will see the fans before the end of the season."

When a player is injured it can be difficult to miss the dressing room banter, so it must be great for you to be back in that dressing room again?
"Yeah, of course. I have missed football so much. It was hard for me to watch it at times because I missed it so much and I just wanted to be out there. Now I am on my comeback and I can start enjoying watching it, because soon I will out on the pitch with the lads. It is great to be back in the changing room with them so I am really looking forward to it." 

How have the medical staff been with you throughout your recovery?
"Yeah, excellent. Like I said, it has not been easy for them either because they have to sometimes deal with me being a little bit moody or what not, but we have all got through it really well. Massive thanks to them! I am not there yet, but we are going to keep pushing me. To all the staff, thank you for all they have done and what they have put with over the last seven months."


Lisää videon muodossa seuraavan linkin takana--> Manutd.com

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Tämä kausi näyttäisi luultavasti aika erilaiselta, jollei Shaw olisi koskaan loukkaantunut sinä iltana Eindhovenissa. No, ensi vuonna sitten puhtaalta pöydältä uusi yritys. 


CBJ on ollut ainoa kunnollinen korvaaja Lukelle, mutta hänkin meni rikkomaan itsensä huonoon aikaan. Olisi ollut mukava nähdä CBJ:tä enemmänkin kuluvalla kaudella. 



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CBJ on ollut kakkosjoukkueen mukana noin kuukauden. Minkäköhän takia nuoriin luottava LVG on pudottanut hyvin esiintyneen CBJ:n takaisin ressuihin ja Rojo saa sekoilla pelistä toiseen vasemmalla?




(Vähän alaspäin mentäessä näkee U21-pelien minuutit)

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Luke on back, joten vaihdetaanpas otsikko takaisin vanhaan muotoonsa.

Kyllähän Shawn paluu Unitedin 1. joukkueeseen on "like a new signing". Pitää vain toivoa ettei mentaalipuolelle ole jäänyt kolhuja.

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Hieno homma, että Shaw sai eilen täydet 90 minuuttia vyölleen. Muutamasta tilanteesta huomasi kyllä kaverin olleen pitkän aikaa poissa futiksen parista. Jokunen heikko kosketus nähtiin, eikä sijoittuminen vielä ollut mitään parasta A-luokkaa. Tärkeintä tosiaan on kuitenkin, että pelituntumaa tuli taas pikkaisen lisää ja lupauksia herättävästi nähtiin niitä tuttuja repiviä nousujakin toisella jaksolla. Tästä se taas lähtee :thumbsup1:

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Giggs analysoimassa:



"He was bench pressing 120kg easily"


Aika kovia lukemia, kun puhutaan kuitenkin vain jalkapalloilijasta. Ei sillä, kyllä Luke kovassa kunnossa on, ja nyt saikun aikana tuohon lihasvoimaan on ollut aikaa kiinnittää vielä enemmän huomiota. 


Edit: Tässä pidempi klippi kiinnostuneille:



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Luke Shaw: "I could hardly walk for a six months, never mind play football" (guardian.com)





In an exclusive interview, the Manchester United defender talks about the horrific injury he suffered against PSV Eindhoven a year ago and how José Mourinho has changed the whole atmosphere at the club


It was the happiest Luke Shaw had ever been to take a whack from one of his team-mates. “A proper swipe, too,” Shaw remembers, reaching down to the part of his right leg where Ashley Young had connected in training. A bad one? “Not enough to knock me over, but you could hear the crack against the shin-pad. It was the first time anyone had really kicked me since I started training again and as soon as it happened, Youngy’s reaction was [hands up to his face]: ‘Ah, shit.’


“Nobody had wanted to be the one to do it. You could tell he felt really bad – ‘Shit, are you OK?’ – but he didn’t have to. He’d hit my leg and it was fine. ‘I’m good, I’m good.’ And I was. I was really good. It was fine, and I’d needed that kick.”


It is coming up to a year now since that moment – 7.59pm, 15 September 2015 – under the floodlights of the Philips Stadion, PSV Eindhoven versus Manchester United, when Shaw’s leg was shattered like a broken cricket stump. Type the words “10 most horrific football injuries ever” into Google and you can find the video. It comes with an advisory you should be 18 or over and it certainly isn’t for the squeamish bearing in mind Shaw’s own recollections conclude with him sitting on the pitch “holding on to my thigh and looking down at the rest of my leg, and it was just kind of hanging there”.


In another era, an injury of that nature might have wrecked a footballer’s career and, for Shaw, it has certainly been a long slog to reach this point where he is back in United’s team, playing with distinction once again and possibly about to resume his England career. The man sitting here today, much like his club as a whole, seems happy for the first time in a long time. “It’s hard to describe how good it feels,” are his first words when the tape goes on.


Yet there are glimpses of hurt, too. Shaw is speaking in-depth for the first time about the double break, his rehabilitation and how the past year has affected his life, and it quickly comes across that the suffering was mental as well as physical. It is only recently that he has stopped watching the various footage but, for a while, he often found himself looking back on what happened, trying to make sense of it.


“I partly blame myself,” he says. “I’d run into their penalty area and I should have shot with my right foot but I wanted to come inside. I wanted to be on my left foot. And then, obviously, the tackle. I don’t even want to think about the tackle, to be honest. At the time I thought: ‘Give him the benefit of the doubt, it wasn’t actually a bad tackle.’ But the more I’ve seen it since, the more I think: ‘You know, that was actually a really bad challenge.’”


The player in question is Héctor Moreno and though Shaw has no appetite to pick a fight, his views have certainly hardened over time. “To be fair to him, he did come to say sorry. He came to the hospital and I saw him face to face in my room. I was quite sympathetic at the time – ‘Aah, look, you can come in, it’s fine’ – but at the end of the day it was me lying there with a broken leg, and I went through so many bad times since then I did start thinking about it some more. It really annoys me they [uefa] gave him man of the match. Some people were saying it was a good challenge, others were saying it was a bad challenge. For me, it’s a bad challenge.”


Briefly he did wonder if he would ever make it back. “I remember I said I didn’t know if I was going to play again. I didn’t properly think that, but it did go through my head a couple of times at the start,” Shaw says.


“Now, I don’t like looking at the video any more because I’ve probably watched it enough. But I can look at the pictures. Even now, I think: ‘Oh my God.’ I’ve shown a few of the lads. They don’t like them either and I can remember, on the night, Memphis [Depay] turning his head away because he didn’t want to look.


“I was in shock, to be honest. The pain came later. I was just so upset because I knew I was going to be out for so long. You might have seen the picture where I had a tear coming down my face. They took me back to the dressing room and it was weird because at the start it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would have. I remember getting my phone, texting my mum and tweeting everyone. It sounds mad, I know, but my leg was broken and I didn’t know what to do. I thought: ‘I’ve got to do something.’


“Then, that night, lying in hospital, I swear to God the pain was something else. Oh God, the worst you could ever imagine. My mum was next to me and I remember saying to her: ‘They have to do something because I actually can’t keep going with this amount of pain.’ They had to open up my leg to pull out all the clotted-up blood. They put me to sleep, but it didn’t stop the pain when I woke up again.”


Shaw tries not to be bitter because it is not his nature. One day, he says, he wants to go back to St Anna Ziekenhuis hospital in Geldrop to see everyone who treated him. “I want to say thank you properly. I want to give them a present because, look, [holds up leg] it is so good now. They were the best people, everything they did for me and my family.”


He also still has the banner – “Get well soon, Luke Shaw” – that the PSV fans held up when the team played the return game at Old Trafford and it would be a full-time job to reply to the tens of thousands of people who wrote to him. Ross Barkley, who broke his leg in three places at the age of 16, was one of the many people offering support and advice. “But I’ve had so many messages I can’t just pick out one or two people,” insists Shaw.


“There were so many people – fans, professionals, ex-players – getting in touch. I had a lot of time obviously to go through Twitter and it was really nice to get so much support. The first couple of weeks it was non-stop. But I also remember someone saying: ‘As long as you know that’s going to die down in a few weeks and, after that, it’s just going to be you, focusing on getting back.’ And that did happen, too.”


That long period of rehabilitation was a gruelling, difficult experience. “I’d heard other players talking about dark times when they were trying to get back from bad injuries. I didn’t think I would be like that but, yeah, there were parts when I was thinking: ‘I just don’t want to be here any more.’ I could hardly walk for six months, never mind play football. I was limping for so long. I was walking with crutches – as in, properly walking – after about the first month because I thought it was much better to put my body weight on and build up the strength. But people have said I was still limping even after I came off the crutches.


“I still get aches. I don’t go a day without feeling it. It’s 100% better but it’s normal, apparently, to feel it after such a bad injury. In the first three or four weeks when I started training outside it felt good, but then all of a sudden it started aching. It didn’t hurt, but it was aching and aching and even before I went out I could feel it and I was thinking: ‘Fuck … is it ever going to go away?’”


In total there were four operations, leaving two three-inch scars either side of his calf. Shaw had his crutches for six months and he also saw a psychologist to help make sure he was in the right frame of mind to play again. “Most of it was about how it affected me,” he says. “But I don’t feel I have come back any different. It’s harder for my family really. My mum was really nervous anyway watching me play but it’s even worse for her now. Whenever I go into a tackle she grabs hold of whoever is next to her because she can barely watch. But I’m fine. I’ve had a couple of times when someone has come across to tackle me and for a split second I’ve thought ‘Whoa’, but in the last game it didn’t even cross my mind.”


Now, Shaw says, it is about making up for lost time, particularly as it still nags at him that he did not “show what I could properly do” in his first season after signing from Southampton two years ago. “I was only 18. I’d come in new and then all that stuff came out within pre-season,” he says, referring to Louis van Gaal’s public declaration that his new signing was not fit enough.


“It was my first couple of weeks and being so young it was difficult. I picked up an injury, I didn’t get a full pre-season, then I was out for four weeks.


“Loads of things. Maybe I took it a little bit easy over my time off after the World Cup. Maybe I didn’t think it was going to be as hard and as quick as it was. The stuff that happened, the injuries – it knocked my confidence a bit. Sometimes I didn’t feel right to play.”


That, however, feels like a long time ago now. Shaw has played in both of United’s wins so far under José Mourinho. A popular member of the dressing-room, he has quickly set about re-establishing himself as an attacking left-back of high ability and though he is not taking anything for granted, no one should be surprised if he is rewarded with a place in Sam Allardyce’s first England squad, named on Sunday. Even if not, a career of brilliant promise is back on track. “I’m loving it,” he says of living in Manchester. “I live with my best friends from school, four of us. Some people might think we’re always partying but it isn’t a party house. These are my best friends – I’ve known one since we were eight – and they want the best out of me.”


They have their own chef – “it’s much better that way, much healthier as well” – and Shaw also has plans to do something that was impossible when he was operating on only one leg: take his driving test.


Mourinho, he says, has changed the entire atmosphere within the club and the admiration is mutual given this was the manager who tried, unsuccessfully, to gazump United’s initial £27m deal for Shaw and sign him for Chelsea instead. “We’ve had a little joke about it,” Shaw says. “He’s a cool manager. ‘Why didn’t you come?’ he wanted to know. I just felt I had more opportunity of first-team football here.


“But now I’m with him and I’m really happy he’s here. It hasn’t been the best few years but all of a sudden it feels really good, really positive. We feel we have that fear factor back where people are thinking this team is going to be hard to beat. I’m fit, I’m happy, I still feel I have a lot more to give. I just want to push on now.”


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Shaw'n tilanteesta ei ole pahemmin viime aikoina mitään tietoja tihkunut. Olen aika varma, että Shaw on kyllä täydessä pelikunnossa paperilla, mutta José ei vielä tarpeeksi luota pelaajaan, kuten oli asian laita myös Mkhitaryanin kohdalla. Hieman ärsyttävä tilanne kaiken kaikkiaan. Päästäkseen kunnolliseen formiin, Shaw väistämättä tarvitsee peliminuutteja ja mieluiten useamman pelin jakson vasemmalla laidalla. Shaw'lta nähtiin hienoa omistautumista sekä työmoraalia aiemmin hänen selvittyään vakavasta loukkaantumisesta, ja kuntoutumisen jälkeen oli siellä joukossa pari hyvääkin ottelua niiden huonojen lisäksi. Tosin ei hän Mourinhon alaisuudessa samalla tasolla ole vielä ollut, kuin ennen loukkaantumistaan. En silti vaan jaksa millään uskoa, ettei Shaw jollakin tapaa loppukaudesta Josén suunnitelmiin kuuluisi. Alkukauden jälkeen tulleet loukkaantumiset vain sotkivat asioita harmittavalla tavalla. 


Vasemman laitapuolustajan paikka on joka tapauksessa Unitedilla nyt selkeä ongelmakohta. Darmian pärjää kohtuullisen hyvin alaspäin, muttei hyökkäyksissä tarjoa riittävästi tukea Martialille. Blind on kauden edetessä jäänyt Mourinhon papereissa yhä enemmän täytemiehen rooliin. Parhaimmillaan hollantilainen pystyy rakentamaan peliä mainiosti vasemmalta, sekä antamaan laadukkaita keskityksiä, mutta on usein silti puolustaessa heikko lenkki. Shaw'n näkisin yhdistävän molempien pelaajien parhaat puolet, siis siinä tapauksessa, että taas pääsisi joskus parempaan vireeseen. Mitään välitöntä sateentekijää nuorukaisesta ei voida silti odottaa, vaikka loukkaantumiset jäisivätkin jatkossa vähemmälle.


Tuossa kun on ulkomaisia foorumeita tullut luettua, Shaw on saanut aika lailla tarpeettoman paljon lokaa niskaansa kuluvan vuoden aikana. Vähän tuntuu, etteivät kaikki ihan ole kartalla, mitkä olivat Shaw'n lähtökohdat tähän kauteen: ei ole mitenkään itsestäänselvää, että pelaaja palaa edes sille vanhalle tasolleen tällaisen vamman jälkeen. Siksi pitäisin odotukset Shaw'n kohdalla suhteellisen matalalla, vaikka totta kai toivon, että pelaaja tulee vielä takaisin entistä parempana. Ensin pitää vain se Mourinhon luottamus ansaita. Josén koirankopeista voi olla mitä mieltä tahansa, mutta ihan hienosti hänen tapansa käsitellä tietynlaisia pelaajia on toistaiseksi Unitedissa toiminut. Nyt vaaditaan vain jälleen sitä kärsivällisyyttä. Toiveissa itselläni on, että Shaw ja Martial muodostaisivat vielä jonakin päivänä kovan luokan tutkaparin vasemmalle laidalle.

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Todellakin. Shawn vamma ei ollut pelkästään fyysinen vaan taatusti jätti jälkensä myös psyykkeen puolelle.

Jones tuli takasin pitkän vammakierteen jälkeen vasta, kun oli riittävän hyvässä kunnossa. Ja se on näkynyt hyvinä otteina kentällä, ja on pysynyt poissa saiarstuvalta.

Parempi tulla takaisin muutama viikko myöhemmin kovassa kunnossa fyysisesti ja sen tuoman itseluottamuksen kera.Kuin liian aikaisin hieman epävarmana.

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The Independent lehdessä juttua Shawn tilanteesta. Mourinhon kerrotaan olevan turhautunut Luken hitaaseen kehitykseen ja kuuntelevan tarjouksia kesällä. En tiedä lehden paikkaansapitävyyttä, mutta its en lähtisi vielä hätiköimään. Kannattaisi katsoa rauhassa milloin Shaw pääsee pelikuntoon ja löytää itseluottamuksen takaisin. Asiaa tuskin helpottaa jos lähtöpaineet ovat niskassa.


Shawlla kuitenkin edelleen kaikki ainekset nousta huippu puolustajaksi. Ja se mitä hän tarvitsee on minuutteja alleen kun pelikunto hyvä ja mielestäni työrauhan toimia, jotta se itseluottamus sieltä tulee takaisin. Tosin mikään ihanteellinen tilanne tämä joukkueelle ei ole, että selvää ykkös vaihtoehtoa ei vasemmalle puolelle ole, kun muuten Mou löysi oman parhaan avauksen.

http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/anotine-griezmann-manchester-united-transfer-news-luke-shaw-memphis-depay-a7532356.htmljutussa myös huhuja Griezmanista.

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Tuossa mietin tätä Duncan Castlesin kirjoitusta (http://www.paitsio.com/foorumi/index.php?/topic/6489-kausi-2016-17-mourinhon-opeilla-uuteen-kukoistukseen/?p=272907) ja mitä se tarkoittaisi Luke Shawn kannalta. José on ulostanut joukkueesta jo kaksi penkkiveikkoa (Schneiderlin, Memphis), laittanut Bastin hyvin pieneen rooliin, sekä laittanut Rooneyn penkkiä lämmittämään. Kaksi jälkimmäistä legendaa ovat lähdössä seurasta joko ensi kesänä tai vähän myöhemmin. Näillä pelaajilla on ollut jatkuvaa alisuorittamista, asenneongelmaa, jatkuvia loukkaantumisia tai vaikeuksia pitää itseään kunnossa. Kaikki ovat myös olleet Unitedissa enemmän tai vähemmän ylipalkattuja pelaajia.


Shaw'n tilannetta pitäisi enemmänkin verrata näihin tapauksiin, eikä niinkään Martialiin tai Mkhitaryaniin. Mä en itse pysty kulissien taakse näkemään, mutta aika vahvasti näkisin, että Shaw ei vain tee tällä hetkellä töitä sata lasissa päästäkseen takaisin avauskokoonpanoon. Lehtijuttujen ja haastattelujen perusteella Mkhitaryan käyttäytyi erittäin ammattimaisesti koko syksyn ajan, ja Martialin kohdalla oli kyse lähinnä pienestä näpäytyksestä valmennuksen suunnalta. Itse en edes ajatellut, että Martialin kohdalla mitään syvempää ongelmaa taustalla olisi. Nyt sieltä on ilmeisesti brittimedialle vuotanut tietoa, että Shaw olisi tyytymätön valmennuksen kohteluun. Paha sanoa onko uutisella todellisuuspohjaa ja kuka sen on vuotanut, mutta tässä kohtaa ei ole kovin vaikeaa olla uskomatta tällaisiin tietoihin. Pahasti kyllä asenneongelmalle haiskahtaa Shaw'n tilanne. 


Kun lisäksi ajattalee Shaw'n tienaavan reilusti päälle 100k per viikko, niin siinä on yksi näkökulma, joka varmasti myös painaa Josén vaakakupissa. Se on valtava määrä rahaa 21-vuotiaalle puolustajalle, jonka todellisesta potentiaalista ei oikeastaan ole edes mitään takeita. Muissa kärkijoukkueissa selvästi vanhemmat runkopelaajat eivät välttämättä koskaan ansaitse samanlaisia summia. Kuten Castlesin kirjoituksesta voi myös lukea, Mourinho on jo ensimmäisen vuotensa aikana antanut suuntaviivoja sille, että seuran palkkarakennetta ollaan muokkaamassa järkevämpään suuntaan. Jokaisen pelaajan pitäisi esiintyä kentällä palkkansa edellyttämällä tavalla. Sanomattakin on selvää, että Shaw ei nyt tähän kategoriaan oikein kuulu.


Shaw'n kohdalla voidaan kysyä, onko hän tulevaisuudessa weltklassea, hyvä eurooppalaisen huipputason laitapuolustaja, vai yksi lisäys lukuisten epäonnistuneiden, ylihypetettyjen brittipelaajien joukkoon? Kukaan ei tiedä vielä vastausta tähän kysymykseen. Kovin moni ei edes tiedä, miltä nuorukaisen pelaaminen näyttää, jos hän kentälle vielä punanutussa ylipäätään pääsee. Vain Mou ja hänen apulaisensa pystyvät tilannetta arvioimaan kunnolla treenikentällä. Mourinhon rakentaessa joukkuettaan hän on selvästi antanut ymmärtää, että siihen ei puolivaloilla suorittavilla pelaajilla ole asiaa. Onhan se aika kuvaavaa, että Blindin, Darmianin ja Rojon kaltaiset laitapuolustajat menevät Shawn edelle kauden ollessa kohta jo loppusuoralla. Voihan se olla, että José on jo päätöksensä tehnyt ja valmistautuu kuulemaan kesällä tarjouksia markkina-arvon ollessa vielä kohdillaan.

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Se on valtava määrä rahaa 21-vuotiaalle puolustajalle, jonka todellisesta potentiaalista ei oikeastaan ole edes mitään takeita.


Shaw'n kohdalla voidaan kysyä, onko hän tulevaisuudessa weltklassea, hyvä eurooppalaisen huipputason laitapuolustaja, vai yksi lisäys lukuisten epäonnistuneiden, ylihypetettyjen brittipelaajien joukkoon?


Nyt vähän armoa pelaajaa kohtaan joka on kohdannut erittäin vakavan loukkaantumisen kehittymisen kriittisellä ajanjaksolla.

Shaw on jo osoittanut tasonsa loistavana laitapuolustajana ennen loukkaantumistaan. Eli ei mielestäni voi vertailla mihinkään "epäonnistuneiden YLIHYPETETTYJEN britiipelaajien" joukkoon. Jos taso notkahtaa vakavan loukkaantumisen jälkeen, ei sitä mielestäni voi pitää minään epäonnistumisena.

Palkka on liian suuri, se on selvää.


Toivon todella, että Shaw lyö vielä itsensä läpi Unitedissä uudelleen. En jaksa uskoa, että se asenteesta kiinni jää, kun loukkaantumisen aikana  kuntoutusjakson asennetta miettii.

Mutta jos Jose ei näe käyttöä pelaajalle, niin sitten lihoiksi vaan.

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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho challenges Luke Shaw to overcome mental frailties to save his Old Trafford career


The Portuguese urges £30million man to prove he is ready to fight for his future after recalling the full-back to Red Devils squad for EPL clash against Bournemouth




Luke Shaw has been challenged to take his opportunity to perform and train at a higher level for Manchester United or face being placed on the transfer market this summer.


The England international – who remains the most expensive full back in football after his £30million Old Trafford transfer in 2014 – has been included in the matchday squad for United's Saturday lunchtime meeting with Bournemouth.

If Shaw plays it will be his first Premier League appearance since October; and only his eighth of the entire campaign. Shaw lost his place as Jose Mourinho 's starting left back in early November when he told the Portuguese he did not feel confident enough to start against Swansea City.


“Luke Shaw told me this morning that he was not in the condition to play, so we had to build a defensive line,” said Mourinho following a 3-1 victory in which he fielded Ashley Young and Matteo Darmian as full backs. “There is a difference between the brave, who want to be there at any cost, and the ones for whom a little pain can make a difference.”

Mourinho had asked Chelsea to sign the then-teenage Shaw from Southampton ahead of his 2013 return to the London club. Chelsea also competed for Shaw's signature the following summer, but were not prepared to match the record transfer fee and vertiginous personal terms offered by United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

While he has been disappointed in Shaw's professionalism during much of a first season managing him, Mourinho has yet to make a final decision on the player's future.


According to a source close to the United manager, although Shaw had made the decision to exclude him from Premier League duty easy by failing to show sufficient desire to fight for a place in the team Mourinho “has not lost hope in him”.

“He has potential,” said the source. “Mentally, he has been too fragile.”

Those seeking to defend Shaw have complained about Mourinho's handling of the 21-year-old, recently indicating that the player himself would seek a move elsewhere if he were not granted playing time before the end of a season in which United continue to fight on three fronts.

Publicly, Mourinho has made two statements on Shaw's training ground efforts in the past fortnight.


Upon leaving him out of the squad for the Europa League away win at Saint-Etienne, he said: “I am playing with Daley Blind, with Marcos Rojo, with Darmian and all of them are playing the way I like a full back to play.

“Luke has to wait for his chance and work better, knowing that I give nothing for free. When I give something to the players it's expensive for them, they have to work really hard every day. They have to play well so he has to wait.

"In this moment he is behind the others. Potentially he has many things that I like, but potential is one thing and another is on the pitch to express all the qualities that I like a player to express.”

Announcing Shaw's inclusion in the group to play Bournemouth, Mourinho again challenged the Englishman to prove his worth after being excluded from the 18 who won Sunday's League Cup Final against his former club.

“It is one step up from not being selected, from not being in the final, from not even being on the bench,” Mourinho said.


“He’s selected so he is playing or being on the bench. He becomes an option to us again.

"Luke is working hard trying to improve. He has improved by the physical point of view, that I can say for sure with good dedication, good specific work. Now he needs some opportunities to feel alive to play some minutes on the pitch. He needs to show on the pitch the evolution is not just by the physical point of view, but globally; because a player is globality, not just physical condition."

Shaw suffered a double fracture of his right leg in September 2015 and last August gave an interview in which he said he did not “go a day without feeling it”. His current contract runs until the summer of 2018 with United holding an option to extend for a further year.





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When asked what Shaw had to do to return to the squad, Mourinho replied: "Who?

Luke Shaw?

"Luke Shaw? It’s difficult for him to be on the bench because I cannot compare him with Ashley Young, with Darmian, with Blind.

"I cannot compare the way he trains, the way he commits, the focus, the ambition. I cannot compare. He is a long way behind."

When a journalist enquired whether more should be expected from an England international, Mourinho added: " Joe Hart is an English international and is playing on loan in Italy."


Ei taida pystyä potentiaaliaan poika lunastamaan. Harmi. Kesällä sitten Evertoniin tai vastaavaan

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Man United are extending Luke Shaw's contract until 2019, sources close to the defender have told ESPN FC.




United näyttäisi käyttävän Shaw'n yhden vuoden jatkopykälän. Tässä kohtaa tuo olisi täysin looginen ratkaisu. Shaw'lla on tämä kausi aikaa lunastaa paikkansa edustusmiehistössä, eikä Unitedin tarvitse päästää miestä menemään ilmaiseksi ensi kesänä, jos edistystä ei tapahdu. 

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Luke Shaw’s attitude and work rate held him back at Southampton


Shaw has struggled since joining the Red Devils and comments earlier this month that he would like to work under Pochettino again drove a bigger wedge between the defender and Jose Mourinho. Mourinho criticised Shaw’s professionalism last season and Pochettino has appeared to echo those claims by suggesting the left-back won’t reach the very top.


‘I felt his head was not in the right place [at Southampton] to make the sacrifices and decisions that are necessary at that age,’ said Pochettino in his upcoming book.



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