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David Luiz (Paris 2014–2016)

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Senior Career
Vitória 2006–2007
→ SL Benfica 2007
SL Benfica 2007–2011
Chelsea 2011–2014
Paris 2014–2016
David Luiz on how he risked his health for Champions League glory
Paris Saint-Germain's most expensive defender in the world speaks about winning the 2012 Champions League final with Chelsea ahead of reunion with old club
New home: David Luiz swapped the English capital for its French equivalent when moving from Chelsea to Paris Saint-Germain in 2014
David Luiz stands up in the five-star elegance of Le Royal Monceau hotel close to the Arc de   Triomphe in the heart of Paris and drops his trousers. He reveals a hugely pronounced, deep indentation in his right leg which he will carry with him for the rest of his life because he was so determined to play for Chelsea in the 2012 Champions League final.
There is no lasting damage to Luiz – he has not lost any power, in fact he is stronger – but his hamstring certainly does not look normal. And all because he played in that game through a barrier of pain that prevented him from training or even running.
Luiz, who joined Paris Saint-Germain last summer for £48 million, a world-record fee for a defender, will face his former club at the Parc des Princes on Tuesday in the last 16 of Europe’s premier competition.
His story from that extraordinary final – to cap an extraordinary campaign – demonstrates his crucial role in winning the trophy that mattered so much to his former club (and to his present one now) and its owner.
Luiz is the joker; the life and soul; the leader; the Geezer, one of the first words he learnt at Chelsea from the quaintly named driver ‘Bulldog’.


“Mash potato, rice,” were his other early words at the club, he says. “And beef.” But hear him talk of how he felt the night before that final against Bayern Munich as the Chelsea head physiotherapist Jason Palmer desperately worked to try to get him fit after he was injured in the FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur a month earlier and you discover a far more serious and far more revealing side to his character.
With John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic suspended Chelsea needed Luiz more than ever – but first he needed to pass Palmer’s fitness test.
“I said to him,” Luiz recalls in hushed tones. “ ‘You know how I worked hard in my life to be here? You know when I left my family I was 14-years-old? You know tomorrow there are 200 million Brazilians in the world and just one can be on the pitch? You know what it is for my life to be here? Then it’s not for you to say something, to say I cannot play tomorrow. I will do the test but even if I fail you go to [the then manager Roberto] Di Matteo and say to him that I play tomorrow.’
“He said ‘no’. I said: ‘You go there and you say to him, if not, I kill you. And tomorrow we will be champions of Europe, no problem. Trust me.’ And he did. Di Matteo came to my room and I said: ‘No problem boss, I play tomorrow and let’s be champions of Europe.’ ”
Chelsea celebrate after winning the Champions League in 2012
Luiz had earlier that day bumped into Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea owner, in the team hotel. “I went to the hotel lounge and Abramovich was there and he said: ‘How are you, how is the leg?’ ” Luiz recalls. “And I said: ‘No problem. Tomorrow I play with the head and the heart, so no problem.’ And he said: ‘No, my God, I’m nervous,’ and I’m like, ‘keep calm’.”
Luiz’s recollections of the match itself are vivid, with Chelsea winning on penalties after a 1-1 draw against Bayern in their home stadium. Arjen Robben missed a penalty in normal time; Thomas Müller scored in the 84th minute; Didier Drogba equalised two minutes from the end. “I remember when they scored I was saying ‘believe, believe’,” Luiz says.
“And then it’s 2-0 to them in the penalty shoot-out and it’s my penalty to take – I scored and after that I was so... the energy inside me on this day was a lot because they scored in the 84th minute and I said ‘believe, I know’.
“[before that] they had had a penalty with Robben and Petr Cech saved and I thought: ‘I know.’
“In the shoot-out I was behind [Juan] Mata – Mata missed his penalty and he was so sad. And I said: ‘No problem Mata, look.’ And there was Petr Cech – save, then post. You know when you say things and you feel ‘there is too much power’ and during the match I was telling [the Bayern striker] Mario Gomez: ‘We play bad but we will win. Look your team is playing better but we are going to win.’ All the time I was saying it. At the corner kick [Bastian] Schweinsteiger came to me to mark me and I said: ‘No problem, it’s not me who will score.’ And Didier scored. And Schweinsteiger looked at me as if to say ‘what the?’
“You can see that image of Mario Gomez when he scores his penalty and he walks past me and he says, ‘OK, I want to see you now’, and I scored. Then after the game I saw him and he said: ‘Oh my God, don’t talk to me, you must have some magic or something,’ and I said: ‘No, it’s just trust.’ It was special. Special.”



For a moment Luiz stops talking. The hamstring “will stay like that now”, he then explains. “I had to work to get the muscles big... when you have some injuries like this if you don’t wait for the right time then the fibre changes – as it did in the final. There was a gap in my leg, I played 120 minutes, celebrated, the adrenaline is high and then the recuperation starts – it is stronger now.”
Abramovich joined in the celebrations. “He asked me how I was. I was ‘no problem’,” Luiz says. “After the game we were just hugging, he was saying I was crazy. He told me to enjoy it. It is special for anyone to win it, these kind of guys who own a team and try to make a fantastic club and team.
“To put your team in the top level of the Champions League is special. He showed emotion, he is not just a Russian guy without a heart. He showed it a lot.”
Emotion is not something that Luiz hides either although when it came to leaving Chelsea last June it was a logically reasoned decision. “To leave?” Luiz says. “I decided to leave after the end of the season. Chelsea offered me a new contract and I said to them: ‘I’m not feeling the same thing like I was feeling years ago.’ Great life in London, great moments, we were champions of Europe, I had an amazing connection with the fans, my team-mates, everyone at the club.
“But I decided my cycle was finished and I wanted to live a different moment now in my life. I was not playing as much as I was playing the previous season. I played all the big games – if you check all the big games. I played well in different positions.
“People tried to make stories about me and [José] Mourinho. Never had any history [stories]. He was the boss and decided who plays and who doesn’t. But many times when he doesn’t put David Luiz in, there was a ‘break’. Oh my God. I’m just one more player. But it was all natural. I said ‘thank you’ to everyone. I was very happy in Chelsea but I decided now is the moment for another place and it became a great opportunity for me to come to a big project. Fantastic club. And I said ‘now I want to go to PSG’.”
David Luiz in action for PSG against Lyon
But did Mourinho try and convince him to stay? “No,” Luiz says. “I think like when he left Real Madrid and he said he wanted to go where he felt good. I was not feeling good there [at Chelsea] and I said I want to leave. He didn’t try too much because I was in Brazil and we just spoke on the telephone. And he said: ‘It’s OK, you can go.’ ”
Luiz was in Brazil because of the World Cup. He was a key, symbolic part of his vast nation’s attempt to win the tournament; an iconic figure in his style, his ethos and his distinctive appearance. And how much it all meant.
“I am natural,” Luiz says. “I can wake up crazy or normal, it depends. I’m a natural. I’m not an actor to try to hide and do something because ‘they’ love it. I try and do what I feel. When I was young I was a kid that never stopped. I wanted to do everything; a lot of energy. I didn’t have this big hair. But I was a happy person. My parents taught me to say more thanks to life than to complain.”
So why the big hair? “It was in Europe – because of the wind,” says Luiz, who joined Benfica in 2007 before leaving for Chelsea in January 2011 in a deal worth £25 million including Nemanja Matic moving to the Portuguese club. “The weather was so cold in Lisbon when I arrived.



Luiz keeps his hair under wraps in front of the Arc de Triomphe


“I came from Salvador, Bahia and I arrived in February on the last day of the transfer window. It was so cold and I decided ‘let’s grow the hair to hide my ears’. And after that it became nice hair. Not very nice but people started to talk about that but it’s just one more part of me.” What ‘makes’ David Luiz matters to him.
“First of all you have to be a great example as a human being. Footballers have a great opportunity to be a good example because the kids want to listen to you and be like you in many ways.
“It’s like this – I don’t know if you have kids but kids in football is a different person. Sometimes you tell a kid to go clean their teeth at night but if the dad says: ‘I wash my teeth every night at 10 o’clock.’ Then the kid will do it if he likes me, for sure, he goes. I just give you an example. After that you have many things to do. Show them my character, my dignity, my position in society. Playing football is too small when you have a big opportunity like that to talk to millions in the world.”
That talk stopped, traumatically, abruptly, unforgettably as Brazil crashed out of the World Cup in losing their semi-final against Germany 7-1 with Luiz captaining the team. “It was like a nightmare,” Luiz says.


“Especially because it was in Brazil and we expected many things – but not a result like that. During the first-half I think in 10 minutes they scored four goals? And you think: ‘Oh my God, now it’s finished, let’s hope we try to score as many as we can’.”
David Luiz after Brazil's 7-1 defeat to Germany at the World Cup
Was it his worst moment in football? “After the game, yes, you feel that,” Luiz says. “But during you don’t have time to feel anything. Because it was one, two, three - bang.
“When you lose one goal and you try to score you lose more energy than when it’s one-two-three finished. 7-1? The group didn’t deserve that. It was an amazing group, great coach and atmosphere. But it was part of life. Maybe we’ll just have the answer in a few years. You never know.
“Like you become one of the best players in the competition [Luiz was in the team of the year] and then everything was finished. But you need to be mature after that.
“On reflection, in the holidays, everyone reflects on the positive things that you need to keep doing the same thing and the negative things that you need to improve for the future. That’s how footballers need to think, because football never stops. We’re playing games again. Life doesn’t stop so I think only the strongest can survive.”
There was too much emotion? “No, I don’t think so,” Luiz says. “The World Cup was a good experience for life for my personal and professional life because it was in Brazil and to see my country together again. There were great and bad moments during the competition.
“When you sing, it was a natural thing. It started in the Confederation Cup for the first time in Fortaleza. My country, they suffer with a lot of things and sport, especially football puts everyone together. It’s a special moment not just for Brazil. I know how important football is in Brazil and how emotional they get with football to forge their problems and be happy for some moments. It was a natural thing during the competition.”



Centre back Luiz was named in Fifa's team of the year


Facing Chelsea will revisit some of the criticisms Luiz has faced. “Even this,” he says. “Sometimes they [his critics] try to make excuse and they attack David for nothing. Sometimes they are right and when I make a mistake in a game I always, always, in my life, I assume responsibility and I say: ‘Yeah, it was my mistake. Finish.’ All the things on the pitch you can never say I don’t do that. But sometimes there are lies. But it’s part of life and now I am more experienced and I know more about this kind of thing.
“It will be nice to play Chelsea, for my history and my career, to be in the Champions League. You cannot choose your opponents. It will be a great game, a fantastic match. Hazard is a different level, Willian is, as well, Fabregas has come in and he is the thermometer of the team, so he is very important, key player, and Matic is a monster.”
Does he stay in touch? “Yeah, yeah. Many of them. The Brazilians, of course, Ivanovic is my very good friend,” Luiz says. “I speak with Hazard sometimes. Petr Cech. This is our Brazilian culture. I think we prefer to know more about the heart of the person.”
Still he will be determined to eliminate his former club. “I was very happy in Chelsea and now I’m happy here chasing titles because this is important for the professional life,” Luiz says. “I want to qualify. When you play for big clubs it is a priority to win all the competitions. You need to show in the exact moment and prove it. Both teams have too much quality. We have experience. If Chelsea want to win they need to show on the pitch. It doesn’t happen anywhere else – it is on the pitch.”

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Mieltä lämmittävä kirje 9-vuotiaalta brasilialaistytöltä David Luizille, kun Saksa kaatoi 2014 FIFA World Cupissa Brasilian lukemin 1-7.




"Hi David Luiz,


My name is Analuz.


I saw all of the Brazil games in the World Cup and I liked it a lot watching you play.


I think that you don't need to be sad because you played well and did the best you could. You were a great captain.


Life is like this, sometimes people lose and sometimes people win but people only need to be happy.


David Luiz, you are my champion.


Analuz Penna Reale."

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PSG star David Luiz cries on live TV show after helping make a kid's dream come true (Eurosport)


The 27-year-old is back in Brazil for the Christmas break and appeared on one of the most popular TV shows in Brazil, the Domingo Show.


PSG and Brazil defender David Luiz showed his emotional side on Brazilian TV after making a little boy's dream come true.


The 27-year-old is back in Brazil for the Christmas break and appeared on one of the most popular TV shows in Brazil, the Domingo Show.


A young boy, Ricardinho, told the show's presenters how much he loves the former Chelsea centre back


"David Luiz. My biggest dream is to meet you..." said the emotional boy.


"When I grow up I want to be just like you," before he then added...


"David Luiz, my biggest dream is to meet you."


Ricardinho, wearing a blindfold ahead of his surprise, was then met by a happy-looking Luiz who couldn't hold back the tears after embracing the youngster.


Lovely moment.



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David Luiz kertoo katsojille oman Dream Teaminsa.


Joukkue koostuu muuten pelaajista, joiden kanssa hän on pelannut - poikkeuksena Leo Messi, jonka kohdalla vain ollut vastakkaisessa joukkueessa. Olisihan tuossa nyt voinut kaavan pitää ja muuan ruotsalaisen asettaa Neymarin rinnalle.



Neymar (Brazil) - Lionel Messi (not played with)

Ángel Di María (SL Benfica) - Michael Essien (Chelsea) - Pablo Aimar (SL Benfica) - Willian (Chelsea, Brazil)

Sherrer Maxwell (PSG, Brazil) - David Luiz (himself) - Thiago Silva (PSG, Brazil) - Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea)

Petr Cech (Chelsea)

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Tasan kaksi vuotta sitten tänä päivämääränä David Luiz iski yhden Lontoon derbyn hienoimmista osumista.


"It's gonna need something a little bit special from someone. Someone like Mata, someone like Hazard..."

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David Luiz reveals he is a virgin: 28-year-old former Chelsea defender to remain abstinent until marriage


Hieman puskista kyllä tämä tuli, mutta kun ottaa huomioon, että Luiz on myös ns. jeesusbrassi niin kaipa tuon jotenkin voi ymmärtää.




David Luiz: PSG defender dismisses 'virgin' reports (BBC)


Paris St-Germain defender David Luiz has accused the media of a lack of respect, after he dismissed widespread stories that he is a virgin. 


The reports started after the former Chelsea man, 28, said on Instagram he "would wait" until he is married before having sex with his girlfriend.
"People are saying things everywhere about whether I'm a virgin or not," Luiz told BBC's Football Focus.
"I'm not a virgin. I've had more than one girlfriend in my life."
He added: "Some people in the press don't respect people in life. I can put my head on my pillow and sleep great because I respect everyone."
Luiz has also posted a photo of himself being baptised in a pool belonging to PSG team-mate Maxwell.
"My religion, my baptism, I'm very happy," he added.
Luiz made 143 appearances for Chelsea and scored 12 goals before moving to Paris for a reported £40m last June.
His goal helped knock Chelsea out of the Champions League earlier this season as the Ligue 1 champions reached the quarter-finals before losing to finalists Barcelona.
"We are building things," said the Brazil international.
"We are at a great level now. We've won three titles now in France. We are fighting in the Champions League because that is our ambition also.
"We lost to Barcelona, one of the best clubs in the world who, for a long time, have had the same philosophy. We are improving, year by year.
"I want to win the Champions League next season. I will do everything to win that. Everyone in the club will do the same. The fans support us a lot, they want that just like us. So we are working together."

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David Luiz: PSG have conquered France - now it's time for the Champions League




Laurent Blanc's side completed a domestic treble on Saturday and the defender has now set his sights on European glory


David Luiz was delighted to round out a "great season" with Paris Saint-Germain by completing an unprecedented domestic treble - and has now set his sights on Champions League glory with the French club.


Edinson Cavani grabbed the only goal of the game as PSG defeated Auxerre 1-0 in the final of the Coupe de France on Saturday, having already won Ligue 1 and the Coupe de la Ligue.


It was also the perfect finish to Luiz's debut campaign in France, the defender having moved to Paris from Chelsea ahead of the 2014-15 season.


"It was a great season for us, we're very happy here," he said. "It is never easy to win one title in a season and we have won three.


"It is a pleasure to play for this club, thank you to the club, the staff, the fans, every single person who works at the club. It is a real family, human club, so it is a pleasure to play here."


The Brazilian is now determined to help the big-spending French side go on and be successful in Europe.


PSG reached the quarter-final stage this year, knocking out Chelsea in the process, before losing 5-1 on aggregate to Barcelona.


"Not bad, not bad, no? For my first season here," Luiz added. "This is a big club, you have to have ambition to win every single competition. We have raised our game now, so we need to keep it that way. Of course, we also want to make the jump in Europe.


"It's our dream to win the Champions League. This season we lost to one of the best clubs in the world, but we're on the right track.


"I am very happy here so for sure one day before I leave this club, I would like to stay here for 10 years, I don't know how many years the president will give me a contract, but I would like to win the Champions League."

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Often the target of memes and jokes on Twitter, the Brazilian defender remains vital to PSG's success
June 13th, 2014 was the day rivals and neutrals alike laughed at Paris Saint-Germain for having shelled out €50 million, a record transfer fee for a defender, for Chelsea’s David Luiz.
Blues supporters created countless Jose Mourinho memes mocking PSG and the media slammed the capital club for spending so much on a player that was embarrassed in the 2014 World Cup semifinals in his home country of Brazil. Everybody thought it was a waste of money to go for an offensive minded center back, calling it a marketing scheme for the club to sell more jerseys. Now he is beginning his second season in Paris and we must ask, was he worth it?
Luiz started his PSG career in 2013 alongside fellow Brazilian Marquinhos since Thiago Silva was injured at the beginning of the season. He performed well and displayed a very calming presence at the back during his first few Ligue 1 matches. While he was solid during league play, it was the Champions League where he would ultimately be judged. His first goal for the club came in a group stage showdown against Barcelona as Paris went on to win 3-2, without Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Silva no less. Some say that was the night he officially became a member of Les Rouge-et-Bleu.
He scored his first league goal in a 4-2 win over Evian and although he had some questionable decisions at times with the ball at his feet, things were going smoothly for the Brazilian at Paris. After the Champions League group stage was settled, PSG drew his former team, Chelsea, in the Round of 16. Anticipation for the rematch of the quarterfinals from the year before was palpable. In that previous match up, Luiz and Edinson Cavani got into a heated exchange right in front of manager Laurent Blanc, ironic when you consider the two are best friends now. But back to the story. In the rematch, Branislav Ivanovic put Chelsea up 0-1 in the first half, but Cavani answered in the second with an equalizing goal in the first leg. Advancing to the next round seemed daunting as PSG head to Stamford Bridge tied at 1. The previous year Paris held a 3-1 edge over Chelsea and ultimately lost on away goals. The stage was set for a masterpiece from Luiz and his new teammates.
After Ibrahimovic’s controversial red card early in the match, most people thought Paris would wilt. Many in the football world who only knew PSG as “that club Zlatan plays for,” would be shocked as a 10 men PSG put on a performance for the ages against the eventual English champions.
Chelsea scored first and seemed all but set to go through until Luiz elevated and smashed in a header from a Ezequiel Lavezzi corner in the 85th minute. He apologized for his celebration after the match, but not even Chelsea fans could’ve criticized him for the moment. His header allowed the game to go onto extra time. Eden Hazard put Chelsea up once again in the extra period but it was a looping Silva header that brought the aggregate to 3-3 and PSG advanced on away goals in incredible fashion. Though others played a huge role that night, Luiz was immense. Frustrating Diego Costa on the night and scoring that equalizing goal was all too sweet for PSG fans; and for a moment, he was worth all those Euros and more.




The next round of the Champions Leage is one Luiz will hope to forget. Unfit entering the first leg against Barcelona at the Parc des Princes, Luiz had to be subbed on early when Silva picked up a hamstring injury. What followed led to more memes and ridicule from fans and media alike for the Brazilian defender. Luis Suárez nutmegged him not once, but twice, on the way to two goals. PSG we’re all but finished heading back to the Camp Nou down 1-3. To be fair to the player, he was hurt and wasn’t even supposed to play a part in the game. Add that to the fact that Paris were missing Ibrahimovic, Marco Verratti, Lucas (Moura), Thiago Motta, and the loss becomes understandable. It was a bitter pill to swallow for PSG and their fans after such a breathtaking win over Chelsea.
The rest of the season went much better for Luiz. PSG swept domestic competitions and made history in the process, becoming the first French side to do so. Luiz enters his second season for the capital club forming a nice partnership with a healthy Silva. The more they play together, the better their chemistry will be and the more clean sheets we’ll see pile up this season. The Brazilian duo can also mentor young star in the making Marquinhos, which is good for both PSG and the Brazilian national team. Luiz is a presence in the locker room, especially for the young guys like Jean-Kévin Augustin. His relationship with Cavani and new recruit Ángel Di María bodes well for the Parisians this season.
He may have his detractors and embarrassing moments at times but what he showed me in that match against Chelsea in the Champions League proved one thing: he was absolutely worth the money. In a world where unproven 21-year-old John Stones from Everton can bring bids worth around €40 million, I feel confident in saying Luiz was worth the money PSG paid for him and a Champions League title this year should make the memes disappear once and for all.

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Jotenkin tuntuu, että tämä kaikki päättyi liian pian.


David Luiz ollut aina itselleni pelaaja, josta ollut vain pakko pitää. Muistan, kun jo Chelseaan saapuessaan kiinnitti heti huomion, sillä jonkinlaista karismaa ja onnellisuutta miehen olemuksesta voi saada irti. Lissabonissakin tuttu hiuspehko oli jo painautunut muistiin. Englannissa ollessaan salaa toivoin, että Pariisissa herättäisiin ja napattaisiin riveihin paljon kritiikkiäkin saanut brasilialainen. Niin vain se tapahtui, mutta kahden kauden jälkeen on jo aika kääntää seuraava sivu – valitettavasti.


Takana on nyt siis 2 kautta, 89 ottelua ja 8 pokaalia.



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