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Football Tactics

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Football Tactics - is a tactical football manager with turn based matches. Create your own club, and turn it to a team of the champions! 

The core of Football Tactics is tactics and intelligibility. You’ll be able to assess the opponent’s team, find weak and strong sides of it, and set an optimal squad against it. You’ll clearly see the consequences of your decisions. 

It’s not the game about endless spreadsheets with millions of unintelligible numbers. You won’t have to guess, why your team won or lost. You’ll clearly understand, what every characteristics of a footballer means, and how it influences the game.


Build stadium, hire assistants, buy and sell footballers, earn experience, learn new skills and talents, and finally WIN! 






Current features…

  • Turn based matches - Unique turn based system allows to use your strong sides against tactical mistakes of an opponent
  • Campaign - Make your way from Amateur to Premier League, play in the Cup matches, buy and train your footballers, improve your club
  • Skills System - Experiment with skills and talents to build unique team
  • Smooth Animations - footballers move like in real football with smooth and realistic animations
  • Club's Upgrades - upgrade your stadium and hire coaches to make your club stronger
  • Tournaments - play in National League and two National Cups
  • Many Countries - there are 33 countries where you can play
  • No in-app Purchases - the game has fair balance


Upcoming features…

Our goal is to make the football manager, which is deep, easy to understand and feels real.

  • Steam Workshop support - you will be able to make your leagues and clubs
  • PvP - it's really fun to compete with other tacticians around the world
  • Strategic Features - young team, improved trainings, more interesting upgrade of the stadium etc
  • Tacticsl Features - different weather, additional skills and talents etc
  • Living Football World - international tournaments, interesting statistics data, reaction of the press and fans on your actions and interviews etc
  • Improved Graphics - new stadiums, visualization of amount of fans that visit your matches, improved footballers skins, fires and petardes etc
  • Other Platforms - After Steam we are going to port the game to iOS and Android. If there is interest from players, we would port the game to Mac and PS Vita as well.





Football Tactics scores an Early Access release


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