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Jack Wilshere (Arsenal 2008–)

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Arsène Wenger offers right answers but backs Jack Wilshere to have final say

The Arsenal manager provided a convincing defence of the midfielder’s off-field behaviour and backed him to answer his critics at Euro 2016




It is not a good look, and it can never be a good look, when a Premier League footballer is caught up in a post-nightclub “disagreement” with members of a rival strutting peacock gang.


Jack Wilshere added the must‑not‑have accoutrement in the small hours of last Sunday after his enforced departure from the Café de Paris in central London, when he was captured by the camera-phone paparazzi being spoken to by the Metropolitan police.
It was not the first time Wilshere had attracted unwanted attention for his off-the-field behaviour and, given the number of boxes the story ticked, it has been no surprise to see it maintain its legs throughout the week.
And yet, as Arsène Wenger pointed out on Thursday, the “real question” did not concern the ethics of whether Wilshere ought to have put himself in such a situation – rather, if it would have a negative impact on his football, as he prepares to make a comeback from his season-wrecking fractured fibula for the Arsenal under-21s against Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium on Friday night.
Wenger had the answers. At times like these, the manager almost always opts for the path of least resistance and it is easy to wonder whether his words in public match those behind closed doors – in this case, the chat he had with Wilshere at the beginning of the working week. That said, his arguments were sound and convincing.
“The sports science point of view is that if you are not training the next day [as Wilshere was not] – you have exactly the same impact as if you were lying on your bed and not being able to sleep until two in the morning,” Wenger said.
But what if alcohol were factored in? It should be noted it has merely been assumed Wilshere was drinking and, in the footage obtained by the Daily Mirror, the 24-year-old was hardly falling about like a lord.
According to Martin Keown, the former Arsenal defender, Wenger considers drinking alcohol to be “effectively like poisoning your muscles”. The manager stood by that line. “Of course, drinking alcohol is bad,” Wenger said. “Not only for football players but for everybody. You need your body.”
There was a lighthearted interlude when Wenger remembered that journalists needed only their brains. “Maybe, alcohol can make you more creative,” he said. Wenger has a view that journalists spend a massive amount of time in philosophical discussion, although never in the mornings because they do not get up then. The feeling persists this is why he calls his press conferences at 9am in St Albans.
But Wenger’s serious point would follow. Wilshere was in for training on Monday morning and he was 100%. “He had a hard session on Monday and he did very well,” Wenger said. “So if he had been heavy drinking on Sunday, I don’t think he would have survived. The real question is this: ‘Does Jack have the serious life or not?’ A player cannot hide when you watch him practise every day. Jack is serious in his life.”
The bottom line is that there is, indeed, nowhere for the modern player to hide and it was tempting to wonder what Wenger’s first Arsenal squad from 1996 would have made of it all. Back then, the drinking culture was embedded and, to illustrate the point, Ray Parlour told the story on Wednesday about when he and the then Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard once went for a night at the Café de Paris.
“I was a little bit worse for wear and remember getting up to go to the toilet,” Parlour said. “They had these wire stools and, as I got up, my foot got stuck in the wire – I tripped over and headbutted the bar. I ended up having to have seven stitches.”
These days, Southampton players, for example, give a urine sample before training each morning, which is analysed to help with their conditioning programme, and Wenger said Arsenal employed similar methods.
“Scientifically, we control very well our players,” he said. “Sometimes, you wonder if we are not too scientific now and predict absolutely everything. But that is the way that the society has gone.
“We test our players and we don’t have a drinking problem. The drinking problem was much bigger when I arrived. We test them regularly. Jack is not a drinker – at all. I don’t even have that worry. Not at all.”
Wilshere is a popular figure at Arsenal and it is worth remembering he puts a lot of his energy into the club’s community and charity-based projects. On a more trivial but nonetheless revealing level, he is always sound with journalists, even when the chips are down. Many players are not. It is reflective of Wilshere’s big heart and character.
On the other hand, he is easily egged on by his mates and he does not always have the awareness of when and how to hold it down. This has led to no little exasperation at Arsenal, where he is considered to be like a naughty younger brother.
To Wenger, though, Wilshere is not a bad boy and his tone was supportive. “The difference between you and Jack is that you can go out until two in the morning and not be provoked,” the Frenchman said. “That’s sometimes difficult. You cannot ban a guy who is 20 years old never to go out.
“[Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Lionel] Messi have been photographed [outside nightclubs] 48 hours before games, which Wilshere has never done. You want them to behave well, of course but, first of all, to perform well on the pitch. That’s their job. Let Jack come back and, if he does well for England at the European Championship, he’ll be the hero.”

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Siirto purkkiin ja tämän ketjun otsikko saa muuttua toistaiseksi toiseen muotoon.


Yksi kesän parhaista siirroista näin hetken pohdinnan jälkeen. Tekee hyvää Arsenalille ja varmasti myös Wilsherelle. Tässä on juuri sellainen mahdollisuus, jota Jack tarvitsee. Vähän uusia tuulia ja mahdollisuus todistaa itsensä uudelleen kaikille, vaikka mikään huono pelaajahan missään vaiheessa ei kyseessä ole ollutkaan. Nyt on tuntunut olevan hyvässä pelikunnossa joten toivotaan tämänkin jatkuvan.


Valintana Bournemouth mukava, vaikka ulkomaillekin olisi ollut ilmeisesti jonkinlaiset mahdollisuudet. Howe kuitenkin managerina sellainen, johon itselläni on kova luotto ja pelillisesti näen Wilsheren istuvan hyvin joukkueeseen. On varmasti myös seuralle todella suuri asia saada tämän kaliiperin nimi riveihin. Vaikka onkin loukkaantumisista kärsinyt, niin on siitä huolimatta yksi parhaimmista englantilaisista keskikentistä tällä hetkellä. Lisäksi pelaajana Wilshere on omaa kastiaan, sillä pelityyliltään on niin mantereelta, että vastaavaa teknistä lahjakkuutta ei aivan joka nimen kohdalla vastaan tule.


Toivon todella syvästi, että pystyy nyt näyttämään jälleen tasonsa ja kehittymään pelaajana – sekä ennen kaikkea pysymään pelikuntoisena. Toiveissa olisi nyt myös, että Bournemouth onnistuisi jopa säilyttämään paikkansa Valioliigassa tämänkin kauden jälkeen.


Saa nähdä, että kuinka suuri vaikutus Afobella oli tämän siirron tapahtumiseen. Oli heti ensimmäisenä parkkipaikallakin vastassa. Benik ja Jack ovat siis olleet ystäviä siitä asti, kun olivat 8-9 vuotta ja aloittivat Arsenalin akatemiassa vuonna 2001. Tuosta eteenpäin aina 2010 asti olivat samassa seurajoukkueessa kaikki ikäluokat läpi aina edustusjoukkueeseen asti kunnes tiet alkoivat vähän risteytymään. Pelasivat yhdessä Englannin maajoukkueessakin aina alle 21-vuotiaisiin asti, mutta nyt Afobe käsittääkseni on valinnut edustavansa Kongon demokraattista tasavaltaa.




AFC Bournemouth have agreed terms to sign Jack Wilshere on loan until the end of the season.
The England international will join the Cherries for the 2016-17 Premier League campaign, after agreeing terms to join from Arsenal.
The 24-year-old will bolster Eddie Howe’s options in midfield and bring international experience, having been capped 34 times for England at senior level.
"Jack is a fantastic addition to the club," commented chief executive Neill Blake.
"He is a player that needs no introduction and one that, quite rightly, our supporters will be excited to see in a Bournemouth shirt.
"He will bring a wealth of international and Premier League experience, so we are delighted to be able to welcome a player of his calibre to the club."

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Lisätään vielä Arsenalin kotisivuilta aiheesta:


Jack Wilshere joins Bournemouth on loan


Jack Wilshere has joined Bournemouth on loan for the 2016/17 season.
A product of our academy, Jack has been with us since the age of nine. He became our youngest ever league player when making his debut against Blackburn Rovers in 2008, aged 16 years 256 days.

'Jack mixes English and Spanish skills'

'Wilshere can find that killer pass'

Watch Jack talk about winning the FA Youth Cup in 2009

He’s also the youngest player to represent the club in European football, making his debut aged 16 years 329 days. 
Since then, the 24-year-old midfielder has made a total of 159 Arsenal appearances and has won 34 full England caps.
We all wish Jack a successful season with the Cherries.

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Oikein loistavasti kiteytetty teksti.
Jack Wilshere joins Bournemouth on loan: At the crossroads again?
Jack Wilshere's surprise loan move to Bournemouth in search of regular football highlights the fact that his career is at the crossroads. Could the midfielder still fulfil his vast potential? Adam Bate looks at why there are still so many hoping he can do just that…
"As a manager you do not want a guy to be a star before he has delivered and maybe here that is more difficult than anywhere else." - Arsène Wenger discussing Jack Wilshere in 2009
It's more than five-and-a-half years since a teenage Jack Wilshere took on Barcelona and won. Showing expert control in tight situations and a swiftness of thought, his display in Arsenal's 2-1 Champions League win over Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium in 2011 even saw him described as "indistinguishable" from midfield icons Xavi and Andrés Iniesta.


Wilshere looked like a player who'd been plucked from La Masia and asked to swap shirts to make it a fair fight. It was one game, but context is everything. Two year earlier, Sam Allardyce had watched England's 2-0 defeat in Spain and delivered the matter-of-fact verdict that the country could never produce players of the technical ability of their opponents.




Wilshere was the one who challenged that notion. Fast forward to 2016 and he can't even make Allardyce's England squad. Jamie Vardy is there, a striker who was in the seventh tier with Halifax that night in 2011. Adam Lallana was in League One. England's four full-backs at Euro 2016 had yet to muster 10 top-flight games between them. All are older than Wilshere.
It's a reminder, if one were needed, of just how special the young Wilshere was. He remains Arsenal's youngest ever debutant in league football and first featured in the Champions League aged 16. Liam Brady still remembers the moment he first laid eyes on a nine-year-old lad from Hitchin with "exceptional" talent and "outstanding" dribbling technique.
Throughout the England age-groups, Wilshere was seen as a star. Then England Under-19 coach Noel Blake described him as "one of the best" he'd seen and Sir Trevor Brooking boasted of the UEFA officials who'd routinely ask him about this extraordinary group of English players who could keep the ball. Wilshere was the poster boy for that generation.
He was symbolic of something more, the ideal fusion of the combative qualities so admired about the English game, fused with a more technical approach that had seemed little more than an aspiration. The Mail and the Telegraph both described Wilshere as a "beacon of hope". A headline in the Guardian simply said he was "the midfielder we have been waiting for".
Curiously, this wasn't merely the preserve of Englishmen transposing the hopes and dreams of a nation onto a teenager. Others indulged it too. "For the country as a whole that is the type you want," said Owen Coyle of Wilshere's loan spell at Bolton. "He has such a fantastic level of composure, which augurs well, not just for us, but also for English football."
When Paisley-born Ireland internationals and UEFA officials are enthusing, it suggests the existence of a collective delight that the English game was showing signs of progress. Thierry Henry, who trained with a 14-year-old Wilshere, said in 2011: "What a great thing for some of the guys in England that he is English – that is a great boost for them."


Only last year, Wilshere was described as "the future of English football" by Barca legend Xavi Hernández. "With all respect," he added. "He doesn't play the English way." It was if to say, don't waste him. After all, Xavi's one-time idol Matt Le Tissier had barely got a look in and the country never quite knew what to do with Glenn Hoddle.


In truth, Wilshere can have little complaint in that regard. Even Roy Hodgson, a roundhead by nature, went beyond expectations in putting him at the heart of his plans. Wilshere was England's playmaker when fit and sometimes when not. He made it to Euro 2016 on the basis of having earned six man of the match awards in seven international appearances.
That alone is evidence that Wilshere still offers something that others cannot. In 2014/15, he averaged 3.9 dribbles per 90 minutes - remarkable numbers for a central midfielder. To put that into context, fellow England midfielders Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, James Milner, Jordan Henderson and Danny Drinkwater didn't dribble that much between them.
Wilshere brings a new interpretation to the role, more running-back than quarter-back. He has the vision to thread passes between the lines but can buy time and space with a drop of the shoulder and a shimmy too. It's a Paul Gascoigne-like ability. Unfortunately, it's not the only characteristic that he shares with the best English player of his generation.
By comparison, Wilshere's own off-field misdemeanours have been rather talked up in these staid times of high scrutiny, but his injury record cannot be explained away by intermediaries as a mere tabloid construct. The statistics show that he has played only a third of the Premier League minutes he might have done over the past six years.




Some of it has been put down to his aggressive style of play. Indeed, Wilshere once gave his old Bolton captain Kevin Davies a kick in his very first training session. As Henry noted, he "isn't scared to put his foot in" and has suffered for his art. But his injury issues haven't all been knocks, there have been muscle problems too and there are fears that it's taken its toll.
In the high pressing world of a Premier League that's more intense than ever with the likes of Mauricio Pochettino and Jürgen Klopp driving the agenda, Wilshere is in danger of becoming an anachronism. Getting around the pitch with pace and power is a prerequisite even for Bournemouth, the only bottom-eight team to dominate possession last season.
The Cherries' current left-footed central midfielder Andrew Surman covered more ground than any other Premier League player in 2015/16 and has run more than 11 kilometres in each of his side's three games so far. Wilshere's not done that in the Premier League for more than two-and-a-half years. He'll have to try now. But at least he'll get a chance to play.
That's surely the priority now. For while he has played in back-to-back FA Cup wins, it's three years since Wilshere started more than four Premier League games in a row and an extended run of regular football would do much to dispel the doubters. There's still a chance for him to be the player many hoped rather than a punchline for his critics.
"If he can overcome injuries, then he can still go on and be one of the best midfield players in the world," said Xavi as recently as last year. The fact that Wilshere is still only 24 offers some encouragement. In fact, there were still more than twice as many players in England's Euro 2016 squad who were older than him than those who were younger.


Michail Antonio, for example, is the latest new arrival to pitch up at St George's Park, but he hadn't even played a Premier League game until after turning 25. Wilshere's task is to stay fit and seize this chance. With Wenger already enthusing about his new Emmanuel Petit in the shape of Granit Xhaka, it's unclear whether that opportunity will come again at Arsenal.
Wilshere cannot be accused of being the star who never delivered. He's already achieved too much for that to be true. But the boy who faced Barcelona's best as an equal and promised to lead the way for his country is yet to fully emerge. Jack Wilshere is at the crossroads and his Arsenal manager won't be the only one following his progress with interest.

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Jack tekee ilmeisesti debyyttinsä jo lauantaina, kun Bournemouth kohtaa Milanin. Joukkueet pelaavat kyseisen ystävyysottelun Warren Cummingsin kunniaksi.


Milan oli yksi seuroista, joka yritti saada muun muassa Crystal Palacen ja Roman lisäksi Wilsheren riveihinsä.


Myös Tyrone Mings pelaa todennäköisesti ensimmäisen ottelunsa Bournemouthin paidassa vuoteen.


Jack Wilshere set to make Bournemouth debut against AC Milan




Jack Wilshere is expected to make his first appearance in a Bournemouth shirt this Saturday against one of the teams he rejected on transfer deadline day, AC Milan.
The Italian giants are Bournemouth's opponents at The Vitality Stadium in a testimonial match for club legend Warren Cummings.
Wilshere is in line to make his first appearance for Eddie Howe's side since joining the Cherries on a season-long loan from Arsenal on transfer deadline day.
The 24-year-old, who has struggled for fitness throughout his career at the Emirates, has been allowed to leave the Gunners in order to get regular first-team football.
Wilshere attracted a number of suitors across Europe once Arsenal made it clear they would allow the England international to leave on loan this summer.


AC Milan and Roma were just two of the clubs interested in taking the midfielder on loan but Wilshere turned down an opportunity to play in the Europa League with the latter in order to stay in the Premier League with Bournemouth.
"I'm delighted to have joined Bournemouth on a season long loan and would like to thank everyone at the club for making me feel so welcome," Wilshere said, in a statement on Twitter.
"I had a good chat with the manager and feel sure that this is the best place for me to play and develop this season.
"I am looking forward to working hard every day with the coaching staff and my new team-mates to help the club achieve success on the pitch.
"Thanks for all of your support."
In a further boost for Bournemouth boss Howe, defender Tyrone Mings is expected to start his first match in a year against Milan, after missing almost all of last season through injury.

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Arsène Wenger backs 'world class' Jack Wilshere to stay at Arsenal




Arsène Wenger says he wants "world class" Jack Wilshere to spend his whole career at Arsenal, despite loaning him to Bournemouth.


Wilshere left before the transfer deadline on a season-long loan after failing to make the starting line-up in each of Arsenal's first three Premier League games.


But speaking at his press conference ahead of Saturday's meeting with Southampton, Wenger made it clear he sees the England star's long-term future at the Emirates.


He said: "I hope personally that [Wilshere] stays his whole career here. Jack is a world-class player. He doesn't have to show me he has the quality to play at Bournemouth, he just needs to be back at a competitive level."


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Wilshere has broken his leg, according to reports tonight. Hairline fracture suffered in Bournemouth's defeat to Spurs. Season over.


Surullisia uutisia. Todella hyvä kausi takana Bournemouthissa ja ennen kaikkea ehjä sellainen. Kaksi viikkoa yli vuosi pysyi ehjänä ja sitten näin epäonninen tapaus, vaikka joku sanoisi, että ei yllättänytkään. Sanoisin, että nyt myös huonoa tuuria, koska jalan murtuma kyseessä. Eri asia sitten, jos olisi uusiutunut lihasvamma tai näistä nilkka- ja polvivaivoista.


Parane pian Jack, vielä on yksi kausi aikaa näyttää maailmalle, minkä tosin teki jo tälläkin kaudella.

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"My first experience of him [Jack Wilshere] was when he was on loan at Bolton. He played left side and I had a running battle with him for about twenty minutes. I remember he was having a go at the size of my nose, he was calling me ugly - his eyes are ok! Honestly, he was hammering me for twenty-five minutes. I came out after that game thinking, 'You've got something about you.' Cause he's a tenacious little horrible thing. And do you know something? Forget the football. You need that when you're coming through at this level. You need to have that fight and [those] guts about you, and he's got that."

– Gary Neville

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Wilshere on ollut hyvällä pelipäällä! Vähän on hirvittänyt tässä viime aikoina että pysyykö mies ollenkaan kasassa, mutta muuan Ramsey se vaikuttaa olevan pahempi lasinilkka tällä kaudella. Lupaavan oloista ollut Jackin meno, kyllä siinä kaverissa jotain taikaa on, eikä ikääkään ole vielä kuin 25. Vielä kun saa hieman kehitettyä peliälyään, eikä ryntää ihan päättömästi joka tilanteeseen (tämän "ryntäilyn" voi helposti kääntää vahvuudeksikin), niin miehestä voidaan vielä jotain odottaakin. Ja kyllähän Jackilla sitä peliälyäkin löytyy, kaveri on erinomainen syöttelijä, ja jakaa välillä upeita palloja, kuten viime matsissa Sanchezille. 


Sopimushan on katkolla, mutta ilmeisesti uusi tullaan sopimaan lähiaikoina. Kyllähän tuosta olisi voinut sen 20 milliä joltain ottaa, mutta olisiko ottajia lopulta löytynyt? Oma poika (joo joo West Ham sitä..) kuitenkin henkeen ja vereen, niin sillä saa paljon anteeksi. Vaikka ikäväähän se tekee maksaa isoa palkkaa, jos mies ei saa pidettyä itseään kunnossa / pelaaminen ei suju. Iso riski, mutta eiköhän sellainen tässä tilanteessa oteta.

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Wilshere on ollut hyvällä pelipäällä! Vähän on hirvittänyt tässä viime aikoina että pysyykö mies ollenkaan kasassa, mutta muuan Ramsey se vaikuttaa olevan pahempi lasinilkka tällä kaudella. 


Wilshere ei ole jättänyt väliin otteluakaan loukkaantumisen vuoksi nyt 21 kuukauteen. Kesällä oli sivussa jonkin aikaa lainansa jälkeen, mutta tuolloin ei ollut pelattavaakaan.


Tosiaan, loistavia otteita ja kauden suurimpia onnistujia yhdessä Kolasinacin, Lacazetten, Ramseyn ja Özilin kanssa. Alexis kuuluu myös tohon joukkoon, sillä vaikka välillä voikin kritisoida pelaajan asennoitumista kentällä, niin kaikki muu puhuu puolestaan, että on Chilen ihme pakko tuolle jalustalle nostaa.


Itse en näe Jackin peliälyssä mitään kritisoimista. Tuon puolesta yksi parhaimpia Arsenalissa. Nuo kuljetukset pallon kanssa pienessä tilassa, niin ovat usein hyvin ajoitettuja ja tuovat enemmän tulosta. Joku ehkä voi nähdä, että tuo on vain päättömästi ryntäilyä, koska ehkä jos unohtaa tarkoituksen tuon takana, niin siltä se voi näyttää, mutta ei se tätä juurikaan ole. Mielestäni tehnyt juuri oikeita asioita pallon kanssa eikä näistä ole syntynyt pallonmenetyksiä tai muuta vastaavaa. Ehkä kypsynytkin pelityylinsä suhteen osittain, kun ei ole enää se 19-vuotias pallon kanssa äärimmäisen taitava maailmanluokan talentti.

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Lueskelin kymmenen vuoden takaisia kirjoituksiani, joissa nostin jatkuvasti Wilsheren ylitse muiden ja pidin lähes varmana, että pojasta tulisi Fabregasin korvaaja Arsenalille. Kun miehen urakehitystä katsoo, niin ei mikään ihmekkään, että näin ajattelin. Kymmenen vuoden takainen 16 -vuotias pelasi ajoittain lähes maagisesti ikäänsä nähden (paremmin, kuin nykyinen versio itsestään). Wilshere oli myös tärkeä osa sitä Wengerin palapeliä, jossa omista nuorista muodostettaisiin iskukykyinen joukkue, joka pystyisi taistelemaan jopa Mestareidenliigan voitosta. Vähitellen korttitalo alkoi rapistua ja usko sekä Wengeriin, että Wengerin nuorisoprojektiin alkoi vähitellen laantua.

Oma pettymykseni henkilöityi nimenomaa Wengeriin, ei niinkään pelaajiin joiden varaan nuorisoprojekti laskettiin. Wilshere (Ramseyn ohella) on viimeisiä tästä kultaisesta junnuporukasta, jotka enää jäljellä ja vasta nyt alan ymmärtää, että Wilsheren aika seurassa on aika saattaa päätökseen. Miehestä ei ikinä tullut sitä, mihin minä ja moni muu uskoi. Kymmenen vuotta odotusta odotusta on tarpeeksi. Tämän kauden jälkeen on aika sanoa näkemiin lopullisesti romanttiselle ajatukselle siitä, että omat kasvatit pystyisi realistisesti taistelemaan Valioliigassa pokaaleista. Kun Wenger parin vuoden sisällä viimein lähtee Arsenalista, on aika kääntää sivua. Silloin ei ole enää varaa toistaa samoja virheitä, vaan niistä on otettava opiksi. Junioritoiminta on tärkeää ja sitä pitääkin kehittää. Silti tulevaisuutta ei yksinään voi laskea 16 -vuotiaiden lupausten varaan.

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Jack Wilsheren taival Arsenalissa on tullut päätökseen. Haikea fiilis tästä jäi, vaikka kuten jo siirtohuhutopicissa sivusin, on tämä varmasti jokaiselle osapuolelle oikea valinta. Video tulikin tähän nyt upotettuna, mutta linkin takana Jackin avoin kirje kannattajille, ja ihan fiksu teksti mieheltä. Hän ei selkeästi kuulunut Emeryn suunnitelmiin, ja mitä sitä tässä vaiheessa uraa jäädä penkkiä kuluttamaan. Toisaalta Arsenalinkaan ei kannata pitää penkillä isopalkkaista lasinilkkaa, vaikka kuinka voisi miehen taistelutahdosta ja rynnimisestä olla ehdottomasti hyötyä. Jännä nähdä mikä on Wilsheren seuraava askel uralla. Vähän heittäisin, että Wilsheren kannattaisi lähteä yrittämään ulkomaille. Englannista löytyisi paikka kenties jostain keskikastin seurasta, mutta jossain muualla voisi päästä pelaamaan europelejäkin. Nopealla Twitter-haulla löytyi ainakin Betis-huhuja, kyllä Jackilla varmasti vientiä on.

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