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Kick Off World Soccer

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The Soccer Player Manager 2016


Top-down managerial arcade football game partially inspired by Player Manager, a game originally created in 1990 by ANCO as an spin off to the classic "Kick Off" game. After well over 2 decades, Player Manager is back, supported by a huge fan community beginning in late 2012. It is currently developed by Kick Off World Team.


Both Player Manager and The Soccer Player Manager 2016 revolve around simple game play. The ability for any user to create their own teams and career experiences using the provided team editor. Over the years, the community has created hundreds of teams, tournaments and pitches to enhance your football experience.


You're playing as an International class football player that takes charge of a third division club as Player Manager. His brief is simple - Bring Back The Glory Days. His success depends on his playing skills on the pitch and managerial skills in devising winning tactics, acquiring the right players from the transfer market and building a team worthy of the highest honours.


The mix between management and arcade is the best to have appeared in any soccer game, making it enthralling and addictive. There is a whole slew of extra options and choices that, added together, make this an unique managerial game. If you did own Kick Off, Kick Off 2 or Player Manager then this is a must have game. If you didn`t own Kick Off or Player Manager then you`re missing out on the most revolutionary soccer management game ever created. This is the most fast paced soccer game ever developed and with the most accurate ball control and physics.

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"Kick Off 16 Aftertouch Soccer" is the full name of the upcoming Kick Off 2 spiritual successor and will be available for beta-testers only on Friday 10 June!


The game will have also a full UEFA EURO 2016 competition based on Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 game.


We've almost finished but if you want to be a beta tester and try the real old-school Kick Off on a modern PC just confirm to take part of this event and we'll send you a link where to play it on friday.

The first beta version will be available on every PC with a browser and a Flash plugin.



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OUG Talks 25 Steve Screech
On this weeks show I chat with Steve Screech about the late 80's early 90's of game development. We talk Kick Off, Player Manager, Face Off, Championship Manager, Tip Off, Kick Off 3 plus we also had to talk about a certain Mr. Dino Dini after all his new game Kick Off Revival has just come out on PS4


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