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Phil Jones

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Jonesin mietteitä pitkän loukkaantumisjakson jälkeen:


Despite the draw, it must have been great for you to play at Old Trafford again?
It was great, personally, for me. I really enjoyed it. It's been a difficult period for me, so it was nice to have back-to-back games against Swansea and Arsenal. It is good to be back in the fold and playing again.


Was it mentally tough to be on the sidelines for so long?

It is awful but as a footballer you can’t feel sorry for yourself, go into a little hole and never come out of your home. You have got to go about your day as you would normally, work hard in training and I have worked to get back to where I am now. I want to stay here and I want to play more games.


Your performance didn’t resemble somebody playing their second match of the season…
I have worked hard on my fitness, it has been tough mentally for me and it has been so frustrating. I can’t put into words how frustrating it has been, but that is behind me and I want to move forward to play as many games as I can.


Did you decide to take longer when coming back to make sure you are right this time?
Yeah, probably. Not ridiculously longer but I wanted to make sure that I was 100 per cent right going into the first game. I was fit for a good few weeks before the Swansea game with training, and it was the training that I needed, but you can never replicate the game. Training and games are two different things. The Premier League is so quick and sharp these days. It is games that I need and hopefully I can keep getting them.


Are you ready to play in every game now, or do you need to be used sparingly for a while?
I am ready to play but I think I have also got to look after myself as well and think right. If I do feel something then I am honest, but I am ready, I am fit and ready to play.


The manager has spoken well about you – it must be nice to have him in your corner?
Yeah definitely, it is nice for any player to hear the manager say nice things. He has been great for us since he has come in, he shows a lot of confidence in all of the players which is great.


Is there a hungrier player in the United dressing room than you?
Listen, everyone is hungry to play football, but I am just as hungry as anyone else. I want to play, I want to fight for this club and I will do that until somebody tells me to stop.


Have the injuries to Chris Smalling and Eric Bailly presented you with an opportunity?
Yeah of course. But I can’t keep thinking it is an opportunity because sometimes that can play on your mind. I am just focusing on game to game, playing football, doing what I love doing and I will go from there.

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Erinomaisen potentiaalisen omaava pelaaja Jones on, mutta kasassa ei pysy kirveelläkään. Eilinenkin loukkaantuminen taisi tulla lähinnä oman kömpelyyden takia. Jonesilla on hämmentävän heikko tasapaino huippujalkapalloilijaksi, tätä olen ihmetellyt koko sen ajan kun jamppa on Unitedissa pelaillut. 


Tässä vielä tilanne josta loukkaantuminen siis tuli:







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Kaipa sitä Jonesin voisi kesällä vaihtaa päikseen Tuanzebeen ja tämän pitää rotaatiossa. Muuten varmaan pitäisin Jonesin joukkueessa lähinnä homegrown-statuksen vuoksi, mutta on vaan sen verran epäluotettava. Ole on tähän saakka pystynyt hyödyntämään yllättävän hyvin Jonesia, mutta samaan aikaan varmaan Olekin miettii, että upgrade olisi paikallaan. 

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