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Milan 2017-2018

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Milan matkaa noin 200 km kaakkoon linnun tietä Emilia-Romagnan hallinnollisella alueella sijaitsevalle Ferraran kaupunkiin, jossa asuu reilu 130 tuhatta asukasta. Heidän jalkapallon ylpeys tunnetaan nimellä Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor, eli  S.P.A.L. 2013.

S.P.A.L. 2013 on uudestisyntynyt entinen S.P.A.L, kuten nimestä voi päätellä. Joukkue kävi ns. köysissä, eli meni konkurssiin ja tippui Serie D:hen vuonna 2012. Sitten joukkue hinannut itsensä sieltä ylöspäin. Viime vuonna joukkue voitti Serie B:n ja nousi Serie A:han.  

Tällä kaudella Serie A:n kovuus on käynyt joukkueelle selvälsi. SPAL on sarjassa sijalla 18, eli putoamisviivan alapuolella. SPAL on kerännyt 23 pelistä vain 17 pistettä. Milan on viime aikaisten parantuneiden otteiden ansiosta 7. ja on kerännyt 23 pelistä 35 pistettä. 

Joukkueiden vireessä on huomattava ero. SPAL:illa on 5:stä viimeistä pelistä vain 2 tasuria ja lopit 3 tappioita. Milanilla on 5:stä viimeistä pelistä 3 voittoa ja 2 tasuria. 

Gattuson haastattelu:

On the team's work
"We gave the boys two days' rest. We saw that it was important for the players to recharge their batteries, also thanks to the technology we use. We have to play nine games in the space of just a month. The team is doing well, I saw the boys less tired. I am very pleased with the past three training sessions, but we have to confirm this tomorrow.  

"I know them well as I played SPAL in Serie C and in Serie B. They know what they have to do and have physical players pressing high up the pitch with three centre-backs and the two wingers, especially with Lazzari. It's not going to be easy as we play in a stadium which has been modernised, with a very passionate atmosphere.

On the left flank
"Hakan (Calhanoglu) and Jack (Bonaventura) are playing with continuity and they are doing well. It's a matter of synchronism between them. I think Rodriguez can do a lot more, I'm expecting a lot more because he has the physical and mental qualities.

On Kalinic's injury
"He's suffering from an inflammation to the adductor region and we decided to give him 3-4 days' rest not to risk him. He has been living with this injury for three weeks now. He needs treatment and is not training with the group because we want this inflammation to reduce. I think he won't be ruled out for long as we found out in time. It's a pity, but we have (Patrick) Cutrone, André Silva and (Fabio) Borini, who too can play as centre-forward.

On the team's positive run of form
"I think game after game and I always decide to field the best XI. I'm happy with the boys' desire, with how they are performing. The six red cards? It can also be a coincidence because this team doesn't make so many fouls. We have to become more experienced to avoid these mistakes.

On the running for a Champions league spot
"The other teams are slowing down by we have to win our games. It's not enough to play as a team and perform well to take home the three points. Sometimes, you also need a bit of luck. Sampdoria and Atalanta are above us and they have to be our target. We can't afford to think differently. We'll see where we are at the end of the season.

On Mirabelli's words and his future at the club
"I hope to continue the work I have started. As soon as you lose two games you are back being the one who doesn't understand anything about football, but this is part of the game. I played for 20 years and people always said many things about me. I started this job (as a coach) because I felt it inside of me. I like to update myself. There are people who have been coaching for 20 years and still haven't one a single trophy or league. I won the league in Serie C with a 1.5 million budget while other clubs had 6 million. If people say that Gattuso is only grit and desire there's nothing I can do about it.

On the team's improvement
"My merit was to strongly believe the team had to raise the bar in training, to work with great intensity. We see players who have improved and are physically doing better it's because they gave it all. I was expecting from all the players to improve. I was not expecting this physical strength from Hakan, I was surprised with him as I wasn't expecting him to be this complete.

On Thiago Dias to give Suso a breather
"Thiago Dias and Suso are very different one another: Thiago is faster with the ball at his feet but still makes mistakes tactically while Suso has more skills. But the fact he sometimes trains with the first team shows that we believe in the boy although he still needs to work a great deal to become like Suso. We are all aware he (Suso) can't play all the games and we have already something in mind. But we'll decide what to do when the time comes.

On the individuals
"For the past 4-5 weeks, Biglia has run 12 km without losing a ball. If you look at his games with Lazio last season is the same and he also had an injury at the beginning of the season Bonucci is playing as a leader, of course, everyone is expecting more because he's one of the best defenders of the world. He has made a few mistakes, but everybody does.

On André Silva
"Silva can do a lot more. I see in training what he's capable of doing. All our strikers need to score as it's important for them. It's my staff's and my job to give him the opportunity to show his qualities. All our strikers are very strong although they are going through a difficult period".

S.P.A.L. 2013 - A.C. Milan

SPAL:in miehistöä ei ole vielä julkaistu.

Gattuson miehistö:

A. Donnarumma, G. Donnarumma, Guarnone

Abate, Antonelli, Bellanova, Bonucci, Gomez, Musacchio, Rodriguez, Romagnoli, Zapata

Biglia, Bonaventura, Calhanoglu, Kessie, Locatelli, Mauri, Montolivo

Borini, Cutrone, André Silva, Suso.

Nikola Kalinic on sivussa reisiongelmien takia. Pitkäaikaispotilas Andrea Contin on reissussa mukana, mutta ei pelaa.

Sky Italian ennakoima Milanin avaus:


Milanilla on taas kerran peli, joka vaan kuulu voittaa. Piste ja pilkku. Mutta näissä on peräpään vastustajia vastaan on tullut ennenkin ikäviä pistemenetyksiä. Whoscored.com uskoo 1-2 vierasvoittoon, mutta Freesupertips.co.uk sen sijaan vain 1-1 tasuriin. No minä uskon siihen voittoon joka tapauksessa.

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                                 Antenucci        Paloschi

Mattiello      Grassi       Everton Luiz        Kurtic        Lazzari

                       Felipe        Salamon         Simic



SPAL:in penkki: Gomis, Marchegiani, Väisänen, Costa, Dramé, Konate, Schiattarella, Vitale, Viviani, Bonazzoli, Floccari



                            Calhanoglu       Cutrone         Suso

                         Bonaventura         Biglia          Kessie

Ricardo Rodriguez       Romagnoli         Bonucci          Abate

                                              G Donnarumma


Milanin penkki: A Donnarumma, Musacchio, Zapata, Antonelli, Gomez, Locatelli, Montolivo, Mauri, Borini, Andre Silva



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Milan otti eilen sen voiton, joka sille kuuluu ja hinelolla tavalla. Milan oli joka osa-alueella SPAL:lia parempi. Tosin täytyy sanoa, että Milanin maalit tuli SPAL:in sähläämisten ansioista, mutta yhtä kaikki, se ei vie pois ansaittua voittoa.


Pelin tilastot.

Pelin MotM oli tälä kertaa selvä. Cutrone paukutti pari maalia, niin ei tartte enemmän perustella..


SempreMilanin pelaaja-arviot.


Gattuson kommentit:

"The score does not tell the whole story. The post hit by Viviani could have gone in and changed the match completely. It was a very tough game. I know coach Semplici very well and every match I play against him is difficult. Yet, I am pleased with the performance of my boys, winning with such score was not something we assumed from the start. We still need to improve our tactical work and enhance our defensive coverage. We are doing well as regards to ball possession and at being bright. I hope to continue this way"

Pelin highlighsit:

Torstaina jatkuu Eurooppaliiga. Silloin Milan matkaa Ludogoretsin viraaksi. Sitten ensi sunnuntaina Sampdoria saapuu San Sirolle. Eli jännitys jatkuu. Jokainen peli on tärkeä.

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Tässä on kiireiden takia jäänyt kirjoittelu vähiin, mutta lyhyesti tässä illan klo 21.45 Sampdoria -pelin asetelmia.

Sampdoria on sarjassa on 6. ja on kerännyt 24:stä pelistä 41 pistettä. Milan kyttää selän takana 7:nä ja on kerännyt 24 pelistä 38 pistettä. Milanilla taas on hivenen parempi vire. Milanilla on 5:stä viimeisestä 4 voittoa ja 1 tasuri. Sampdorialla on 5:stä viimeisestä 3 voittoa ja 2 tasuria.

Gattuson haastattelu:

San Siro as a weapon to beat Samp
"What we need the most tomorrow is our fans. Then, of course, we have to engage them through desire, the performance and sense of belonging. It's never easy (for the opponents) to play at San Siro, doing it in front of 50,000 roaring fans like it happened against Lazio... It was like being back in the old days and AC Milan need this. I hope the fans will be passionate. We have to do well and I have to start the best possible XI and give enthusiasm to the people who fill San Siro.

A crucial match
"We can't make any mistake as they (Samp) are three points above us. We have to prepare well for this game. They are well-equipped, well-coached and we need a great performance. I don't want to hear anything about being tired because there's a lot at stake. If we play too deep like we did in the first 20 minutes against Ludogrets we could be risking a lot.

"Samp concede a lot in the last 15 minutes of the game? When my staff hand over to me the stats of our opponents I pretend to give a look but then I am too superstitious [he laughs, ed.]. Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to prepare well for this game. I am a bit worried because I know how well Samp play. We need to be really wary of our tactics, make no mistake or it's going to be a problem.

Defensive solidity
"Bonucci and Romagnoli? I want to talk about the four-line defence, not just about the two centre-backs. It's the whole line who is doing well. Ignazio (Abate), Calabria, Borini too when he played left back, Antonelli... They are all doing a good job. Leo (Bonucci) has to set an example for this team. A champion is not only the one who is good at playing football but one who always trains hard, who is always speaking talking to the rest team. This club has always had great champions and professionals. I am proud to coach Bonucci. We still have to raise the bar because nothing can be left to chance when you play football.

Kessie's absence
"The defensive midfielders and not only they must give 1 or 2% more tomorrow. We don't have other players with Franck's qualities and we knew it. We believe in the players we have in the squad. Montolivo or Locatelli in his place? Monto gives us experience and quality. Loca is fresher and finds more space and surely is younger than Riccardo.

The man of the moment, Cutrone
"I think that Cutrone needs to grow and improve. He's 20 and still has to work hard and then rest. We mustn't load him with expectations and keep making comparisons with top players from the past and talk about the national team.

"Milan and Samp tomorrow is what is in my mind. I hope to stay here for as long as I can; this is my main priority. I am proud to be here and I have to thank Fassone and Mirabelli because they believed in me. AC Milan is my priority but I have to be the least of the problems for the club. 

The next step
"Our Next step? Continuity in results and performances. When we make the right movements and find the empty space we trouble our opponents and I don't like it when we lose the ball. We have to do well to find the men between the lines. We have to improve in this. We have to play it simple because if we try the complicated pass we lose the ball and leave to much space to our opponents

"Nobody must give up and everybody always need to show their desire. Look at Borni who came on with 15 minutes to go and scored or Rodriguez who came on and scored from the spot. Someone, of course, isn't happy but we always have to consider we are part of a squad of 25 players. Because when you get your chance you have to be ready. We have trained to play this much and mustn't be afraid of anything and take the pitch knowing we are a strong team.

Squad rotation
"It's not that I don't believe in the boys who are not playing, but those who are playing aren't showing any sign of fatigue and that's why I am not making any changes. As soon as I see someone who is tired or struggles to recover I'll make those changes.

On the reported reconciliation between the fans and Gigio
"I have been waiting for this for some time. We all know how young Gigi (Donnarumma) is. He has a great sense of belonging and needs all the affection from the fans".


Sampdorian valmentajan Marco Giampaolon kommentit:

“This isn’t a six-pointer because there are lots of games left until the end of the season, but it’s an important game, of course,” he said.

“It’ll be a good contest, a game we’ll play without betraying our principles. If we slip up, we’re still making progress, but a negative result for Milan will be tougher on them.”

Plenty has changed since the last time these two teams met, especially at the home side with Gennaro Gattuso arriving to help the Rossoneri back up the league table.

“We’re up against a team in their best spell of the season. I like Gattuso – he’s a humble coach and he’s showing real professionalism,” the Samp boss added

“All my players are fine, except for [Jacopo] Sala, who’s got an ankle problem, and [Dennis] Praet who’s well on the way to recovery. The team trained well, as I like to see.

“We won’t be on our own at the San Siro – I’ve read we’ll have a good following of fans. I’m optimistic.”

A.C. Milan - U.C. Sampdoria

Gattuson miehistö:

A. Donnarumma, G. Donnarumma, Gabriel

Abate, Antonelli, Bonucci, Calabria, Gomez, Musacchio, Rodriguez, Romagnoli, Zapata

Biglia, Bonaventura, Calhanoglu, Locatelli, Mauri, Montolivo

Borini, Cutrone, André Silva, Suso

Milanilta on poissa loukkaantumisten takia Nikola Kalinic ja Andrea Conti. Franck Kessie on pelikiellossa. 

Sampdorian valmentajan Marco Giampaolon miehistö:

Krapikas, Tozzo, Viviano

Andersen, Bereszynski, Ercolano, Ferrari, Murru, Regini, Silvestre, Strinic

Alvarez, Barreto, Capezzi, Linetty, Ramírez, Tessiore, Torreira, Verre

Caprari, Kownacki, Quagliarella, Zapata

La Gazzetta dello Sportin ennakoimat avauskokoonpanot:



Milan TV:n ennakoima avauskokoonpanot:



Vaikka Giampaolo väittää, että tämä peli ei ole kuuden pisteen peli, niin sitä se on, mitä suuremmissa määrin. Voitolla voi taistella jopa Mastreiden liiga paikasta ja tappiolla voi niille haaveille melkeinpä sanoa: Möi möi..Whoscored.com uskoo 1-1 tasuriin, Freesupertips.co.uk 2-2 tasuriin ja Goonersguide.com uskoo Milanin 2-1 kotivoittoon. Viimeiseen minä uskon...

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                         Calhanoglu      Cutrone      Suso

                        Bonaventura       Biglia        Montolivo

Ricardo Rodriguez      Bonucci        Romagnoli       Calabria

                                         G Donnarumma


Milanon penkki: A Donnarumma, Guarnone, Abate, Antonelli, Gomez, Musacchio, C Zapata, Locatelli, Mauri, Borini, Andre Silva, Tsadjout



                            Quagliarella         Duvan Zapata


                           Linetty       Torreira          Barreto

                     Murru       Ferrari      Silvestre       Bereszynski



Sampdorian penkki: Tozzo, Krapikas, Andersen, Regini, Strinic, Ercolano, Capezzi, Tessiore, Verre, Álvarez, Caprari, Kownacki


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Olipahan esitys Milanilta! Etenkin Calha-Bona-Suso olivat kelpo pelipäällä ja oli ihme, ettei enempää osumia tullut. Erityisesti Calhanoglu oli täysin pitelemätön, mutta vain ylärima esti maalinteon. Vain yksi lipsahdus koko ottelussa ja sekin loppuminuuteilla ja sitäkin vaarallisemmin. Onneksi maali varjeltui eikä Gigion tainnut tehdä ainuttakaan torjuntaa koko pelissä.

UCL-paikkakin olisi enää 7p päässä ja jäljellä on vielä pelit niin Roomaa kuin Interiäkin vastaan, joten tämähän alkaa olla täysin omissa käsissä. Tosin, nuo äsken mainitut pelit ovatkin ne kaksi seuraavaa sarjapeliä, joten jänniä aikoja, jänniä aikoja... Äärimmäisen tärkeää olla häviämättä noista kumpaakaan - tosin 2 tasuriakaan ei riitä. Onneksi joukkue on melkoisessa nousukiidossa ja tekee varmasti olon tukalaksi kummallekin vastustajalle. Milanin ja Interin kuntopuntareissakin on juuri oikeanlainen suhde tällä hetkellä. Toivon mukaan trendi jatkuu samana vielä ainakin 2 viikkoa. :)

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6 tuntia sitten, pake kirjoitti:

Olipahan esitys Milanilta! Etenkin Calha-Bona-Suso olivat kelpo pelipäällä ja oli ihme, ettei enempää osumia tullut. Erityisesti Calhanoglu oli täysin pitelemätön, mutta vain ylärima esti maalinteon. Vain yksi lipsahdus koko ottelussa ja sekin loppuminuuteilla ja sitäkin vaarallisemmin. Onneksi maali varjeltui eikä Gigion tainnut tehdä ainuttakaan torjuntaa koko pelissä.

Tähän ei ole mitään lisättävää. Gattuso on saanut hitsattua joukkueen yhteen ja tulokset on sen mukaisia.


Pelin tilastot.


Bonaventura teki ratkaisevan maalin ja pelasi muutenkin hyvän pelin, joten han on mun MotM.

SempreMilanin pelaaja-arviot.


Gattuson kommentit:

"All the credit goes to the boys, they know how to play quality football and it takes very little to get them fired up. The lads give their all during the week, they do everything I say and this to me is a great satisfaction. My coaching staff and I brought our ideas but the credit goes to the boys. At this moment it’s easy for me to coach a team like this. However, we haven’t achieved anything yet, we must continue to work hard. We are a young team and the lads are understanding that sacrifices are needed to succeed. Our players are a heritage of Italian football. I’m proud of them. They have to keep up the hard work because work always pays off"

Pelin highlightsit:


Torstaina on taas Eurooppaliigaa. Siellä voisi hiukan kierrättää materiaalia, koska avauksesta tuli sen verran hyvä tulos. No, se on sen ajan murhe, kuka pelaa ja kuka ei. Tästä on kuitenkin hyvä jatkaa.

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AC Milanin sadoilla miljoonilla ostanut liikemies Li kiistää konkurssiväitteet – "Valeuutisia"

Li Yonghong hankki seuran itselleen 740 miljoonan euron hintaan huhtikuussa 2017.

Italialaisen jalkapalloseura AC Milanin omistaja Li Yonghong kiistää väitteet, joiden mukaan hänet olisi asetettu konkurssiin kotimaassaan Kiinassa. Liikemies Li hankki AC Milanin itselleen 740 miljoonan euron hintaan huhtikuussa 2017.

Raporttien mukaan Li on määrätty huutokauppaamaan omaisuuttaan, jotta hän pystyisi selviämään maksamattomista lainoistaan kahdelle pankille.

Italialaislehti Corriere della Sera väitti, että Li oli maksukyvytön jo ostaessaan AC Milanin.

– Viimeisten kahden vuorokauden aikana jotkut tiedotusvälineet ovat vastuuttomasti julkaisseet valeuutisia, jotka ovat vahingoittaneet seuraa, yrityksiäni, perhettäni ja itseäni. Sekä seuran että yritysteni toiminta on vakaata, Li vakuutti AC Milanin nettisivuilla.


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