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Tuossa osa niistä pelaajista mitä Rovers on viime aikoina scouttailleet paikan päällä.... Lista


Itse sanoisin että tuosta listasta kannattaisi hankkia Charlie Adam, Tchite ja Janko. Aineskin Adam ja Tchite saattavat olla aika kallita, koska Adamhan on BPoolin avainpelaaja ja Tchite Santanderin maalinsylkijä. Janko olisi mielenkiintoinen vahvistus :partyhat:



Anteeksi, paskanjauhanta on mukavaa..

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ORIOL ROMEU...a real talent...Villa were into him last week...but Rovers came in later on...it would appear to be a straight choice between the two...this started AFTER the summit in India by the sounds of it...yes, he is young and clearly inexperienced...but he can play...and Barca want him out on loan for game exprience, so you would have to convicne them he would get that...a no-brainer if it can be done...watch out for more players of that age and calibre on the manager's list.


STEPHEN IRELAND...Celtic are favourites, but they want it done this week to get him there for the Old Firm match...so I can see that move to Parkhead fall down if the figures are not agreed fast.


LACINA TRAORE...checked it out and told 'not high on list'...there is a striker who was wanted by Sam and seems to be wanted by Kean...but it is very complicated as he has a lot of agents working on the move and every one of them quotes a different price...I won't name him yet.




Blackburn boss Steve Kean wants to raid Barcelona in his first transfer swoop – with a move for their young Spanish midfield star Oriol Romeu.


But Kean, who has been given the Rovers post for the season after the departure of Sam Allardyce, faces a battle with Gerard Houllier’s Aston Villa for the teenager, who will be loaned out for the second half of the campaign.


Romeu, 19, is highly rated by Barca but boss Pep Guardiola is willing to send him to the Premier League for experience.


Kean is hoping his Spanish contacts can help to clinch the deal which would see Romeu arrive as a ready-made replacement for Phil Jones, who is ruled out for months.


It would be a major coup – and also a bit of a gamble for the new manager – but experts tip defensive midfielder Romeu to be a star of the future and a handy short-term signing.


The move could also point towards the way Kean wants to play, with the Barca man the type of operator he plans to bring into the team if he can keep the job.


Houllier had wanted Manchester United’s Michael Carrick and new France international Yann M’Vila but he is finding it hard to do deals.


Another Barcelona youngster, Sergio Roberto, is wanted by Chelsea.


The Blues are on alert because the 18-year-old, whose current contract at the Nou Camp runs out in the summer of 2012, has still not accepted the offer of a new deal.

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The striker is in the country, talking to another club. But it is a very complex deal - and could end in tears.


It will come out in the morning. But Rovers won't be linked because they are standing back to see what the price is and who the agent is who really has the player. It's a very messy one.



Kovasti tuntuis viittaavaan Osvaldo'on.

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Ilmeisesti tuo hyökkääjähemmo on sitten tälläinen tapaus…….


Avram Grant is also closing in on another signing – Hoffenheim’s £6million-rated Senegal striker Demba Ba.

Hammers want to bring in the powerful target man who was heading for Aston Villa as Gerard Houllier’s big-money buy for the transfer window until the move went cold last week.




Demba Ba of German club Hoffenheim IS the player like Nicko said that Rovers have been scouting and I for one hope we go for... Has an excellent record and is in the right age group for the new owners... Pacy and strong and knows where the back of the net is... had a knee problem this year but has got back into his scoring tride... We need to add pace to the team and that goes for all the signings that we make.





-Off to Bari on 6 month loan,he'd relegate you.



-Osvaldo only joined in the Summer for £4 million,playing well & scoring goals,Be surprised if he leaves Spain.


Demba Ba

-I'll second that.He would be perfect for you,has all the tools to succeed in the Premier League.


-The young lad Peniel Mlapa looks a talent at Hoffenheim.Chinedu Obasi is decent too,but fail's to underpin his pace with Composure i always feel.


-Cristian Rodriguez is being touted all over the place at the Moment at 6 million Euros.I would be interested in doing that deal if i was your owner.

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BUDGET...the manager said last week that he expected to have 'at least' £10 million available...my view is that you spend what you need...


BA...still talking to West Ham...let them sort out the fee and who is his agent...then step in...maybe.


ROMEU...one club has dropped out of the race for him, others being mentioned...I see no reason why an effort is not made to have him in today...why wait?


SAMBA...Fulham can't afford him at the price Rovers want...a slightly bigger club could perhaps manage.


ADAM...an offer would kick that one off too.


LARSSON...tricky one...you would take him cheap...but they are now a survival rival.


DUNNE? Too old and no need. If you are going to use a loan you won't waste it on a centre half. Surely.




Case SAMBA sitten, jota pyöritellään mediassa ja joka toinen päivä mies haluaa kuulemma lähteä ja joka toinen päivä taasen jäädä kun valoa näkyy kuulemma tunnelinpäässä kenties, sittenkin ?….


His agent is still being busy.


As for the player...he wanted out for a long time for his own reasons...I don't believe that will change overnight.


If the right offer comes in, get rid.


But you had better replace with better.

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Päivän huhut :)


NukkuMatti ois kuulemma kutsuttu VIP-vieraaksi, se heittelee unihiekkaa kahtojien silmiin.. ai niin mut Big Sam saikin jo potkut, joten kutsu karkeloihin PERUTTU !


..hyökkäyspäässä ”Teksasin moottorisahamurhaaja” tulee ja laittaa halki, poikki ja pinoon vihulaisten pakit..


..keskikentällä Hannibal Lecter on luvannut popsia vihujen pelintekijän aivot..


..puolustuspäässä Muumipappa yrittää lannoittaa liukumiinoja vastustajien hyökkääjien kiusaksi mutta ei onnistu kun on pahanlaatuista ummetusta :(


Tavoite.. kolme kylkiluuta.. yksi sääri.. reisi mmmm, ei makeaa mahantäydeltä.


Ai niin, tervetuloa Bollywoodiin, ohjaajana toimii Anuradha Desai.

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Kean has just said on Rovers Player that they will unveil a new assistant manager on Monday.


He said it's someone that fans should be very excited about and has a great pedigree.




ROQUE...wants to come, which is key...still discussing terms with Man City...not for me, thanks....however.

DUFF...interestingly, he quite fancies a return which is why Rovers made an inquiry...Mark Hughes won't let him go...decent idea because he can play on either wing...but I still don't like this 'old boy' romantic stuff.




CHARLIE ADAM...Birmingham City have come in...willing to buy...might not be a bad thing if a club has a go and establishes the fee or ground rules...can't go into too many details, but Rovers have a good chance with this one as long as the price is not higher than it should be.


On a side-note...Newcastle in for Seb Larsson at Birmingham...fee agreed...this may explain why Birmingham have money to spend.


ROQUE...Man City swamped with requests from clubs to take players on loan...this works against a quick Rovers deal because they do not want to do sponsored transfers that will mean everybody else wants sponsored transfers...still on the wish list...but may go on for a few weeks yet.


SAMBA...Houllier staying keeps that one alive...down to whether Villa - whoever takes the decisions there at the moment - want to trade Collins...and what the 'adjustment' is...swaps are never easy...but still very much on.




ADAM...every player has his value...you don't over-spend or you never stop...lets see where Birmingham go with it...and Sunderland if they come in...quite relaxed about that one.


DUFF...Fulham don't want to sell...so you DON'T over-bid for a player of his age.


ROQUE...Man City had a deal with Lazio that meant they would get rid of him and get a small fee...so Rovers's loan attempt falls short of that dream world for them...again, patience needed...you know my views on that deal already.


SAMBA-COLLINS...down to valuations.


Not sure if two deals will be done today. But there is a fair amount going on behind the scenes here, there and everywhere. No point in going for the B list targets while the A list are still available.


There will be some players NOT playing for their clubs in the FA Cup to avoid being Cup-tied. That may be quite revealing.




ROQUE...Lazio offered some cash weeks ago...City liked the sound of that...but Roque wants to stay in the area and come back to Rovers...so that is going to take some negotiating...I just wish Rovers found somebody better...but that's a personal view.


ADAM...Birmingham bid a bit lower than the £2 million...which is low...however they have dough...Rovers playing the waiting game...but this is poised to kick off big-style in the next few days.


CHIMBONDA...not paid up yet...will prove stubborn...can't say I blame him.


Word I am getting back is that everybody quite relaxed with 'progress' being made.




Lazio only willing to pay £2 million for Santa at the moment,City after £3.5 million.


Clubs agreed to split wages 50-50 until July 1st.After that date City told Lazio they would not give them any money.and that they would have to sort out their own contract with him.


Both clubs spoke yesterday & probably again today.


City would probably prefer him in Italy too.




On this 'budget' thing...


ROQUE...at the very cheapest you would still have to pay close to £2 million in wages to get him on loan.


ADAM...if the price goes to £3 million you would also have his wages on top for - say, three-and-a-half years, which would be £4.5 million or so.


SAMBA OUT/COLLINS IN...you would actually make money on the settlement...possibly £2 million or slightly more...wages would be similar.


Let's say those are the three deals done [i think there will be more] that would mean a 'net' figure of around £7.5 million.


But there are so many ways you could break that down and interpret it that there is NO WAY that a limit of £5 million for fees and wages exists.




DUFF...there was an inquiry straight to Mark Hughes which was quickly rebuffed...I think that is what the manager means by 'moving on' from a target...past tense now.


BENTLEY...never was a target.


SIDWELL...never was a target...why should he have been?...always wanted London...got Fulham in the end...good luck to the lad.


RUCHINA...been with a Spanish expert this evening who tells me the Barca striker is decent...he has been understudy to Bolton's on-loan Rodrigo throughout the international youth teams...if he is half as good as the Bolton boy he will be good...doesn't sound like one for the first team, to be fair.


ADAM...rumbling on...quite afew clubs keeping an eye on that...Rovers have a pretty good chance...but no counting chickens [not used that line for a while].


RESSIES...loads in shop window on Monday...some in squad tomorrow.




Man City have been trying to sell or get fully-paid loans for several players for weeks. This is an instruction from HQ.


But they are slowly realising how hard that is.


Given, Bridge, SWP, Lescott, Roque...all huge earners they want to move out. But nobody can afford them


The Roque thing is even more difficult because Rovers had their strides down when they got £15 million-plus for a player with bad knees.


Now Rovers want him back - with City paying a chunk of his wages for the privilege - when City think there is a small chance that Lazio would take him and Roque would uproot and go.


City have been dreaming about getting their unwanted men moved out. It's just a question of when they wake up.

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Eihän Burnin edes kannataisi tähdätä Dinhoon. Teille on muutenkin hyviä pelaajija Esim, Steven Reid. Hän on hyvä pelaaja..

Totta Steven Reid on hyvä pelaaja, mitä nyt olet asian suhteen useamman vuoden perässä laahaamassa mitä hepun seuraan tulee .. kantsis varmaan kahtella josko se ihku Crisu ois sieltä ManUsta tarjolla Realin riveihin vaikkapas.

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CHARLIE ADAM...Aston Villa are now in at £3.5 million...Birmingham won't go to that...Sunderland will be scared off at that...Rovers will wait until a price is agreed...Adam has 18 MONTHS left on his contract...and haggling with Karl Oyston is like wrestling a bear...however I understand the player wants to go if the right club is in...this is at the very tickly bit.


ROCHINA...word from Spain is that he will sign for Rovers very shortly...for a fee...rather than a loan.


No word on the other fronts, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening.


MALKY MACKAY...will be staying at Watford and getting a new deal...


EDDIE HOWE?...Chumbawumba...



Elikkäs Rochina on toi numero 9 tuolla videolla...


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OK...the conspiracy theorists will be going to be with their heads all a-spin...


I hear from my best Swedish contact that Seb Larsson is the proverbial done deal for Rovers.


He won't go to Newcastle or Sunderland despite both agreeing a £1.5 million fee with Birmingham City.


Larsson - as mentioned here away back - wants to come to Blackburn and seems to be 'sorted' for the summer when he can join on a free.


Obviously there is the possibility of taking him in this window. But I believe he is strong enough to sit it out and come for nothing.


Game on.


Yes, he is a Kentaro player [as pointed out way back].




If you think the link with the agents is good you will reckon you have beaten off rivals for an international player.


If you think not. Well, you will be in over-drive.


On a football scale I never reckoned he was worth a big fee. As a free or a cheapie, yes...ok.


As long as it doesn't affect Hoilett's progress it is a rather shrewd addition.


Who said Venky's don't have cash and Kentaro ain't connected.


Got to go...must catch up on Taggart [taped].

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Toi vasemmalla oleva äijä (kuvassa vaimonsa ja lapsiensa kera) ilmeisesti ”palloillut” Brockhallilla ja ollut neuvottelemassa Roversin kanssa mahdollisesta siirrostaan.


…. “is a man for football war, for destroying the pitch and the opponent ….. tattooed lad with street-boy charisma"


…..muutaman vuoden takaa ! viime kausi meni täysin pipariksi loukkaantumisen takia, mut nyt pitäis taas olla ”menossa mukana”…..


“is a central midfielder characterized as a fast, aggressive, strong tackler, box to box, great range, able passer, and high energy. According to Kicker magazine, he was ranked the fourth best midfielder in the Bundesliga behing, Franck Ribery, Mesut Ozil, and Eduardo.”


Posted Image

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ADAM...wants to go...now...Blackpool will dig in...Villa still main bidder...Liverpool have reservations [and that is official]...Rovers may bite when the price is set...but I would not hold my breath on Blackpool selling...however this has a bit to run.


SAMBA...price is high, but that is not settled either...some behind-the-scenes stuff on that suggests there will be a major development one way or another before the month is out...way too delicate to go into right now.


COLLINS...Houllier would trade, his bosses won't.


WARNOCK...available, surely can't be a loan to Liverpool...makes zero sense.


ROCHINA was due to sign. I presume he is the player the manager talked about being 'close but now further away.' Rochina and VAZQUEZ not involved for Barca B last night either. Not sure what is holding up that one/those ones.


LARSSON didn't play for Birmingham City. Interesting. Due to happen to Rovers in summer. Could be sooner.



Jotkut huhuilevat että El Hadji Diouf vois olla vapaa lähtemään jo nyt Roversin puolesta, jopa ilmaisella siirrolla.. tällöin tuo Larsson saattais olla hepun korvaaja. Myös Dunnin mahdollisesta maisemanvaihdoksesta on ollut jotein pieniä huhuja liikkeellä, joka onkin sitten viimeisimmän loukkaantumisen ollut aivan kuutamolla aina kentällä haahuillessaan ollut.. tähän kait mahdolliseksi korvaajaksi pidemmällä tähtäimellä kaavailtaisiin tuota Vazquesia.



Schalken puolesta (Magath höpötellyt) Jermaine Jonesin laina Roversin kanssa olis jo lyöty lukkoon, jos pelaaja itse vielä pääsee/on jo päässyt sopuun mm. henk.kohtaisista asioista niin huomenna saattais kuulemma olla tämän vahvistaminen ja julkistaminen edessä.

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LT :

Kean bid to keep his top stars at Blackburn Rovers

10:11am Tuesday 18th January 2011


STEVE Kean is bidding to secure the long term futures of several of his coveted Blackburn Rovers stars – insisting keeping them at the club would prove ‘major signings’.


While the Rovers boss attempts to bolster his squad further from outside this month, he also admitted work is going on behind the scenes to keep his current squad together.


Schalke midfielder Jermaine Jones was unveiled as a Rovers player today after agreeing his loan move yesterday and is Kean’s second signing after the arrival of Roque Santa Cruz from Manchester City at the end of last week.


He remains hopeful of adding more new faces before the close of the window, with Barcelona striker Ruben Rochina still understood to be on the radar, but has stressed the importance of strengthening from within as well.


He said: “We would like to sort out our current players before the window closes.


"Anyone we want to extend we would like to get it sorted this month.


“That helps them and it helps us because there might be interest for these players during this window.


"It is almost like a signing and if we can get an extension in place for a number of these lads then the timing is right to do it now.”


Jason Roberts told the Lancashire Telegraph on Thursday he is in talks to extend his contract that expires this summer as Rovers look to ward off interest from Wigan, QPR and several foreign suitors.


Kean will also look to secure Michel Salgado for another season, with the Spaniard keen to stay at Ewood, while the Rovers boss will be anxious to extend deals for key players out of contract in the summer of 2012.


He is confident goalkeeper Paul Robinson will even sign an extension to keep him at Rovers for the rest of his career, with his current deal still having two-and-a-half years to run.


Chris Samba’s Ewood Park future remains uncertain after the skipper admitted he would consider leaving this month.


But, with Aston Villa unlikely to follow up tentative enquiries, Kean is also hoping the defender will commit himself to the club by penning a new deal.


“Michel Salgado and Jason Roberts are in that bracket,” he said.


“Paul Robinson wants to extend his deal, hopefully Chris Samba will want to extend his contract.


“These are like major signings for us even though they are at the club.


"If guys like this want to extend their contracts until the end of their years it is massive.”


However, Pascal Chimbonda, Zurab Khizanishvili, Jason Brown and Maceo Rigters will all leave the club when their contracts expire this summer, if not before.


Kean is also hoping to see a few more of his fringe players leave the club on loan in the next couple of weeks.


The likes of Aaron Doran, Josh Morris and Herold Goulon expected to follow Amine Linganzi and Nick Blackman out on temporary moves.


It is also understood Rovers would be willing to listen to offers for El-Hadji Diouf with his representatives admitting the midfielder was looking to move on.


Kean said: “Hopefully when people come in, players who will fall out of the squad and we will see if we can get them out to play football.


"There will be more interest as the window closes.”


Kean returns from a meeting with the club’s owners in India today, with his transfer strategy and potential new three-year contract understood to have been on the agenda.

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Ei yhtään mitään hajua ! kuka tuo tyyppi, joka tuota twitteriänsä vääntää..


..väittää että jotkut argentiinalaislehdet väittäisivät Roversin teheen sopimuksen Mauro Formica'n kanssa.


Toistaiseksi ”enkkujen puolelta” ei ole mitään asiasta ollut aiemmin ei minkäännäköistä vihiä tästä jäbikästä.. ilmeisesti oli menossa Genoaan jokunen viikko sitten mutta homma ilmeisesti siellä ei päässä toteutunutkaan lopulta, argentiinalainen jätkä mutta omaa ilmeisesti myös italian passin.



IM Scouting


Formica can play as either an attacking midfielder or a forward.


He is an immensely creative player who can dribble, pass and finish. He's naturally right-footed but he is deadly in front of goal with either foot.


Formica also has an excellent shot from distance, making him a constant threat on goal. He has scored five goals and provided two assists this season and is Newell's Old Boys biggest prospect. He has already been linked with a transfer to Europe and his release clause stands at $5 million.

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"ROCHINA...word from Spain is that this is done and will be announced tomorrow...compromise fee agreed...no point in kid staying at Barca when he is leaving.


LARSSON...now expected for the summer...didn't want to go to Newcastle who have decided to spend the spare dough on Ireland now...he will go there on loan for about £45,000-a-week.


FORMICA...passport, passport, passport...would be interesting if he didn't have his new one tomorrow...but that seems to be under control."

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